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Replacing Hot Tub Jets (If You'd Like to Receive the Right Ones…)

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Howdy from the hot, Hot Tub Outpost folks. We identify, quote, sell and ship hundreds of jets every week. Most of the jets we ship are the correct replacements. Most of incorrect jets that we ship come from the online side of our outfit, where folks take a ‘guess’ at the correct ones.The thing is – many jets look alike, but once you get a view of the back end, you realize they won’t do at all! The reason the back side is so important is that the jet insert is part of a set.The other part, called the jet body, is glued into your spa and plumbing.You cannot put any old similar-looking jet insert into that jet body – just like you can’t put any ‘similar’ key into your lock. It has to fit just right.

We here at the Hot Tub Outpost would like to help you good folks and fine customers order the right jet parts not once, but every time.

How you might be wondering? Well, jets come in primarily two types – “snap in” and “threaded.” If the dear reader doesn’t know the difference, you should probably quit web surfing and start calling us here at the Outpost, so we can help you ‘git it right. Try to have your spa serial number (discussed in different post) ready so we can ‘git the correct jets to you right quick on next mail truck.

Fer the rest of you still reading, threaded jets mean they screw into the jet body.The snap in jets have tabs, which tend to break over time or with poor water quality.All of the jets in your hot tub will either be snap in or threaded – not mixed.

Sherriff Tek’s approved word of the day is measurements, that’s right, measurements.We need to know what type of jet (images above), and we need to know the diameter of the jet face, the color (white, grey, stainless, etc.) length of the diffuser (the stem in the back) plus how many you need of each type - that’s it. Easiest is to email that information and those photos through the dubya dubya dubya (hottuboutpost.com) to us and we will git to to work on ‘em.

See all of our hot tub jets in the spa jets section.

hot tub jets

Spa replacement jet

Or, just email us your spa serial number, model number, year of manufacture, photos and sizes, and we’ll git back to you with the right jet or a question or two.Of course, the serial number will not do us much good if that manufacturer is no longer in business – but we can probably still find you what you need.

See you next time, and remember,

“If you're ridin' ahead of the herd, take a look back every now and then to make sure it's still there with ya.” (use different cowboy witticisms each post..)


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