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Coleman Spa Parts Online

coleman spa parts online

coleman spa partsMaax Coleman Spas as well as Caifornia Cooperage hot tubs each have a model number to identify the particular spa ranging from low digits like model 08 to the highest number, model 706.   Coleman Spas and Maax use many popular industry components available online at Hot Tub Outpost.

Coleman Spa Parts - also for Maax, Elite, California Cooperage and Infinity Spas.

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Coleman first began manufacturing lanterns in Wichita, Kansas over 110 years ago. Coleman's is now rated number 1 in outdoor products, with a lineup of quality products that include Roto-mold spas, Acrylic Spas and Swim spas.

Coleman Spa Pillows

Spa pillows for Coleman spas at Hot Tub Outpost.

made in the USAGet your replacement Coleman pillow cushions that fit many Coleman spa models right here at Hot Tub Outpost.

colemanspa pillow


Know the model year of your spa? Then it is even easier to find the matching replacement pillow for Coleman/Maax spas.

We offer replacement pillows for even the 700 Series and those nice 2-tone comfort pillows built into the neck jet seat.

We offer collar pillows, pocket pillows, wrap pillows, lounger pillows and most other models.  Check the back of the headrest for a model number or send us a picture/dimensions to for fast identification.

Coleman 2004-2008 flat pillow (pictured above)

Coleman 700 Series 103420 pillow

Coleman Neck pillow 103417

Pins are included with most of the replacement pillows that use them and it will be noted in the description.

colemanspapillows online

maax pillowsGet your Maax and Coleman spa pillows right here at Hot Tub Outpost. 

Don't see the pillow you need?
Send us picture(s) and measurements by email and our parts match tech will help you identify them. 


Control Panels for Coleman Spas

See our Coleman Maax Spa Control Panels.

coleman spas control panels

Get your replacement topside control panel or PCB as needed. 

We also offer the Balboa C400 Series and C600 Series replacement control panels that fit in many Coleman Spa hot tubs.

Get factory original Coleman spa overlays for your control panel. For example, we offer the Coleman C600 Series overlays and the Coleman Deluxe overlay.  See the Performance Series 7 button overlay.

Need an older style control panel like the 101173 used in Coleman 107 and other pre-2000 models? Contact us if you can't find the right one.

coleman spa control panels

coleman spa circuit board

Coleman Circuit Boards

Need a circuit board for your Coleman Spa?  Contact us if you need assistance.  We offer both new and rebuilt circuit boards for a wide variety of Maax/Coleman spas including: T105,T110,T115,T120,T137, T200, T400, T432, T460,T504 and more.

We offer the Coleman 400 Series deluxe and premium circuit boards (605) and more.

See our wide variety of factory original replacement circuit boards for Coleman spa control systems made by Balboa and Gecko.


Cartridge Filters for Coleman Spas

25sqft pleatco spa filters colemanWe offer Pleatco and Filbur replacement filter cartridges that fit many Coleman Spa models.  Search on your filter part number, or measure the filter.  Many cartridges used in Coleman Spas have a top handle and bottom threaded connector.

See our full range of replacement Coleman Spa Filters.

Some popular filter models used in Coleman Spas include:

25 sq.ft. Filter Pleatco PTL25-W-SV measures 7 1/2" long and 6" wide with 1 1/2" MPT bottom threaded connector and top handle.

32 sq.ft. Filter PAS35-F2M at 9 7/8" long by 7" wide with 2" MPT bottom threaded connector and top handle.  Compare this one with Filbur FC-0419.

32 sq.ft. Filter PCS32 w/Pad AD used in Softsider with 9 1/4" length and 7" width and 1 1/2" MPT threaded connector on bottom and top reinforced handle.

coleman 1999 filter canister40 sq.ft. Pleatco PVT40 with 9 7/8" length and 7 1/16" diameter and 1 1/2" bottom MPT threads and top handle.

50 sq.ft. Pleatco PCS50-N filter with 9 1/2" length, 8" width and 2 1/16" top with 2" slip bottom.

50 sq.ft. Pleatco PTL50XW filter with 14 3/4" length and 7" width and 1.90 bottom with top handle.

50 sq.ft. Pleatco PCS50-F2M with 16" length and 7" width and 2.62 bottom with top handle.

75 sq.ft. Pleatco PCS75-N with 13" length and 8" width and 2 1/2" top with 2" bottom.

One of the most popular filters is the 50 sq.ft. filter with the 2 inch MPT threaded bottom used in the round Coleman CO518R, rectangular CO534L three person spa, CO628T triangular spa and the CO637L.

Another popular cartridge is this Microban 11100212 compatible filter cartridge.

We also offer filter lids and filter canister parts.

Filter part numbers for various sized filters:

  • 100586 25 sqft filter
  • 100490 25 sqft filter
  • 100520 35 sqft filter
  • 100432 32 sqft filter
  • 100433 40 sqft filter
  • 100521 40 sqft filter
  • 100585 40 sqft filter
  • 100434 50 sqft filter
  • 100522 50 sqft filter
  • 100593 50 sqft filter
  • 100533 50 sqft filter
  • 100594 75 sqft filter

heater colemanReplacement Heaters for Maax Coleman Spas

Get the right compatible replacement heater for your Coleman spa in our spa heater shop.

We offer the 1.5kW 120v heater as well as 4kW heater and 5.5kW flow through heaters and other compatible replacement heaters and pressure switches too.

The 5.5kw M7 heater has 2 sensors built-in.

Spa Covers

Need a replacement hunter green or other color spa cover?  Order your cover on our custom cover order page and enter your dimensions.  Popular sizes of Coleman Spa covers include:

  • 84" x 64" rectangular cover
  • 84" x 74" rectangular cover
  • 72" triangular cover
  • 76" round cover
  • 84" square cover
  • 93" square cover

All covers are lockable and come with tiedown straps and keys.

Replacement Jets

Hot Tub Outpost offers a complete selection of currently available Coleman replacement jets.

Older style jets (pre 2013) may be the snap-in type while newer style jets may have threads.  Source the correct jet type and size.

Jet bodies such as the 3 inch 243003 are the same as used by Cal Spas and other hot tub manufacturers.

Plumbing Parts

See our plumbing section for replacement fittings and plumbing parts.  Some Coleman Spas use CMP fittings.

About Coleman Spas

Coleman's slogan is 'Built Strong in America, for America" as it continues to build its products in the USA.   Hot Tub Outpost carries replacement spa parts for the Rotomold spas, Garden Spas, Heritage Spas, Signature Spas and swim spas manufactured by Coleman. We also offer accessories including filters, replacement spa covers, cover lifters, chemicals, fragrances, steps, rails and other accessories.

The Rotomold Spa Series is unique to Coleman Spas, and uses a special rotational molding process.

There are 2 types of these economical spas available: The first is the Coleman Rotomold CO-R510R, a 4 person round spa, with 10 jets and a 300 gallon water capacity. The other is the Coleman Rotomold CO-R630L rectangular 5 person spa, with 30 jets and a 375 gallon water capacity.

There are 4 spas in the Garden Spa Series, which offer therapeutic hydrotherapy and soothing massage. The first is the 2 person corner spa CO-G-628T with 28 massage therapy jets and a 130 gallon water capacity. The second is the 3 person rectangular Garden Spa CO-G534L, with a 325 gallon water capacity. Third is the round, 5 person Garden Spa CO-G-518R, 'Plug and Play' 300 gallon capacity spa. The fourth and largest spa is the Garden Spa CO-637L, with 37 massage jets and a 375 gallon water capacity.

coleman spa loungerColeman's Heritage Spa series features 3 different spas in 2 configurations each. All of the Heritage Spas series feature Coleman's exclusive Dully Pump System, designed to cut energy costs. These Heritage spas seat up to 6 people and feature Comfort Luxe Pillows.

The Heritage CO-H-737B is an 84" x84" hot tub with contoured seats and 56 massage therapy jets.

