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Manifold for hot tubsHot tub plumbing spa manifolds and adapters.

Water manifold fittings are PVC parts in a hot tub that split up the water flow from the pump to the jets. The main pump line is thus reduced into several sub-lines that connect directly or via another manifold to individual hot tub jet lines.

Air manifolds are used to split up the flow of air from the air plumbing lines used when there is a blower installed or to distribute venturi air to an air control valve.

Hot Tub Outpost carries all shapes and sizes of hot tub manifolds for the repair of spa plumbing arranged by number of ports below. Get plugs and caps that may be needed to configure the manifold to your plumbing setup. See PVC fittings or all PVC Plumbing Parts.

manifold plumbing systemManifolds are glued into place using PVC cement or PVC glue

hose pipe pvcBe sure the joint cures before allowing water back in. Check the instructions on your PVC cement for cure times.

See our manifolds below for all different number of ports including 8 port and 12 port manifolds.  Add 2 shorter manifolds together to make a longer one with a Slip on one end and SPG (spigot) connection on the other if needed to make a manifold train.
Tip: If hose does not go on barbs easily, use a hair dryer to soften.

See below and find manifolds by number of ports and port sizes. Popular manifolds include:





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