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O-Rings Gaskets Orings

O-Rings Gaskets Orings

orings gaskets outpostAvoid leaks by replacing o-rings and gaskets when swapping out components.  Orings are used in the connections of hot tub pumps.  Gaskets are used in the heater connections to the plumbing.

O-rings and gaskets are also used in jets, pumps and other components that connect to hot tub plumbing. We also offer pump seals/seal kits.

Jet o-rings can be very small but are necessary to stop the jet from leaking.  Most jets come with the jet oring.

O-ring measurements are inner diameter and/or outer diameter. Have a question? Contact us for assistance in finding the right oring for your spa part.

oring measurementsPopular Gaskets and Orings

2 inch heater gasket with oring (actual width 2 15/16" od) - for flow through heaters
See 60-21619

2 inch pump union o-ring (2 1/2 inch inner diameter)- 711-5120 is also a pump gasket but this one is flat. - for pumps

1 1/2 inch heater gasket with oring (actual width 2 3/8" od) - for heaters

1 1/2 inch pump union o-ring (also oring for circ pump unions) - for pumps

See other sized o-rings below for heater tailpieces and pump unions below: