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Filter Blaster Spray Cleaner 1 Quart 400720A

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Filter Blaster filter spray cleaner in this 1 quart spray bottle.

Filter spray removes oils, minerals and scale formation on pool and spa filter cartridges and DE filters.

Use between extended cleanings to improve filter efficiency.

32 ounce bottle with spray nozzle by AB.


After it sets, spray filter cartridge off with garden hose.

The advantage of using a spray cleaner is that your filter is ready in minutes for re-use.  Allow the concentrated formula to work for 5 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with water, then reinstall.

A heavily coated filter may need a second application.  Best to allow a few minutes for the cleaned cartridge to dry before re-installing.

We also offer overnight filter soak solutions for extended cartridge cleanings.  As equipment should not be used with a filter cartridge, when using extended filter soak solution, it is good to have a spare set of clean filters to put in when taking other filters out of service for an overnight cleaning.


This item is 1 quart of filter spray cleaner.


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