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Pump Seals

Pump Seals

Pump Seals

Pump Seal RepairGot a leaky spa pump?  Replacing the pump seal before the motor becomes damaged can save on the cost of replacing the entire spa pump.  Or, replace the complete wet end - which includes the pump seal and impeller as well as the wet end casing.

Replacing the pump seal requires the removal of the wet end from the motor. This video explains how:

Popular Seal Kits (BUNA) and Level 2 (Viton Carbon Graphite ideal for ozone/salt systems) or Level 3 (Silicon Carbide Seals/Viton)

ConfigurationShaft SizeSeal Part
Level 2 Seal

Level 3 Seal    
Ceramic In Volute
35-423-1000 5/8" PS-100 PS-3866 PS-1900        
5/8" PS-200 PS-3867 PS-1901        
5/8" PS-501 PS-3864 PS-1903        
5/8" PS-3890   PS-1907        
3/4" PS-201 PS-3868 PS-1902        
3/4" PS-851 PS-201V-CMS PS-1908        
7/8" PS-309            
1" PS-360 PS-3874 PS-1909        
Ceramic In Impeller
35-423-1060 3/8" PS-671            
1/2" PS-142            
1/2" PS-163            
5/8" PS-1000 PS-3865 PS-1905        
3/4" PS-601 PS-3986 PS-1904        
Ceramic In Volute With Plastic Cup
35-423-1070 5/8" PS-2131 PS-3869 PS-1906        
Speck Style - Euro Pumps
35-423-1056 60mm PS-VGM-2920            

Don't see the seal kit for your particular pump? Contact us as we carry most of them.

Need pump seal lubricant? See Lube Tube.

Browse our pump seals below or read more about seal kit replacement tips. Note there are different seal kits for different pump brands. Aqua Flo may have a different pump seal than Waterway for the same hp spa pump.