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How to Measure Spa Covers


Measuring a hot tub cover is as easy as getting out a tape measure and first noting the length, then the width of the existing spa cover. 

Note that cover measurements are usually not the same as hot tub measurements as spas have lips and other variations and the cover is measured to fit over the edge of the spa, so getting a correct measurement for a replacement cover means it is best to measure the existing cover if available.

Now if you order a custom cover with Hot Tub Outpost and provide the brand and model name of the spa, we can check your measurements against our huge cover database to double-check them before putting the cover into production.

We also offer in-stock cover for several brands of spas including QCA Spas, Emerald Spas, Great Lakes Spas, Polynesian Spas that ship out right away.

Otherwise, we can produce any spa cover and have it shipped to you in 2-3 weeks.

Need a cover lifter? We offer a large selection of all the various types of cover lifts.


The harder part is determining the radius of rounded corners.  You can use a carpenters square or other method to measure the corner radius. 


Curved Cover Corner Radius Measurement
To measure the radius with a carpenter's square, simply place the square across the curved corner of the spa cover and read the distance from where the curve of the cover starts to the corner of the square (distance A). 

This will be the same distance as distance B which is the actual radius of the corner.  Just note that radius in inches to be sure you order the correct replacement cover.  If you are ordering a new spa, you won't have to worry about measuring anything because the cover comes with the spa!

In addition to that measurement we also need the skirt length (how long you want the flap to be that hangs down around the side of the spa shell.

Order in-stock QCA Spa covers here, or order a custom hot tub cover that takes a couple of weeks to make.

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