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Refresh Spa Shock Treatment Spa Breeze 2 lb

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Refresh 3lbsSPA BREEZE brand has been replaced by SWIMNSPA Refresh and ReEnergize equivalent shock treatments.  Order this item and we will ship the currently available 2lb equivalent shock.


Note: Refresh can only be shipped to Illinois, Iowa and Wisconsin.  If you are ordering from one of these 3 states, you will receive Refresh.  If you are ordering from other states in the continental U.S.A. you will receive the equivalent 2lb. non-chlorine shock treatment "Re-Energize" instead.  We cannot ship chemicals outside the continental U.S.A.

NOTE THAT SPA BREEZE brand is now replaced by SWIMnSPA brand Refresh. Or get the equivalent shock  ReEnergize here. 


Refresh is a non-chlorine shock treatment for hot tub spa water.  Use refresh weekly to revitalize and reactivate the sanitizer in your spa water.

This oxidizer and shock treatment for hot tubs by Spa Breeze is shipped in this 2 lb. size.  It is best to shock your hot tub water weekly.

A non-chlorine shock treatment eliminates odors and reduces irritating contaminants that leaves your hot tub with fresh, clear water. Shocking the water in your spa with Refresh will oxidize the materials that may cause foul odors, eye or skin irritation or dull, cloudy water. Use weekly and increase the sanitizer's effectiveness (whether you use chlorine or bromine to sanitize the water).

This shock treatment works with spas that use bromine because it is a non-chlorine shock.  Never mix chlorine and bromine when adding sanitizer to your hot tub.

About Oxidizer Shock Treatment

The active ingredient in non-chlorine shock treatments is potassium monopersulfate (MPS) and this breaks down organic matter and contaminants to leave your spa water clear.

When using chlorine in your spa, after awhile the smell of the water may be chloramines which can irritate skin as well.  The shock treatment will reactivate the chlorine.

When using bromine to sanitize your spa, a similar reactivation of the sanitizer takes place and your bromine will once again be fighting bacteria. 

So often times, it is not only important to have enough sanitizer in the water, but also be sure it is activated and doing its job rather than just adding more and more sanitizer alone.

Have clear, sparkling water and eliminate bather waste with Refresh, a regular non-chlorine shock treatment by Spa Breeze chemicals.



Bottles of Refresh on display.  Try Spa Breeze Refresh from Hot Tub Outpost today!  Use it weekly or as directed in your spa to activate your sanitizer.

 Spa Breeze is replaced by SwimNSpa brand.  When ordering this item you will receive the newest available equivalent bottle.  Or save money and order the correct item as needed from the links above.



Chemicals only ship within the continental USA.

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    Non-chlorine shock treatment

    Posted by Unknown on 1st Jun 2015

    Use it once a week for clear water.

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