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Dynasty Spa Parts

Dynasty spa parts online

Discount spa parts for Dynasty Spas

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Dynasty Spas started doing business on February 15, 1995 and has become one of the fastest growing American spa manufacturers with over 500 dealers and an estimated 250,000 spas in operation worldwide.

Their 300,000+ square foot manufacturing plant is located in Eastern Tennessee, where they design, engineer and build all their products.  Their spas are certified CEC - California Energy Commission and are E.T.L listed in the U.S. Dynasty Spas manufactures both hot tubs and swim spas in 1, 2 or 3 pump systems with 5-7 horsepower pumps.

dynasty spa replacement parts online

Hot Tub Outpost carries replacement spa parts for Dynasty Spas hot tubs and Swim Spas including spa pumps, heaters, blowers, control panels, spa packs, covers, pillows, jets, plumbing and electric parts.

Save with free shipping on orders over $95.

See all of our spa parts here.

We also carry accessories including spa filters, chemicals, fragrances, steps, rails, cover lifters, LED lights, backyard accessories and more.

Replacement Heaters for Dynasty Spas

Flow through heaters used in select Dynasty spa models include the 9920-101435 4kW heater for Gecko IN.XE spa packs.

We offer the original Balboa Dynasty flow through heaters like the 5.5kw 240v heater with pressure switch 15 inches long.

Many of the newer Dynasty spas use a 4kw heater such as the Waypoint corner spa.

Plumbing Parts for Dynasty Spas

See our plumbing shop section for hose, manifolds, fittings and plumbing parts.

Spa Pumps

Replacement pumps used in Dynasty Spas include circulation pumps by Laing and Gecko.  The main jet pumps start at 1.5HP, 2HP, 4HP, 4.8HP, 5HP, 6HP and even 7HP!  These big 7HP pumps have a blue wet end and some come with connector for Gecko packs.  Pump types include the Aquaflo XP2 and the Waterway pumps.  Contact us with specific details from your pump label to match a pump.

The 5HP also come with mini J&J connectors as well as depending on your spa pack model (Balboa or Gecko). 4HP pumps hook up with AMP cords as well.

Replacement Jets and Parts for Dynasty Spas

dynasty spa jetsSome jet backs are transparent such as the Glo style jet bodies used in the Mini Storm, Poly Storm and Power storm jets.  These are thread-in style jet backs that require the jet insert to have a threaded connection.  Some of the old style jets have become obsolete as well as the trim rings like the 916-1250, but we still offer replacements and original Waterway escutcheons for these.

See our Waterway jets for the complete collection or contact us with your specific jet part number or measurements.

Replacement jets for Dynasty Spas come in varous colors including stainless steel, black, gray and also clear/ss.  Jets can either pop-in or be threaded depending on the jet back and matching jet insert style.

For instance the threaded 1 1/2" Waterway cluster jet 212-8407 is used as an ozone jet too and comes in the smooth style.

The adjustable mini 212-1267 is a 2 orifice pulsator jet with 5 scallop textured face.  The 2128851S is a Dynasty jet also by Waterway that may have a slightly longer lead time, but is still available. 

Newer spas use the Mini Storm twin roto, Poly Storm directional and twin roto and other black/stainless steel jets.

Contact us with questions about particular spa jets you are looking for.

Spa Controls and Controllers

dynasty spa controls topsideBalboa ML700 and ML900 panels are widely used in certain Dynasty Spas and Swim Spas.  Other popular Balboa panels used in Dynasty hot tubs include 53643 VL240 4 button panels and  VL404 digital duplex 4 button panels.

We also offer the Gecko control panels and overlays for TSC-9,TSC-19,TSC47, TSC48, K-52 and MSPA controls. 

More popular Gecko control panels in stock include IN.K100 aux panel, IN.K450, IN.K600, IN.K860 (2013).

Need the Gecko K-19, K-85, K-92 or K-94 control panels for the IN.XE spa pack? Get them right here.

Need the whole In.XM or Gecko XE spa pack? We've got those too.

Ozonators and Water Care

dynasty spa pillows on saleWe stock a variety of Prozone and compatible ozonators for both 120v and 240v operation.  We've got the MCD and APG ozonators too and can deliver them with either the standard AMP plug or the Gecko connector depending on what system you have. (Balboa or Gecko).

Get spa chemicals and hot tub replacement filters right here.

Dynasty recommends removing spa pillows when using shock treatment in the water.  Some pillows snap into receptacles mounted to the spa shell.

Pillows include the TV lid, speaker lid type as well as standard rectangular 900 model pillows. There are also 950 corner pillows (Renaissance/Gallant) and the lounger and neck seat pillows.  Need a filter lid? There are those type with 3 drink cutouts.

Contact us for a fast answer to your Dynasty spa part needs at  Include pillow dimensions and if it has Dynasty logo on it or is neutral/no logo - and/or you can send pics by email too.

