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pH Down for Hot Tubs Size 1.5 Lbs

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  • pH reducer down for hot tubs
  • pH adjustment reduction for spas
  • ph down bottle
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PH down or reducer for hot tub spa water lowers the pH level in hot tubs effectively.

Note: This 1 1/2 Spa Breeze pH Down can only be shipped to Iowa, Illinois or Wisconsin. Otherwise, please order Spa Choice PH DECREASER.


lowerphhottubwater.jpgDecreases the pH level when your spa water tests as alkaline or above 7.6.   Hot tub water that has a very high pH level out of the recommended range may leave sand-paper like deposits on the shell or calcium carbonate deposits which in extreme cases can coat the entire spa. 

The recommended range is 7.2 - 7.6 ppm. 

In this range, both the spa user and equipment are protected. If the pH levels are not in the acceptable range use pH Up to make the water more basic or this product, pH Down to make the water more acidic.

To lower pH of water, follow the recommended dosages below. Retest in 1 hour, add
accordingly until proper pH is attained. Proper pH should be maintained between

Hot tub chemicals only ship within the continental U.S.A.

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