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Complete the request form below and we will lookup the best replacement spa control system or circuit board and send you a link by email.

For more details about spa controls and spa packs, see our section on spa controls or Replace a Circuit Board .


Spa Pack Details Include

Labels on Top/Side of Control Box: Numbers found on outside labels of the existing pack may be helpful in finding a replacement

Circuit Board Chip number: Number from the white sticker/label on the main circuit board chip showing the software revision may also be helpful even when trying to identify a complete replacement pack.

Voltage: 115v or 230v

Heater Type: Is the heater a Flow Through Heater (usually 1 1/2 or 2" inner diameter) or a low flow heater (can be 1" or less such as a trombone shaped heater with a dedicated 24 hour circ pump) - this will determine whether standard spa pack or low flow pack is needed.

Plumbing Size: relates to inner diameter of the hose/pipe/heater. 

Submit Photo(s) of the existing spa pack/circuit board.

Spa model information can be helpful.