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Spa Choice Bromine Tablets Sanitizer 1.5 LB 47233001

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  • Spa Choice Bromine Tablets Sanitizer 1.5 LB 47233001 (47233001)
  • Spa Choice Bromine Tablets Sanitizer 1.5 LB 47233001
  • bromine tablets for hot tubs Spa Choice 47233001


Bromine tablets for hot tubs for hot tub water disinfection and sanitation. This item is no longer available.  Please see Leisure Time Bromine Tabs or Natural Chemistry 

 BROMINE TABLETS 47233001 can only be shipped within the continental U.S.A. (48 states)

BROMINE TABLETS - 1.5lb container specs:

Bactericide-Algaecide-Disinfectant-No Chlorine Odor
Active Ingredient:
Bromochloro-5, 5-dimethylhydantion = 98%
Inert Ingredients = 2%
Total = 100%
Provides: 64.9% Available Bromine & 29% Available Chorine

Slow-dissolving bromine tablets that disinfect and sanitize spa water, Spa Choice Bromine is a spa sanitizer that offers prevention and control of bacteria that can grow in the warm environment created by your spa.  Check the bromine levels before each use to insure a proper reading and check the feeder regularly to make sure there are enough tablets in the feeder.

This product is equivalent to Spa Breeze Brom 61 and Swim N Spa Brom 61.

Why Spa Choice?  Because it is more potent than many bromine tablets on the market that may sell for less but also use less active chemical in each bromine puck tablet.  Rest assured you are getting the proper dosage in each and every puck.  With Spa Choice on duty, you can rest assured your hot tub water will remain safe for everyone to enjoy.

If you use a chemical feeder, you may have to adjust it to maintain a 3 - 5 ppm reading.  Use test strips to check bromine levels regularly.

Need a whole Bromine based hot tub chemicals starter kit.  Hot Tub Outpost offers a complete set with test strips, pH Up and Down, First Step, Refresh, Sparkle and more.


 Bromine or Chlorine?  Never mix the two.  Bromine is great because it has a higher off-gassing temperature, so it lasts longer in hot water. 

See our full line of hot tub chemicals.

Spa Choice Bromine Tablets Sanitizer 1.5 LB 47233001

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