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Floating Soft Top Foam Cover 82" x 88"

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  • Energy saving soft top foam cover for spas.
  • Soft Top spa cover XJW8288
  • Easy to use Soft Top for hot tubs saves energy.
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Soft Top Floating Spa Cover

Floating spa cover 82 x 88 inch Soft Top foam cover for hot tubs.
Floating Soft Top Foam Cover measures 82" x 88" and can be trimmed to fit.

The soft top is a great way to save energy and provides an additional insulating layer on the top of your spa. 

This new size 82x88 fits inside the shell so is the interior dimension of the hot tub. Many spas that use wider lips and are 92x92 will still accommodate this cover which is 82 on the shortest side.  We also offer a slightly smaller cover if needed.

Thickness 1/4" for both effective insulation and easy handling.

Save Energy
Heat rises, so the most heat lost from a hot tub occurs out the top.  Having a solid hard cover for the spa and keeping it covered when not in use will go a long way to reducing energy bills.  Another level of savings can be achieved by adding a floating soft top to the spa in addition to the hard cover.  Cut the soft top out to float on your particular spa's surface and enjoy maximum energy savings.

Find differentiators
Closed cell foam resists water absorption. This material is resistant to harsh chemicals such as bromine and chlorine.

  • Maintains a barrier of air between water and hard cover
  • Helps prevent heat loss
  • Increases energy efficiency
  • Use in addition to your hard cover for best results
  • Better alternative to cheap bubble thermal blankets

Air Barrier
Similar to the way an air barrier helps insulate dual pane windows, having an air barrier between the top of the floating spa cover and the bottom of your rigid hard cover increases the insulating value of the top of your spa and keeps more warmth inside.


Soft Top is Here!
The Soft Top is a remarkable foam cover that is not affected by the chemicals found in spas. Unlike most foam covers on the market the Soft Top does not absorb water. The foam cover comes in a roll at a dimension of 82" x 88" which you can trim to custom-fit the shape of your spa.

The cover floats on top of the spa water to retain heat and condensation. To obtain the utmost in energy efficiency, use the Soft Top with a rigid, hard cover; the dead air space that forms between the two covers provides excellent protection against heat loss.

Compared to commonly used solar blanket material, the Soft Top will last much longer and insulate far better.

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