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QCA Spas Factory Authorized Spare Parts - Hot Tub OutpostNeed a part or accessory for your QCA Spa? 
Hot Tub Outpost features thousands of factory-original parts and accessories found on your QCA brand hot tub including original pillows, heaters, spa covers, spa pumps, plumbing parts, lighting accessories, spa steps and even side panel pieces. 

From an ozonator or blower, to a complete spa pack, circuit board, pump or heater, Hot Tub Outpost will help you get your QCA Spa back into service so you can spend more time relaxing in your tub and less time searching around for the right replacement part(s).

 QCA Spa Pumps

QCA Spas often uses 2 speed pumps where the low speed is also used for circulation and the high speed is for the power massage.

In the early days, QCA used Waterway Executive Series spa pumps, but lately Aqua-Flo has become the pump of choice.  On our website you will find the latest Aqua-Flo QCA Spa pumps that you can use as replacement pumps.

Contact us if you have any questions about replacing your QCA spa pump.

Here is a selection of the most popular QCA Spa pumps that ship factory direct:

4HP 1-Speed 230 volt 48-Frame QCA Spa Pump

4HP 2-Speed 230 volt 56-Frame QCA Spa Pump

We also offer original QCA Spa blowers.

QCA Spas Cover At Hot Tub Outpost, we carry factory original QCA Spas covers, the very same cover and quality that comes with every new QCA Spa.  Most covers are in stock and ready to ship.

The covers come in 2 different colors: teak/brown is standard and gray is special order to match any Coastal Gray cabinets. All covers have safety locks and straps and are designed with double reinforced folding hinges.

If you need a replacement QCA Spa cover, no need to measure, just order the correct model name.

Not sure what your model is?  Send us a picture and we will be glad to identify the model name for you.  If you have another brand hot tub, we'll ship you the best spa cover in the West for almost any brand on Earth - Free Shipping!

 Best hot tub cover in the West - Hot Tub Outpost

QCA Spa Pillows - Factory Original

Get any QCA Spas replacement pillow here at Hot Tub Outpost and rest assured you are getting the correct, factory replacement pillows for your hot tub. Not sure which pillows you need? Send us a picture to and we will help you identify them.

There are 4 main sizes of QCA Spa pillows with 2 pins in the back to mount to the 2 receptors in the shell.

 Spa Pillow QCA Spas

 Jets for QCA Spas

We carry all old and new style QCA Spas replacement jets.  Not sure which jets you need? Send us a picture and we will help you identify them.

We carry stainless steel, grey and two-tone QCA spa jets.

Spa Packs, Topside Control Panels and Circuit Boards

We carry all old and new style QCA spa packs with heaters.

See our complete selection of QCA Spa control panels and circuit boards. Not sure which part you need? Contact us or send us a picture and we will help you identify it.

Popular Replacement spa packs include the Dream Star Spa Pack and the Q2000 spa pack.

Popular control panels for QCA Spas include the 4 button Jewel panel, ML900

panel for Paradise spas
and the oval 4 button panel.

We also offer the 2 button panel for Dream Star and the Wave Max Aux Panel.

Contact us for a fast answer if you can't find the factory original QCA Spas control panel you need ( as we have them all!


 PVC Parts and Fittings

Get elbows, tees, unions and other hot tub plumbing parts at discount prices from Hot Tub Outpost.

QCA Spas have removable panels so you can access any part of the plumbing for a quick repair.



 QCA Spa Filters

QCA Spas use a variety of different filter types and sizes.  Measure the existing filter length and diameter to assure you order the correct replacement filter cartridge.

See all QCA Spa Filters here.

Or you can send us a picture or let us know the QCA model you need filters for and we will send you the correct link. 

Email us at .

 Sale of QCA Spa filters online at Hot Tub Outpost.

 QCA Spa Parts - General

We carry almost any part found on a QCA Spa, so if you need it, we can get it shipped to you at factory direct discount pricing.

Our techs will look at your pictures to help you identify any parts you need. Just email us!


 Hot Tub Accessories

Need a cover lifter, spa cover, control panel, spa steps or other accessory?  We've got you covered with great service and great prices at the Hot Tub Outpost.



Need a part you can't find on our site?  Email us a picture of the part you need or of your spa along with a description of the problem and we will help you troubleshoot the problem and be sure you are ordering the correct QCA Spa part.  All QCA Spa parts come with original factory warranty on the part.

Send email to:

Hot tub parts online at Hot Tub Outpost

QCA Spa Parts Online

Hot Tub Outpost hot tub supplies online.This week we are featuring QCA spa parts and accessories at discounted prices.  Get the best for less!

The Hot Tub Outpost offers factory-original replacement parts for your QCA Spa.  Don't gamble with generic parts that are not used in the production of QCA Spas, all our QCA Spas parts are components actually used by the factory.

If you need a part or accessory for your QCA Spa that is not on our website, contact us at with a description and/or picture of what you are looking for and we will source it for you at the best price - asap.  Our extensive spa parts database features over 50,000 hot tub parts, accessories and supplies.

QCA Spa Problems

How do I drain the spa if it does not have a hose bib or hose connection on the side of the cabinet?

