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Spa Marvel X10 Water Filter PreFilter

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X10 Filter
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Spa Marvel X10 Water Filter PreFilter - Start with better cleaner water when re-filling your spa or filling a new spa.

The X10 technology is absolutely the best pre-filter money can buy and attached easily to your garden hose for convenient filling.

Especially nowadays where tap water may be somewhat compromised due to weather events and other water purification issues, removing contaminants from the water will also help use less chemicals in your hot tub.

Also can be used in pools, koy ponds, pet drinking water and even washing the car!  Gets rid of pesticides and will lower TDS.

There are other filters that use charcoal media, but X10 treats 8,000 gallons with a patented KDF media.  Removes a greater quantity and variety. Prevents calcium, lime and scale buildup.

Gets rid of Aluminum, Sulfur and Lead.  Even RV owners use this device and at the campsite, it provides the best drinking water.

What's in Your Water?

New and improved X10 prefilter is now guaranteed for 10,000 gallons instead of 8,000 for more filtering capacity.

Need a low cost pre-filter? See PREFILTER.



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