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Hot Tub jet pumps by Waterway, Aquaflo, Balboa, Vico, Sundance, Jacuzzi,Guangdong LX pumps, Laing and many more spa pump brands along with our best value Century pump line are available in this section.

pumps for hot tubsSpa pumps include a pump motor and a wet end usually connected by 4x long through bolts. The complete assembly is referred to as the Spa Pump. (The "motor" is only the motor part and the "wet end" is the section with the impeller that moves water through the spa plumbing).

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To find a replacement pump, please consider the following:

Voltage: (120v or 230v):  120v can be listed as 110v or 115v,  230v can be listed as 220v or 240v.

Speed: (1-speed or 2-speed) - 1-speed pumps are on/off, 2-speed pumps are low-speed, hi-speed, off.  2-speed pumps can usually be wired for single speed operation by only connecting hi-speed, but 1-speed pumps will not run on 2-speeds.

Frame Size:  (48 frame or 56 frame)  - 48 frame pumps are usually a bit smaller

Horsepower: Ratings go up to 7HP, but comparing amperage is usually better as horsepower ratings can be inflated.

Amperage: 2-speed pumps list high-speed amps and low-speed amps, 1-speed pumps have a single amps rating.

Plumbing Connection:  The suction and discharge plumbing sizes refer to the hose or pipe inner diameter, not the union nut measurement.
     Typically plumbing sizes in hot tubs are 1 1/2", 2" or 2 1/2" (ID of the hose/pipe/heater tube).  Flex hose may have the size stamped on the hose.

Cord/Plug Type: Many spa pumps do not include the cords but either the existing cord can be reused, or cords are available depending on plug type needed.

Wet End Discharge Type:  Most wet ends are pointed upwards and are side-discharge, but a few may be center discharge.  Most wet ends can be rotated in 90 degree increments to line up with existing plumbing configurations.

Need general info on replacing spa pumps? See Replacing Hot Tub Pumps for more details.