The Heritage CO-H-737L has the same features but offers a 7 foot lounger.

The 7 foot square shaped Heritage CO-H-731B spa features 31 stainless steel spa jets, Pure Flow filtration system and 425 gallon water capacity.

The Heritage CO-H-731L is the same size and capacity, but features a lounge seat.  

The Heritage CO-H-847B is a larger 8 foot sized spa with 47 stainless steel jets, Fibersteel construction and the Pure Flow filtration system.

The Heritage CO-H-847L has the same features but with a lounge seat.

Signature Spa Series

Coleman's top of the line series is called the Signature Spa Series. It offers premium features, comfortable seating, massage hydro-therapy jets and entertainment options.  

There are 7 spas in this series, made up of the Coleman Signature CO-S-866DL-ATS spa and 3 other spas available in 2 different configurations: The CO-S-752B is a 7 foot square spa built for up to 7 persons, with an open seating bench design. The CO-S-752B-ATS is the same size spa but features the Adjustable Therapy System. The CO-S-754DL and CO-S-754DL - ATS Signature Spas are 7 foot square spas with room for 6. The CO-S-754DL model has a double lounger spa and the ATS version has the Adjustable Therapy System and 1 lounger.

The 93" x 93", 6 person lounger spa CO-S-851L is spacious with exceptional hydro massage and a 450 gallon water capacity. The CO-S-851L-ATS Signature Spa has the Adjustable Therapy System, featuring a dedicated motor and a control panel for the 7 distinct massage patterns.

Even Coleman spas built before 2000 are still bubbling away like this 107 spa.

coleman neck pillowsColeman's also offers 5 models of swim spas. The CO-F-1420 Swim Spa has massage seats for up to 3 persons and a swimming area in its 14 foot rectangular length. It features the Coleman Swim Jet Propulsion system for an aquatic workout and 18 spa jets for relaxing. The Coleman CO-F-1439F swim spa also has seating for 3 with 39 massage therapy jets. That 14 foot swim spa features a fitness bar, gym like features and a dedicated swimming lane. The 5 person, 16 foot Coleman CO-F-1640F swim spa seats 4 and offers 40 massage therapy jets and gym like features for an aquatic workout.

The economically priced Coleman CO-F-1222 swim spa seats 3, is 12 foot long and has a powerful 6.0 BHP swim jet pump. The largest unit is the 17 foot Coleman Swim Spa CO-F-1770, with hot tub seating for 10 31 massage therapy jets, a dedicated swimming lane and fitness bar.

Coleman Lay-Z-Spa is a popular inflatable hot tub model, though we do not have many of the inflatable spa parts as this is a different division of Coleman, but we have most original replacement parts for acrylic spas.

See all of our hot tub parts here.  Contact us with any questions.

Finding Spa Parts for your Coleman/Maax Spa at Hot Tub Outpost

wagonwheel-bulletEnter the part number into the search box at the top of any page (including this one) to go right to the part.

wagonwheel-bulletEnter the description of the part you need or brand in the search box above.

wagonwheel-bulletSearch the section of the part type you need such as control panels, spa heaters, pillows,or filters.

wagonwheel-bulletOr see the spa parts store for all parts.


Shoot us an email to for a fast response - you can include dimensions, picture(s) or any other information that will help us find the right part(s) for your spa.  Have a question about a particular item? We will answer it fast.

You can also enter your spa details and details about the part(s) you are looking for in the Coleman Spa Parts Finder below.


Hot Tub Outpost doesn't keep that email computer in the barn, we have it right in our store so we get your message, usually within minutes.  We also get to them quickly so you can email 24/7 and have the answer along with links to the parts you need for further details while not waiting around on the phone or spending 1/2 hour on chat.  Of course, if you are the chatty type, go ahead and use the chat box below or give us a call.

We are here to help.

Hot Tub Outpost is an independent spa parts dealer and distributor, and is not owned by or affiliated with Maax/Coleman Spas.