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Spa Chemicals

Spa Chemicals

horsingspachem2.jpgHot tub chemicals & supplies at discount prices. Stock up and save with best prices on quality spa water treatment products at Hot Tub Outpost.

What Chemicals are Needed for a Hot Tub?

Hot Tub Outpost features quality Swim N Spa hot tub chemicals, including chlorine or bromine, Refresh, pH up and pH Down and Test Strips. See our complete selection below. 

We also carry Leisure Time Chemicals and Frog mineral purifiers and a full size Bromine Chemicals Kit.

No need to horse around with spa chemicals. See our Monday-Wednesday-Friday spa water care guide and video for details on maintaining your hot tub water quality.  Spend less time fussing with the water and more time enjoying it.  The basics are:

  • Use a Sanitizer (bromine or chlorine)
  • Get Test Strips (to measure sanitizer and pH)
  • pH Balancer (or pH up or pH down - keep 'er between 7.2-7.6)
  • Rinse filter every week, clean each month
  • Shock water with Re-Energize weekly
  • Change water every 3 months or so.
  • Purge plumbing lines when buying a used spa or if the spa is feeling neglected - AHHSOME-2
  • Prevent scum lines with the floating Scumbug

 Find your spa chemicals below or see a complete list of Swim N Spa chemicals for use in both pools and spas. We also offer the traditional Leisure Time line as well as cleaning tools - like spa cover cleaners, filter cartridge cleaners and spa vacuums.  Want to combat skin dryness that can come from hot tub chemicals?  Try one of our Spazazz or InSPAration aromatherapy fragrances for the ultimate hot tub experience.  Enjoy your spa!