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Del AOP Ozonator 230v Aqua Nova 2 AMP Cord 51004-001-909

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AOP UV Ozone 51004-001-909 Aqua Nova 2/Del Ozone is a uv/ozone generator combined.

This the latest model 240 volt UV plus ozone spa sanitizer by Aquanova which is the complete system including the uv bulb.

 80mg/hr Ozone Output Standard; UV-C Lamp; 240V 50/60Hz Europe; built in venturi; Water Resistant to IPX5; Cord with Amp Plug

With the unique combination of ozone (O3) and UV-C technologies, AQUANOVA is the ultimate ozonator for sanitizing hot tub water.

Providing the water quality and spa care one could expect from chlorine/salt water systems, AQUANOVA has more sanitizing power, better reliability, and less bother,all while significantly reducing residual chlorine consumption to deliver the most advanced sanitation potential for spas.

"Scientists conducted an experiment to determine if using UV and ozone together results in better bacterial reduction than UV or ozone alone. Scientists have found that the amount of UV & ozone needed to complete this task was far less when used together, than when used alone."

Aqua Nova II AOP UV Ozone Generator 230V 51004-001-909

  • True All-In-One Design: Simple Two-Port Plumbing Installation
  • Built-in Venturi Injector
  • Powerful AOP Hydroxyl Radicals for Spas up to 2,500 Gallons
  • 100mg/hr Ozone Output, 254nm UV-C
  • Front-side LED UV & Ozone Status Lights
  • Patented Design

 Aqua Nova

AquaNova Maax Coleman UV Ozone Sanitizer 110249

The Hydroxyl radicals destroy harmful viruses, bacteria, and many other types of organic and inorganic contaminants found in spa water.
REMOVES ODORS & IRRITANTS- Chloramines cause irritation and the classic “pool smell”. AOP destroys sweat and urine that form chloramines.
Easy operation - The units are self-contained, automatically generating ozone and UV-C. No external controllers required.

AquaNova Maax Coleman UV Ozone Sanitizer 110249
230 volt ozonator AOP UV ozone generator

AquaNova Maax Coleman UV Ozone Sanitizer 110249
AMP type 4 pin plug


Replaces 51004001909 and AQS2008B



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