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Need a cover for any brand of spa?
Get your spa covers for most any brand of spa here:

custom spa cover order here

Quality hot tub covers for portable spas - Made to Order
Order your custom hot tub cover here. 4"-2" tapered spa cover standard, or upgrade to a thicker 5"-3" or even 6"-4".

Order your 3 panel trifold cover here for larger covers or when clearance for a bi-fold cover is an issue.

Your provided measurements will be compared with our huge cover database for added accuracy. 
Custom spa covers are delivered with a full manufacturer's warranty, but are not returnable. Lead time is about 3 weeks for production of most hot tub covers in the color of your choice.

In-Stock Factory Original Covers - QCA Spas, Emerald Spas & Great Lakes Hot Tubs
We offer in-stock, factory original QCA Spas hot tub covers and Emerald /Great Lakes Spa covers. Just let us know the model name and model year if known.  If unsure, provide dimensions of your existing cover or contact us at with measurements and we will confirm the correct spa cover for you. Don't settle for an imitation when you can get a factory original replacement cover.  See all of the in-stock QCA Spa covers here.

Northern Climates - 5 inch or 6 inch thick covers available
If you live in a colder, northern climate, we recommend you order the thicker cover option with more insulation to save on heating bills.

Hard, lockable hot tub covers are:

  • Best replacement spa cover at Hot Tub Outpost Energy Saving
  • Keeps Spa Water Free of Debris
  • Protects Spa Shell from the Sun
  • Keeps Family and Animals Safe
  • Reduces Chemical Use

We also carry floating soft top covers, cover lifters and replacement cover locks or clips.

Need Help?
Need help ordering a hot tub cover or don't know your spa model? Email