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Electrical Parts

Electrical Parts

Electrical Parts

Hot tub spa electrical parts at Hot Tub OutpostHot Tub Outpost carries a huge selection of electrical parts for hot tubs including cords, plugs, contactors, relays, fuses, receptacles and electrical hardware parts to get your hot tub up and running.

Other popular hot tub electrical parts include the sensors, air buttons, timers, transformers, thermostats and more. Need a replacement light bulb or LED light? We've got those in stock too.

Hot Tub Outpost offers GFCI cords and GFCIs complete with disconnect box. Many heaters are outfitted with a pressure switch so we carry replacement switches and heater parts too.

Older spas may have manual time clocks and air controls, while newer ones rely on advanced circuitry and relays.  Bundle the parts you need and get free shipping for orders over $95.  Most parts ship within 1 business day.

See our spa control panels.

Don't see the part you need? Contact us for assistance.