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Ahh Some Hot Tub and Jetted Bath Plumbing Jet Cleaner Biofilm 2OZ

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ahhsome-jetted-spa-cleanerAhh Some 2 ounce hot tub plumbing and jetted Jacuzzi bathtub plumbing line and jet cleaner.  Comes in this handy 2 ounce jar.

Every 4-6 months you should purge your hot tub of exfoliated skin, harmful bacteria and other gunk that is clinging inside the plumbing infrastructure.  Also use this product if the spa has been sitting empty over the winter or if you purchased a used spa.

Highly Concentrated - Just use 1 level teaspoon per hundred gallons of water and follow the directions on the container.

Foaming is normal when using this product.  Drain, rinse, and wipe down tub surface.  Clean immediately after treatment.  Works in both hot tubs and jetted bathtubs.

Need the complete cleaning kit including cleaning mitts?  See Spa Makeover Cleaning Kit that includes Ahh-Some and Cleaning Mitts in a bundle.

ahh some jetted bath cleaner

This product gets rid of the gunk in the plumbing lines in hot tubs and jetted bathtubs.

Recommended use when draining spa in order to purge the lines from unseen biofilm and pollutants.

  • Experience Clean, Safe Water
  • Fresh Water Scent - Removes Odor Causing Particles
  • Less Sanitizer Needed
  • Soft and Silky Water Quality
  • Less gunk and calcium carbonate buildup on flow through heater elements for extended heater life
  • Cuts down on maintenance

What this handy product does is remove lodged surface grit, oils and other hard to remove substances from plumbing lines by breaking these particles down with the gel and combining them in the water after the initial “purge”. This initial “purge” is a one-time requirement to get rid of the previous build-up on the shell and in the plumbing infrastructure that has accumulated over the years.

Bought a used tub or haven't used the spa in awhile? Even brand new Hot Tubs must be purged. You will be amazed at all the junk and gunk that can be removed from the unseen corridors of the hot tub plumbing.

The clarifier in the gel will allow the filter cartridge(s) to efficiently entrap these substances.

Ahh-Some Hot Tub and Jetted Bath Plumbing and Jet Cleaner can be used with Di-Chlor, Ozone, Bromine, Chlorine, Nature2, Frog, Bacquaspa, Ionization or any other sanitizers.

Follow the instructions on the container label and experience premium water quality.

The Biofilm Hazard

Sanitizers like bromine and chlorine are great for killiing bacteria in warm water, but they don't kill ALL of the bacteria in the spa. They only reduce the "planktonic" or free-floating bacteria that live in the water according to Ahh-Some information materials. The other 99% of the bacteria are lodged in "Biofilm" which is basically a colony of bacteria lurking inside the spa plumbing and jets that are not dislodged by sanitizers alone. This is why hot tubs need a periodic cleaning with Ahh Some. Try it at least twice a year when you go to change your water.

So get some Ahh-Some and clear out the junk from your spa lines - works on jetted baths too.

Manufacturer Recommendations for Spas
Whenever you drain your spa use no more than 1 tsp/ 500 litres.

Remove spa pillows and the filter(s)

For best results, leave the treated water overnight and put the pump on high speed several times (the velocity of the water will help the Ahh-Some strip the plaque (biofilm) from the plumbing walls) ... Then...Remove the "scum bubbles " or "planktonic biofilm" that should appear in a few minutes with a wet/dry shop vac or pool skimmer/hand skimmer and a sponge.

Wipe the plaque from the walls of your hot tub. (Ahh-Some is a shell cleaner too!: Mix 1/16th of a teaspoon of Ahh-Some gel in a spray bottle with water to produce an effective shell cleaner!)

Drain Spa

Fill your spa ...balance and treat your water ...and enjoy the most Ahh-Some spa water ever!

Jetted Jacuzzi Tubs and Bathtubs
For Jetted Baths, use ½ TSP every month in hot bath water.
Run the jets, drain, and wipe sides after spraying with spray bottle. (For heavily used jetted baths use 1/3 TSP every 2 weeks.)

For Dishwashers remove dishes and use ¼ TSP every 2 weeks. Place in the dispenser, run the short/hot cycle.

For Washing Machines, Remove clothes, use ¼ TSP every 2 weeks. Pre dissolve in hot water and put in the dispenser. Run the short/hot cycle.

Hidden contaminants in the long corridors of plumbing are a nightmare for microbiologists to know about, because little or nothing is done to remove this buildup in the plumbing lines of jetted tubs and hot tubs.  When was the last time we heard of any spa dealer tell their potential customers about managing biofilm?

Well here at Hot Tub Outpost, Roy the horse will not drink from a freshly filled hot tub unless he knows a purge product such as Ahh-Some has been used to clear out the plumbing lines and jets.

Would you drink beer from tap hoses that have accumulated bacteria and have not been cleaned in years?  Most responsible bar owners regularly clean those lines.

Do you drink the standing water from the garden hose?  No, you probably let it run for a bit to get to the fresher water if you drink from the hose at all.  That's because deep down, we all know there is something wrong with stagnant water, accumulated biohazards and organic materials as well as mineral buildup.

From Ahh-Some:

"Microbiologist Dr. Rita B. Moyes (Texas A&M) tested 43 water samples from whirlpool bathtubs, both private and public, and found that all 43 had bacterial growth ranging from mild to red-level dangerous. A whopping 95 percent showed the presence of fecal derived bacteria, while 81 percent had fungi and 34 percent contained staphylococcus, which can cause deadly staph infections. “The main reason is the lining of the pipes. The best way to prevent such bacteria from forming is to clean out the pipes,” she adds. “The pipes in a whirlpool bathtub need to be scraped and cleaned just like you need to brush your teeth with toothpaste.” In the recreational and hospitality industries there are many very qualified professionals who simply are not aware of these new challenges.:

If you are still reading here folks, it gets even scarier:

Hot tubs that are not properly operated and maintained can provide an ideal environment for spreading Legionella, the bacteria that causes Legionnaires’ disease and Pontiac fever.

So try this product today and use it about twice a year to deep-clean your spa's plumbing lines! Get Ahh-Some right here at Hot Tub Outpost.  In-Stock - same day shipping!

Also available in a larger 6oz. jar - Ahh-Some 6oz.

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2 Reviews

  • 5
    Worked great

    Posted by Debra Bryan on 26th Jan 2020

    I would recommend product

  • 5
    Definitely works, just like you see in the video

    Posted by Unknown on 3rd May 2018

    Bought a used hot tub / spa and thought we had did a good job cleaning everything before using it. Seemed like we could never keep it clear and balanced while using it and before our first draining, we used Ahh-some and it definitely cleaned out the system. Now with the fresh water, everything is staying clean and clear and easy to maintain.

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