Some QCA Spas come with a hose bib inside the cabinet or also may have a drain adapter outside the cabinet.  The less expensive units may not have one, in which case you can either get a submersible pump and pump it out in about 10 minutes, or you can use the gravity method and simply put a hose into the spa and start filling it until the air comes out of the hose. Then turn the water supply off and disconnect the hose from the supply side/water tap. 

See the new, non-electrical Spa Draining Device here.

Fastest Draining Option: Get a submersible pump and empty the spa in as little as 10-15 minutes.

Wayne Water Systems VIP50 1/2 HP 2,500 GPH Submersible Utility Water Pump

The water from the spa will then start running out of the hose! It will keep doing that until you get air in the hose, so be sure the hose is all the way to the floor of the spa. Instant way to empty the spa without needing a pump or hose bib if needed. Hope that helps those without a hose bib on their QCA Spa.

QCA Spas - Iowa

QCA Spas hot tub manufacturer IowaQCA Spas has been manufacturing under the direction of owner Keith Hall since 1966 and is one of the oldest hot tub companies in the world.  QCA continues to build quality hot tubs in Iowa and Hot Tub Outpost ships spas and spa parts to any of the lower 48 states. 

QCA Spas are divided into different series:

Dream Series
Dream Series hot tubs on sale at Hot Tub Outpost by QCA Spas.Hot Tubs in the Dream Series by QCA Spas include plug and play type 120 volt hot tubs that plug right into a wall outlet. 

These affordable, plug and play spas have names like Dream Star (a 2 person model), Riviera (3 person spa), Stargazer and Mystic among others. 

Star Series
Star Series hot tubs by QCA Spas.The newest of the series called the Star Series offers full scale, affordable hot tubs with most of the features you would want in a spa at a factory direct price.  Want further discounts on Star Series spas? 

Shop online at Hot Tub Outpost and get factory direct delivery at reduced, discounted prices.  We also provide any part you may need for your Star Series spa. 

Can't find it on our site? Just email us at and we will get the part number and arrange factory direct shipping at the lowest price.

Performance Series
QCA Performance Series Spas on sale at Hot Tub OutpostThe QCA Spas Performance Series spas use some of the same forms of the higher end spas, but take out certain elements that may not be needed in order to provide performance at a competitive price. 

All spas in the Performance Series do not have air blowers similar to some spas made by Hot Springs and other manufacturers. 

Air blowers provide the champagne-like bubbling action in hot tubs, but some may consider them noisy or unnecessary as the true hydromassage is provided by the water pump(s) and water jets. 

Not having an air blower installed saves money during manufacturing because the entire air plumbing system, air valves, hoses and manifolds can be removed and so the cost reduction is passed onto the spa owner.

Jewel Series
Majestic Series Spas couple relax in hot tub.Want an air blower and a water pump for full hot tub bubbling action, but still want to keep the price down? 

Spas in the Jewel series may be just what you are looking for.  This series includes spas such as Amethyst, Ruby, Topaz and the popular and huge Moonstone spa. 

Neck and shoulder jets as well as a cascading watefall are included in most Jewel series models.  Most of these spas are also built with the Dura-Frame powder-coated steel frame cabinet. 

What is the Plus in the model name?  It means it has an air blower included.  Also the Plus and Plus 2 models have zone control included which allows for better customization of massage strength in a particular section of the spa.

Majestic Series
Majestic Series hot tubs at discount prices onlne from Hot Tub Outpost USA.Luxury spas do not have to break the bank.  Spas in the Majestic Series include the St. Maarten, Grand Bahama, Grand Cayman and the new Tuscan River Falls spa with a unique, raised waterfall feature making it the perfect entertainment spa. 

Paradise Series
wave-lounger-qca.jpgIt doesn't get any better than this.  Paradise Series spas include all the features you would want in a high end spa and some unique ones too such as the Wave System. 

The Ultra Wave Lounger is a 58 jet lounger that allows you to recline with legs up while experiencing a dynamic, moving massage that you control. Invigorating pulses of warm water travel up and down your whole body relieving aching muscles. 

The Ultra Wave lounger has its own 4 button control so you can adjust the program, direction and intensity of the moving massage. 

There is also a Wave Max Seat in many of the Paradise spas that provides the same moving massage up and down your back within a hydrotherapy seat.

Whatever model QCA Spa you have, if you need a part that you can't find on our site, email us at: and we will send you the link to it, usually within the same day.

See all of our hot tubs at Hot Tub Outpost.

Get hot tub parts online at discount prices with fast shipping.

Note that parts inside the spas and even pillows can change for the same Model name spa.  That is why it is best to measure or double check part numbers and labels.  You can send us pictures and details for assistance in identifying the correct part for your QCA Spa to

For example the Grand Bahama has changed over the years. Pillow sizes, foot domes, waterfall features, control panels and systems all undergo changes. So do the jets. We carry a wide variety of replacement factory original spa parts for both newer and older QCA Spas.

grandbahama then and now

 Get all your factory original QCA Spa replacement parts right here at Hot Tub Outpost. We carry every current model replacement part for all QCA Spas; from pumps to chemicals and from jets to filters.

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