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Catalina Spa Parts

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Catalina Spas began operations in 1978 and are based in Perris, California. Catalina manufactures both portable hot tubs and swim spas.

Catalina Spas are sold all over the USA, as well as in France, Norway and the United Kingdom. Hot Tub Outpost carries replacement spa parts for all the models in the Catalina Spas lineup. We also ship to Europe and Canada. Can't find the part you are looking for? Email our parts experts with a photo, description and dimensions of the part you need.

Catalina Spas has 4 Swim Spa Series: The Fitness 200 Series, the Olympic 400 Series, the Catalina 600 Series and the Pool 800 Series. In total, there are 14 swim spa models. There are some equipment options, like the Bronze packages with more standard equipment, or the Gold package with additional equipment. All swim spas come with massage jets, swim jets, Balboa topside controls and underwater lighting.

Balboa Control Systems

See our Balboa control panels and spa packs to find a suitable replacement for your Balboa equipped Catalina Spa.

The Cat200 panel is a simpler Balboa panel than the more elongated "Cat8000".  The oval Cat2000 operates 2 pumps and a blower.

The 4 button Cat100/102 and 105 panels have the smaller display in the center.

Some spa controllers/system packs include the Balboa EL8000. We also offer replacement circuit boards.

We offer a wide variety of Balboa panels for most any Catalina spa.

Some Catalina spa models feature service valves (slice valves) in the plumbing system to facilitate repairs without the need to drain the spa. Be sure these slice valves are all the way open/up when the spa is in use.

We offer the replacement heaters for your Balboa system as well as pressure switches.

Filters for Catalina Spas

The dual filter compartments found on many Catalina Spas have 2 filters side by side with threaded bottom connections. To remove, simply turn the filter counter-clockwise to loosen, then lift up and out of the filter housing.

We offer the basic 4 1/4 x 4 inch 15 sqft cartridge with center hole, the 35 sqft 5 x 4 3/4 inch cartridge with center hole and the 50 sqft 5 x 6 1/2 inch filters also with 2 1/8 inch center hole.

Enter the part number stamped on your filter end cap into our search box to find the replacement or send us your dimensions and a picture and we will help you identify the correct replacement filter for your spa. (

Chemicals for Catalina Spas

Choose bromine or granulated chlorine as your main sanitizer.  The manufacturer recommends placing the bromine tablets in the chamber inside the filter cartridge instead of using a floater.  Maintain pH level between 7.2-7.6.

We also offer Frog system bromine cartridges and mineral cartridges.

catalina spa pillow cushionsCatalina Spa Pillows

Hear ye, hear ye - get your Catalina Spa pillows right here at Hot Tub Outpost.


Spa Pumps

Need a replacement Waterway pump for your Catalina Spa? We offer the 4HP and 5HP Executive original equipment pumps.  We also offer the 1 1/2 HP and 3HP pumps.


See our Del ozonators, the same brand used in many Catalina hot tubs, for a suitable replacement ozone generator. We also offer mazzei ozone injectors.

Spa Plumbing Parts

See our extensive hot tub PVC plumbing shop for everything from Magic Plastics valves to all the PVC parts you could need.

Aromatherapy Beads

Have an aromatherapy canister in your Catalina spa?  Try various fragrance replacement dry pouches we offer including kiwi, apple, floral and other scents.


We offer replacement LED light bulbs as well as lighting controllers including Rising Dragon point of light controllers in our Spa Lighting section.

Catalina Spa Models

Catalina Swim Spas include the 12.6 Newporter model and the 12.6 Malibu model, both from the Fitness 200 Series. The Olympic 400 Series is Catalina Spas top of the line models with aquatic fitness and hydrotherapy. The four models available are the 12.6 Regatta, the 14' Freestyle, the 21' Dual Temp and the Marathon Dual Temp, which is available in an 18.5' Portable or 20.5' In-ground version.

The Catalina 600 Series consists of 3 swim spas: the 14' Catalina Monterey, the 16' Catalina, and the New Catalina Dual Temp (available in an 18' Portable or 20' In-ground version. The Pool 800 Series has 5 models: the 12.6' Regatta Silver Pool, the 16' Regatta Silver Pool, the 16' Pool - 51" high, the 16' Pool - 62" High and the New 21' Pool.

