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pH Increaser Spa Choice 1LB 47235041 pH Up

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  • 47235041 pH increaser for hot tubs
  • pH Increaser Spa Choice 1LB 47235041 pH Up
  • pH Increaser Spa Choice
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PH increaser in this 1 lb. container 47235041 for hot tub spas raises the pH level in hot tubs. 

1lb of ph Up for hot tubs.

Need pH decreaser? See 47235061

Product can only be shipped in the 48 continental U.S. States.

pH Increaser

phup-raiseph.jpgIncreases the pH level when your spa water tests as acidic. This to prevent low pH conditions that can affect bathers and spa equipment.

The recommended range is 7.2 - 7.8 ppm. In this range, both the spa user and equipment are protected.

If the pH levels are not in the acceptable range use pH Up to make the water more basic or pH Down to make the water more acidic.

Acidic water is bad for the flow through heater element, pump seals and other hot tub components, not to mention bathers in the spa.

Keeping an eye on the pH level with water test strips is important and part of a regular maintenance routine such as the Monday-Wednesday-Friday program.

This product increases pH level in hot tub water - ie  cause pH level to go up.
Sodium Carbonate................................100%



Follow directions on container.

Replaces Spa Breeze and other brand pH plus products.


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