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spa-filters-hot-tub-outpost.jpgSpa filters for hot tubs.  Simply enter your filter model number in the search box above or browse our collection of name brand spa filters including Filbur (full range), Unicel and Pleatco.  Save money with the compatible Outpost Filters.

Check out our multi-packs of filters for the best filter pricing on the internet!  Stock up and save with Hot Tub Outpost.

Our filters use quality Reemay filter media (Outpost, Filbur) or spunbound media (Pleatco) in their design for the best filtration quality.  Save money on quality spa filters made with Reemay media by checking out the Filter Outpost line of filter cartridges.  There may be one available for your spa model.

Most manufacturers recommend changing the spa filter cartridge every year.  Get 2 and rotate them - so one can be cleaned or soaked in an overnight filter solution while the other one is on active filtration duty. 

Keep your filter clean by rinsing it off regularly. Use either an overnight filter soak or a filter spray once a month to maintain clean pores and the best filtration for your hot tub.  Once a filter becomes dark grey or the fibers and pleats start to lose their shape, then it is time to change the filter.

Keeping a clean and functioning filter in your spa will keep your family safe from bacteria and other contaminants, help you save on spa chemicals, and protect your expensive equipment.  If you are seeing a 'flo' error on your control panel, chances are it is caused by a dirty filter preventing proper circulation.

Lessen the load on the filter by using a PREFILTER with every fresh re-fill.

Don't know the spa filter model number to search on? You can order filters by size, but will need to measure your filter first. Need a filter that you don't see on our site?  Email us at and we will dig it up for you.