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Real Reviews and Satisfied Customer Testimonials

"These people are the best. after some good advice from them, I bought just the heater which turned out to be the problem and the problem was fixed at a minimal expense I will not shop anywhere else for my hot tub parts"
SL - Idaho

These reviews in this section are from real customers. (The reviews at the bottom of the page are not...)
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Fake Hot Tub Company Reviews

Not Real Reviews Below (similar to what some other sites post but we have added the reviewers pictures in this section):

roys friend reviews hot tub partsThis is the greatest company on Earth. Wow, wow, wow.....

I give this outfit five carrots!

I luv, luv, luv to chew grass and shop at Hot Tub Outpost - the number one online shop for hot tub parts, supplies, saddles and carrots.

Stan the Reviewer
Nice Pasture, Illinois

roy the reviewerNo matter what Stan says, I am always happy to visit Hot Tub Outpost.  I never buy anything, but I love all of the horsey pictures.

Some of them are my relatives, and that ninny above me only got a better spot because of his nicer review.

Sometimes you can smell a fake review a mile away, the ones with pitchures though, are obviously real -

like this one.
Roy's Friend who stopped by
Golden Oats, Colorado

love hot tub site.Great site!

Too busy chewin'

Anything to get a discount on my next order...
One Word River, Oregon

Sometimes a competitor even drops a bomb in your review section, like this one::

horrible company just kiddingThis is a terrible place .. they sold me a rotten apple...  I didn't actually open the package until the fall, but from now on I am shopping at Glitzorama, the greatest, cheapest, biggest, NUMBER 1 store for Hot Tub Part in the Universe. is where I buy all my parts from - they are sleek and modern.

I thought I would just mention here that is where I buy all of my hot tub parts from. Yep, that's the ticket. That place has hot tub parts and accessories too....



We hope you enjoy your online shopping experience here at Hot Tub Outpost and naughty or nice, we love to hear from you. At best it reinforces our belief in treating others the way we would want to be treated ourselves (like getting orders shipped out lightning fast! and monitoring emails even on weekends and holidays!!) - - at worst, we can grow and learn from our experience and make everything right as best as we can.

Thanks for visiting / shopping at Hot Tub Outpost, your number one online source for quality, original brand name hot tub parts, accessories and supplies.