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Replacing a Spa Pack

Getting a replacement spa pack or circuit board for a hot tub involves being sure you order the correct configuration.

QCA Spa Pack replacementIf you have the old model number of the spa pack you are replacing, you could either order the same pack by model number, or choose a new pack that offers the same functions. 

If you change the pack type, you probably will need to change the topside control panel too, whereas if you stay with the same spa pack type, you may be able to use your existing topside control panel if it is serviceable.

The spa pack by Balboa comes with the circuit board mounted in a plastic or metal case depending on the model. It also includes the heater mounted below the control box as well as sensor wiring and other wires and connections. The unions on the spa pack are typically 2" type.

See the current model Balboa spa packs for QCA Spas and other brand spas here.  We also offer Gecko spa packs and other brands in the spa packs section.

Have questions about replacing your spa pack? Contact us by email at

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