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Spa Jets by Size

Spa Jets by Size

Spa Jets by Size

hot-tub-jets-by-sizeSome jets made by Waterway will interchange with those made by CMP such as the 5 inch Power Storm (Waterway) and the Typhoon 500 Series (CMP). It is best to change jets of the same type/brand so they match with other jets in the spa though.

Sometimes the jets have a part number on them (in that case search by part number), or measure the diameter across the jet face and note the color, nozzle pattern and style in that measurement.

Finally, be aware there are snap-in style jets and thread-in style jets.

Contact us with questions on finding the right replacement jet inserts for your spa - or send us a picture(s) to for fast jet identification. Include the diameter measurement and any other details you have such as spa brand and we will send you back the link(s) to the correct replacement jets.

Click on one of the size categories below to narrow your search.  If you know the brand of jet such as Waterway, CMP, HydroAir, Rising Dragon or Pentair/Balboa, you can also search jets by jet manufacturer.