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Hot Tub Vinyl Cover Skin Only No Cores

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  • deluxe vinyl only
  • Custom replacement hot tub cover skin for your spa.
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This is a vinyl cover replacement cover skin only for hot tub covers without the foam core inserts.  Does include the cover straps and cover locks. Made from marine grade vinyl.

Need the complete spa cover with foam cores? See our Custom Spa Covers.

Note: It is better to order a replacement spa cover as these do not always fit perfectly because of the tolerance of the actual spa cover measurement/contraction or expansion of the original cover.

We offer the vinyl only as a service to those who know exactly what size the vinyl cover measurements need to be as there are no returns on these.  That is why it is best to order a new complete cover.

However, if you still want the vinyl only, then specify the color, dimensions, corner radius if rounded corner, skirt length of the flap that hangs down around the edges. These vinyl skins are only made for 4-2" tapered covers.

Include the spa model brand/name if you know it.

Free Shipping on this spa cover vinyl skin in the continental U.S.A.

You can always send a picture/drawing to for odd-shaped covers or those with speakers portruding into the cover.  Most covers are either square or round with or without rounded corners.

Hot Tub Cover Features:

Our custom made spa cover vinyl skins are based on your own measurements. They are made of high quality vinyl materials. 

  • 4" - 2" Tapered Cover Skin (no polystyrene foam core inserts) - folds up in a big box for shipping.
  • Four Tie Downs with Child Proof Locks and Keys
  • Top Stitched for Added Strength & Quality
  • Comes with 2 handles
  • Available in 14 Colors (select color by dropdown menu above) Choice of Color see below

Includes inhibitors in both the vinyl and thread to prevent premature aging of your spa cover. 

Spa Cover Color

The standard cover color is brown. Select your standard cover color or choose from the colors in the dropdown menu above.

Want a different color from our expanded color selection below?  Email us at for current custom color quote.



Shipping Time

Please allow 2-3 weeks for custom cover skin production and shipment. Each cover is handcrafted to your specifications and desired color.

Popular Cover Styles

Square or Rectangular Cover = L x W  (these are simple, just provide length and width)

Square or Rectangular Cover with cut corners = L x W x Cut Corner Dimensions (we will send you a drawing to confirm measurement for cut corner spa covers)

Covers with rounded corners = L x W x Radius Dimension (See below on how to measure radius - we will be in touch by email to confirm your corner radius measurement)

Round Cover (just need diameter)

Other custom cover skin types we ship:
Ellipse or taper = Must supply a template and/or specific make, year and model of spa 
True Octagon = L x W x Dimension of one side
Off-set Octagon = L x W x Dimension of each side (8 total) 
Six Sided = L x W x Dimension of each side (6 total)

For Covers with Rounded Corners: How to measure the radius

Method # 1 for measuring corner radius of covers with rounded corners (if you have square corners you don't need this):

To determine the radius of your cover's corners, take a sheet of paper and trace around one of the curved corners of the cover. You will get a curved line similar to those shown at the left. Remove the paper and complete the circle. You can do this freehand. Then measure across the middle of the circle you drew, and divide by 2.


Method # 2 for determing radius:

Another better way to measure the radius is by placing a carpenter's square on the outside of your spa. The distance (A) between the corner of the carpenter's square and the place where it touches the spa equals the radius of the curve (B).

Other Measurements to Add into the Dimensions Box above when ordering:

SKIRT LENGTH:  This is the length of the flap that hangs down around all of the sides.  It is usually about 4-5 inches long, but we will make it to whatever length you prefer or length of your existing cover's skirt length.  Just add skirt length: x inches to the dimensions box above (under the color selector) when ordering.

Cover Types - This is for your reference - we will contact you for any missing or needed information prior to producing your cover.  For rectangular covers, we will make the Fold across the short side unless you request differently.

These are some of the cover types we offer and the measurements that will be needed.  Either include these measurements in the comment box while ordering, or you will be asked for it as we confirm the dimensions by email with you prior to producing your replacement spa cover.


Email at with questions or see our Custom Cover page to order a complete cover that would include the inserts.

Cover manufacturer has ASTMF/UL certification and is a respected member of the NSPI.

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