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Find replacement hot tub jets.

Complete the form below for assistance in finding replacement hot tub jet(s).

Hot tub jets are made up of the jet body that is attached to the plumbing on the underside of the spa shell and the jet insert that is inserted into the jet body from the water side of the spa shell. 

The jet insert is usually either a snap-in or thread in type,  If the insert is pressed into place it is snap-in and if it threads into place it is thread-in.
Most snap-in style jet inserts are removed by turning them to the left and then continuing to turn them until the jet can be removed.

With the spa brand/model information, color of jets needed (gray/stainless steel etc..), snap-in or thread in style and the measurement across front/face of jet, we can lookup replacement jets for many spas and provide current model or replacement options.

Jets Request Form for Mobile Device

Some jets such as CMP Hurricane jets are completely discontinued and may require replacement of the jet body and jet insert.
Many snap-in Waterway brand jets have been discontinued and can be replaced with generic directional jets.

For more details on finding hot tub replacement jets, see Replace Hot Tub jets