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mcd50 ozonatorHot tub ozonators help reduce the chemicals needed to keep your spa water sanitized and safe.  While ozone generators work automatically and help keep your spa water cleaner and better balanced, you will still need to use a sanitizer (either bromine OR chlorine) - you just won't need as much.  Check out our full line of spa chemicals to maintain your water's pH balance and our handy guides to easy water maintenance.

Ozone purification systems can either be built into your spa, or they can be retrofitted after purchase.  Many spas are manufactured "ozone ready" - which means the ozone jet is already plumbed into the shell.  You just need to buy a connection kit, that includes a small piece of hose with a little check valve that stops the water from backing up into the blower, which is available right here at Hot Tub Outpost.

Ozonators will generally last about 3 years. See our ozonator replacement FAQ for further information on how ozonators work and how they can easily be replaced when needed.  

Is your ozonator is still producing ozone? You may see bubbles, but are they just air?  Get a new ozone generator test kit and be sure!

Have questions about which ozonator is right for your hot tub? Contact us for assistance.  We are very helpful folks in these parts! You can also send us a photo of your ozonator so we can match it for you.  Yup - it's that easy.

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