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PVC Glue

PVC Glue

PVC Glue

Glue Factory JokesHot tub PVC glue - fast drying and ideal for providing a complete seal at hot tub glue joints in the spa plumbing lines.

Roy the horse would not appreciate any "glue factory" jokes on this page, so we will keep it professional

Weld-on is one of the best spa PVC glue manufacturers who supply many of the major hot tub manufacturers, so you can order the same PVC glue as was used in the production of your spa.

The use of a primer before glueing is an added step to assure a long-lasting bond.  Some say it is not necessary if the glue joint is clean and you apply the PVC glue as per directions on the label.

Here is one trick the pros use, and you should too:  It is little known that the better bond is actually created through the heat that builds up due to friction as apply the glue in a circular motion around the glue joint several times before putting the 2 parts together. Also apply the PVC cement evenly to both parts to be glued. Then when you put them together, give them a slight twist together and hold still for several seconds and then let go and allow it to cure.

Where does crazy glue come from?  A: A horse with a chemical imbalance...