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PVC Glue Weldon 725 Blue PVC Cement 1/2 Pint

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1/2 pint of weld-on currently unavailable - use this Pool Tite spa PVC glue/cement.


1/2 pint of Weld On 725 Wet R Dry PVC cement / blue PVC glue for hot tub plumbing applications.

This is an extremely fast setting PVC glue that is professional grade.  Can has a built-in applicator in the cap.

Ideal for gluing PVC pipe and fittings in hot tubs.

The Hot Tub Outpost can's ship glue in the mail directly, but if you need some, you can get it at link above to compliment your PVC plumbing parts purchase.

Weldon 725 glue

Why is it blue?  That way you can see the PVC parts are properly covered.  Dry-fitting parts together first assures a good fit.  Apply glue to both parts with the included dabber (attached to inside of can lid) and rotate it around the part a few times for good coverage, then hold both parts together and give a 1/4 twist and hold still for 10 seconds or so, the parts cure in about 1 hour or so. See label for details and instructions.

Image is of the quart version, but this item is for the 1/2 pint size.

Material Type: Tetrahydrofuran (thf) , Methyl Ethyl Ketone (mek) , Acetone



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