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Sunbelt Spa Parts


Spa parts for Sunbelt Spas are available right here at Hot Tub Outpost.

Sunbelt Spas is a Texas manufacturing company based outside of Houston. Robert Markiton is the president. They build portable spas, swim spas and specialty spas designed for in-ground use. Sunbelt has been manufacturing hot tubs since 1979 when it began as MDM Enterprises and ran a Designer Spas and Baths retail store. Aquaform Inc spa parts are available in this Sunbelt Spas section.

The Sunbelt Spas are crafted to be environmentally friendly. Spas sizes range from 2 person to 8 person. In all, there are over 45 designs. Features include lighting, audio packages, TVs, aromatherapy and other customizable hydrotherapy options.

Sunbelt Spas makes several different series of hot tubs including the SB Series, Storm Series, In-ground Spas, Spillover Spas, Lone Star Series and Swim Spas. They also make the 8’ x 12” Infinity 156 spa that features seating for 11 persons, 156 jets, 2 loungers, 5 wave seats, 2 waterfalls and holds 650 gallons of water.

Sunbelt Spas has a top of the line series called the Storm Series. There are 4 models: the Cyclone, Tornado (2 sizes – 3 or 7 people), Typhoon and Monsoon. The Hurricane, Tornado and Typhoon models feature Sunbelt’s Ultimate Spa Lounger. Every spa in the Storm Series coms with aroma therapy, ozone generators, foot jets and Captain’s Chairs.

The Sunbelt Spas SB Series features a European inspired design of Roman baths and hydrotherapeutic techniques. The models range from five to seven seats and include models SB610, SB721, SB820, SB821 and SB822.

Sunbelt Spas also offers a value line of hot tubs called the Lone Star Series. This series has 2 plug and play (12 Volt) models: the LS200 and the LS250. Spa sizes run from 2 to five person. Spa shell designs include triangular, square, rectangular and circular. The other three models are the LS300, the LS400 and the LS500.

Sunbelt is one of the few U.S. manufacturers who make both portable and in-ground spas. The in-ground hot tubs come in a variety of shapes and sizes including round and octagonal, like the Apollo, Corona, Nova and Tranquility models. There is also a larger Sunbelt Kidney spa that features a lounger with room for up to 10 bathers.

Sunbelt also features a line of Spillover Spas which are generally combined with a pool for a waterfall effect.  These spillover hot tubs have room for 4 to 7 people. Models include the 74” round, 89” round and the 94” x 36” lounge spillover spa.

Sunbelt Spas also produces a line of Swim Spas. Swim spas combine the benefits of hydrotherapy with aquatic exercise. Swim spas are considerably larger than standard hot tubs. Sunbelt’s smallest version is the Party Pool Swim Spa, measuring 93” x 144” X 48”. Their largest is the Luxury Swim Spa, measuring 95” x 171” by 48”. Sunbelt Spas also makes the QX4 swim spa, the Olympia Trainer Deluxe and the Indulgence Swim Spa.

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Sunbelt Spas out of Houston Texas is a quality spa manufacturer that has been in business for decades.

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