Catalina Spas also makes portable hot tubs for 3 - 8 persons. They offer a variety of shell color options and cabinet color options. There are 19 models in total:

The Catalina Maxi B9070 spa measures 61" x 81" x 33", with 20 stainless steel jets, ozone, a 4 HP pump and room for 3-4 persons. The CL360 B9192-F hot tub is a 76" square spa with a lounge seat, a 4 HP pump, ozone, LED lights, inverted speakers and 28 stainless steel jets. The CL400 B9179-S is an 84" square spa with a lounge seat, 2 x 4 HP pumps, 30 stainless steel jets, a waterfall and ozone. The Quebec Solo B9205 is an 87" square spa, with 2 x 4 HP pumps, Wi-Fi system, LED lights, a waterfall, ozone and 50 spa jets. The Quebec Premium B9207 has all the features of the solo as well as some upgrades including lighted drink holders and handrail, a Bluetooth stereo with speakers and underwater lights. The Montreal Solo B9200 is an 87" x 87" x 38.5 inch hot tub, with 50 stainless steel jets, 2 x 4 HP pumps, an LED waterfall, ozone, cover and underwater lights. The Montreal Premium hot tub offers the same equipment plus lighted drink holders, speakers and a Bluetooth stereo system. The Neptune Solo spa measures 89" x 89" x 39", and comes with a lounge seat, 66 spa jets, 2 x 4 HP pumps, ozone, an LED waterfall and digital topside controls. The Neptune Premium B9154 spa has all the same features plus a Bluetooth stereo, speakers and additional lighting options. The Samoa Solo B9156 spa is 84" square, with contoured seating, 72 stainless steel jets, 2 x 4 HP pumps, ozone, waterfall, LED lights and a hard cover. The Samoa Premium B9158 adds on the stereo with speakers and additional water lighting features.

The CL1300 B880-F spa measures 93" x 93" x 40", and features a lounge seat, ozone, LED waterfall, 2 x 4 HP pumps, stereo and speakers, underwater LED lights, a lit handrail and drink holders plus 52 spa jets. The CL1400 B885-F measures 92" x 92" x 40", with contoured seating, foot jets, LED handrail, waterfall, speakers and stereo, 2 x 4 HP pumps and 44 spa jets. The Coronado B9198 hot tub measures 93" x 93" x 40", with a lounge seat, ozone, LED lights, cover, 2 x 4 HP pumps and 44 spa jets.

The XL21000 B1195-S is an 87" square spa with two loungers, 66 stainless steel jets, 2 x 4 HP pumps, a stereo system with 2 speakers, waterfall, spa and cabinet LED lights. The XL22000 B1175 hot tub is 92" square, with 3 x 4 HP pumps, 72 stainless steel jets, ozone, LED water and cabinet lights, a stereo and speakers. The Raptor Premium B9148 hot tub measures 93" x 93" x 40", with a lounge seat, ozone, LED lit waterfall and handrails, stereo with pop-up speakers, underwater lights, 2 x 4 HP spa pumps and 61 stainless steel jets. The Saber B9149 square 93" hot tub has 51 spa jets, 2 x 4 HP pumps, ozone, LED lights, pop up speakers with a stereo and subwoofer plus a cover. The XL26000 B2001 spa is 93" x 93" x 40", with a lounger, digital topside controls, 3 x 4 HP spa pumps, 81 stainless steel jets, ozone, 2 LED waterfalls, a stereo with 4 pop up speakers and underwater lights.


Finding Spa Parts for a Catalina Spa at Hot Tub Outpost

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Shoot us an email to for a fast response - you can include dimensions, picture(s) or any other information that will help us find the right part(s) for your spa.  Have a question about a particular item? We will answer it fast.

Hot Tub Outpost doesn't keep that email computer in the barn, we have it right in our store so we get your message, usually within minutes.  We also get to them quickly so you can email 24/7 and have the answer along with links to the parts you need for further details while not waiting around on the phone or spending 1/2 hour on chat.  Of course, if you are the chatty type, go ahead and use the chat box below or give us a call during normal business hours.  Email:

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