Therre are dozens of different Dynasty pillow models, so fastest is for you to let us help you identify the pillow(s) you need and then send you links by return email so you can view them.

Dynasty Spa Pillows

Replacement pillow cushions for Dynasty Spas range from the small logo pillow to larger, non-logo wrap pillows.

We offer original replacement pillows for most Dynasty Spas.

There are stitched pillows, lounger pillows and different color headrests for your particular model.

See our current selection of Dynasty Spa pillows here.

Most pillows are gray, black or two-tone.

Relax in your spa in comfort with new cushions.

Maintaining water chemistry is essential to prolonging pillow life.



Dynasty Spa Models

dynastyeon spaDynasty Spas Harmony Collection are built with luxurious features and innovative options.

The Melody model seats up to 5 persons with 50 jets, 2 pumps plus a circulation pump, Infinity sound system and more in an 82" x 82" shell. The Lyric spa has the same size shell, stereo, pumps and number of jets , but also offers a lounger.

The larger size Symphony spa is a generous 92" x 92", has seating for up to 6, with 50 jets, 2 x 7 BHP pumps, a circulation pump, Infinity sound system and ozone filtration feature. The Rhapsody has the same features and size as the Symphony, but with a lounger.

The Club Series is an affordable line of quality hot tubs by Dynasty Spas. The 4 person CLB4 spa model features seating for up to 4 persons, with 23 jets, 1 x 6 BHP pump and ozone in a 68" x 91" shell. The CLB5L has seating for up to 3 in an 82.5" x 62" rectangular shell, with lounger, 30 massage jets, ozone and 1 x 6 BHP spa pump.   The CLB6L is an 82.5" x 74.5" spa with 4 jets, 2 x 6 BHP spa pumps, lounger, ozone and seating for 5.

The CLB7L square lounger spa has room for 6 in an 82.5 x 82.5" shell, with ozone, 50 massage jets, 2 x 6 BHP spa pumps and 20 LED jewel lights.   The CLB7N is the same size with the same options as the CLB7L, but has no lounger and room for up to 7 persons.   The CLB8L is a large 92" square spa with lounger, ozone, 2 x 6 HBP pumps, 70 jets, 20 LED lights and a stereo option.   The CLB8N is the non-lounger version of the CLB8L spa.

Dynasty Spas' Nautical Series features 9 different spas at affordable prices with space for 2-7 persons and maintenance free skirts.

The Waypoint is a 2 person triangular spa with 24 jets, ozone, 20 LED lights, 1 pump and is available in 100 or 220 Volt options. The Seafire spa fits up to 3 in a 60" x 84" shell with a lounger, 29 jets, 1 pump, ozone and comes in a 110 or 220 volt option.

The Azimuth seats up to 6 persons with 1 lounger, 1 spa pump, ozone, 31 spa jets, 20 LED lights and a 78" x 84" shell.

The 82" square Leeward spa is the most popular from the Nautical Series and features a lounger, 47 massage jets, 2 x 6 BHP spa pumps, stereo, ozone and 20 LED lights.

The Spinnaker is also a very popular design in an 82" square shell with 47 jets, room for 7, stereo, 2 x 6 BHP pumps, 20 LED jewel lights, underwater LED lighting and ozone.  

The Windward is a popular 5 person model with a roomy 92" square shell, lounger, 47 jets, 2 x 6 HBP pumps, ozone and JBL stereo option.

The Regatta has a unique 2 lounger design in a 92" square shell, with room for 5, with 47 black and stainless steel jets, 2 x 6 BHP spa pumps, ozone and a stereo option.  

The Topsail is a non-lounger spa with room for up to 7 in a 92" square shell with 48 massage jets, ozone, 2 x 6 HBP pumps and a stereo option. The Beacon is the largest hot tub in the Nautical Series with room for up to 7 persons, 49 spa jets, 2 spa pumps, ozone and a stereo option in a 92" x 102" spa shell.

Dynasty Spas manufactures 3 swim spas in their Aquex Pro Series. The entry level Aquex Pro 13 swim spa is 13 feet in length, has seats for up to 4, plus 10 spa jets, a waterfall, and is powered by 2 x 5 BHP Viper swim jets and 1 x 7 BHP spa pump.

The Aquex Pro Series 17 is 92" x 199" and holds 1,750 gallons of water. With room for 4 to sit plus 1 swimmer, this model has 30 jets, 3 x 5 BHP Viper pumps and 1 x 7 BHP pump. It also has a waterfall, underwater lighting, a maintenance free skirt, ozone and an Infinity stereo system.

The Aquex Series 19 swim spa is 92" x 224", making it the largest option with room for up to 7 persons plus 1 swimmer. It has ozone, 42 illuminated spa jets, 3 river jets, 3 x 5 BHP Viper pumps and 2 x 7 BHP pumps.

We also offer parts for Bahama Spas (made by Dynasty)

See all of our hot tub parts here.  Contact us with any questions.

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