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Vita Spa Parts

Replacement hot tub parts for Vita Spas  DM INDUSTRIES

Vita Spas makes both hot tubs and swim spas. Vita Spas are manufactured under MAAX Spa Industries Corp, who acquired the brand in 2009.|
Used to be called DM Industries / Vita Spa.

This same company added LA Spas in 2014. MAAX manufacturing originated in 1969 and was acquired by Brookfield in 2008, making it part of the largest company in the world that is involved in spa manufacturing. Vita Spas are manufactured in Chandler, Arizona.

Hot Tub Outpost carries Vita Spa spare parts and accessories, including spa pumps, heaters, ozone generators, jets, replacement covers, spa filters, plumbing parts and more. We have a huge selection of accessories for every make and model of hot tub including steps, safety rails, drink trays, floating spa covers, cover lifters, chemicals and fragrances. We offer secure online shopping, the biggest selection of spa parts and accessories, plus great prices!

Vita Spa Controls

Hot Tub Outpost offers a wide range of Vita spa control panels and overlays.  We also offer complete spa packs and control systems.

Circuit boards are also available such as 107961 VS504SZ and others.

Contact us for assistance or complete the Vita Spa parts finder form below.

Vita Spa Heaters

Replacement heaters for Vita Spas / DM Industries hot tubs include:

E2400-0127ETX 4kW 230V Low Flow vertical heater assembly for circ pump systems.

C2550-0028ET 5.5kW flow through heater 240v with 1/4 inch thermowell for heater sensor

C2450-1008ET 4.5kW 240v heater

C2450-0010ET 4.5kW 240V heater 15 inches long with pressure switch tap

1kW Voyager heater

VITA Spa Filters

We offer cartridge filters for most Vita Spas. Here are some of the popular filters.

0212305 Vita Spa PVT 25N Filter for Voyager, Duet and Twosome discontinued (previously needed adapter 0231472 so unscrew adapter and use the 0212305-TRB)

0212305-TRB is the filter that comes with the threaded bottom.  Now the same filter if not using the adapter.

0212311- use 0212311-TRB with threaded bottom (40sqft filter 8 1/4 inches long x 6 inches wide).


We generally ship in 1 business day and standard shipping is free for orders over $95 (in the continental USA). Check out the hot tub maintenance and repair tips on Hot Tub Outpost to save time and money on your Vita Spa replacement hot tub parts!

Vita manufactures a line of swim spas called xStream. These swim spas use flowing streams of water for hydrotherapy, relaxation and fitness. All models have a hydrotherapy spa area plus a swim training area. Optional aquatic exercise equipment can be added for toning and sculpting.   There are 6 variations of the Vita xStream swim spas: the XS1 is 144" x 90" x 50" and holds 1,000 gallons of water. It has seating for 7, with 35 hydrotherapy jets, 4 swim jets, 4 cascade jets and 1 ozone jet. It is powered by 2 x 3 hp pumps and has an LED illuminated swim line. The XSR model has the same shell, but features 70 hydrotherapy jets, 6 swim jets, 4 cascade jets and 4 x 3 hp pumps. The XL4 model measures 168" x 90" x 50" and holds 1,300 gallons of water. It has a larger swimming area and seating for 3, with 19 hydrotherapy jets, 4 swim jets and 6 cascade jets. It is powered by 2 x 3 hp pumps and has optional swim tethers and exercise resistance bands. The XB4 is very similar to the XL4 but with additional hydrotherapy. The XSP swim spa is 198" x 90" x 53” and holds 1600 gallons of water. It has 3 x 3 hp, dual speed pumps, 30 hydrotherapy jets, 6 swim jets and 6 cascade jets. It has seating for 2, a water feature, WiFi connectivity, illuminated drink holders and their LED illumination.   The XSD model is the same shell as the XSP, but with 4 x 3hp, dual speed pumps.

Vita Spa makes 20 different models of hot tubs, with seating for 2 to 7 persons. Vita's small-midsize spas include the following: The Amour hot tub fits 2 in a triangular/heart shaped spa measuring 78" x 66.5" x 30", and is outfitted with 23 massage jets. The Duet spa is also a 2 person hot tub, but in an 84" x 48" rounded rectangular shell which is outfitted with 15 spa jets. The Trio spa has room for 3 persons, measures 66" x 83" x 30.5" and has 19 hydrotherapy jets. The Forte is an economical spa with 22 jets and room for 4 in an 80" x 72" x 29" shell.  Measuring 82" x 69.5" x 32", the Joli spa seats up to 4 persons in 4 molded seats with 44 hydrotherapy jets. Image is a hot tub that seats up to 4 in an 82" x 69" x 32" shell, with 22 spa jets, 2 corner seats and a 2 person bench. The Cirque is a round, barrier free hot tub that seats up to 5 persons. It is 81" in diameter x 35" deep and has 16 hydrotherapy jets. The Intrigue spa measures 78.5" x 83" x 37", and contains 33 jets, a lounge seat and room for 5. The Elegant spa is the same size as the Intrigue, but 39 massage jets.

Mid to large size Vita Spas include the following models: The square Chateau spa measures 83" and has room for 5-6 adults, with 45 jets, a foot well with massage and a lounge seat.

The Prestige has room for 6 in an 83" square spa, with massage lounger, 2 corner seats and 52 hydrotherapy jets. Nuage is a hot tub with room for 6-7 persons, with 48 spa jets plus a deeper 38" depth in an 83" square shell.

The Voeux spa is an economy hot tub model featuring 27 jets, a lounger and room for up to 5 persons in an 84" x 74.25" x 34" spa shell.

The Monarque is an 83" square spa with molded seats and 49 spa jets.

The Mystique hot tub measures 90" x 114" x 38", has 57 jets, a lounge and 3 corner seats and room for up to 6 persons. The Fontaine spa fits up to 6 persons with 51 hydrotherapy jets, 2 captain chairs and a lounger in a 91.5" square spa.

The square Envie hot tub measures 92" x 92" x 38", and features a lounge seat, 2 captain's seats and 54 massage jets.  

The Rendezvous hot tub is a 92" square spa with a 38" depth, with 73 jets, including foot massage jets, and seating for up to 6 adults.

The Cabaret spa is also 92" square, but has 56 jets and room for 6-7 with contoured chair seating.

The Grand Spa is another 92" square spa, with 53 spa jets, 4 corner massage chairs, and a massage foot well, offering seating for 6-7 bathers.


Finding Vita  Spa Parts at Hot Tub Outpost

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