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Arctic Spas are manufactured by Blue Falls Manufacturing Limited, a Canadian company. Their hot tubs were originally engineered for the world's harshest climates and are known as the original cold weather hot tubs.

arctic pillowsReplacing Arctic Spa Pillows

For select Arctic Spa models, to remove or replace the pillow requires pulling the pillow upwards first until it is fully extended. Then there is a button right next to the spa shell which allows pillow to be pulled up and out. 

Replacing the pillow requires pushing the button first and then inserting the replacement pillow.

We offer select pillow models that fit Arctic Spas.

Contact us if you need assistance finding any of the parts for your Arctic Spa.

filter system silver sentinel Arctic SpasReplacement Filters for Arctic Spas

Replacement cartridge filters will fit select models that use either the front access style skim filter (like Escondido, Pomona, Maricopa and Laredo in the Coyote spa line), pressure filter canister assembly or telesoping weir/filter bucket.  The manufacturer recommends changing the filter cartridges once a year and cleaning them regularly.

Some Silver Sentinel type filter systems use 2 filters and also use a rescue bag inside the skimmer. The filter sock goes in first followed by the threaded cartridge filter in one skim filter container while the longer filter goes in the other container.

Popular point bonded replacement filters for Silver Sentinel cartridges are:

PP0011 replaces the small 900011 (4 3/4" long with top bar handle)

PP6541  replaces the  006541 (13 7/8" with top handle and bottom 2 inch SAE)

PP7064 replaces the  007064 (13 1/8 inches long with open center)

Popular discount filter types include:

H40506  for Alaskan, Fox, Midnight Sun and Coyote Spas Amarillo, Durango, Escondido, Havasu, Laredo, Outlaw, Reno, Santa Fe,Tempe, Tucson, Tulsa and Vegas models. Also fits older model Cub, Yukon, Frontier, Glaciar, Klondiker, Kodiak,Norwegian Timberwolf, and Tundra models.

H40101 fits the Marmott spa model.

This Filter type should be rinsed off monthly and replaced annually.

H42513 is a replacement for C-4326 25sqft filter cartridge that is 13 1/4 inches tall and 5 inches wide with top and bottom holes.

H60401 is used in Coyote Spas and is 45 sqft with threads on the bottom.

PFF50P4 is a Freeflow filter

See all of our spa filters here.

arctic heatersHeaters and Heater Assemblies for Arctic Spas

Replacement heater assemblies for Arctic spas include various versions of a 5.5kw, 230v heater such as A2550-5251ET 45 degree curve heater, the A2550-5350ET 90 degree heater (pictured on right) and the model C2550-0103TT 12 inch long heater with box mounted to heater.

Some heaters also use pressure switches

We also offer heater elements for Arctic Spas including the 6kw hairpin 110-220v heating element.

Replacement heaters come with new heater tailpieces and the flat gasket o-rings.

pressure switch arctic spas
pressure switch used in Arctic Spa

Arctic Spa Controllers

Gecko is one type of spa control found in select Artic Spa models. The M-Class type MSPA controllers are available at Hot Tub Outpost.  Some spas also use the global Eco Pak.

Spa Pumps

Some pumps use the Italian motors while others are stock such as the Gecko XP2E spa pumps.

Arctic Spas LED Lights

The basic LED light system is made up of 2x 12 volt blue LED unterwater lights.  A Northern Lights option features 2x multicolored LED light bulbs with 5 lights.  Replacing bulbs involves finding and removing existing bulb(s) from the light socket(s) and replacing with new bulb or LED multi-colored bulb.

arctic spas jet insertsArctic Spa Jets

A variety of jet sizes and styles are used in Arctic Spas including 5" jets with single pulse feature that is adjustable and 3" jets with either single pulse, directional or even neck jet type.  Specialty jets include chrome jets, Monsoon jet, therapy air jets and even a waterfall jet. Venturi air controls allows for flow adjustment of jet groups within the spa.

Spa Chemicals and Water Quality

See our selection of hot tub chemicals and spa filters.

Some spas are also outfitted with the Onzen salt water system. These may require a cell replacement.

Ozonator systems include the Peak 1 and Peak 2 ozone generators. These ozonators are sometimes mounted to one of the inside corner panels.

Arctic Audio

Plug your own MP3 player into the optional Aquatremor® or Wettunes® Stereo system found on select Arctic Spas.

Some of these use the pop-up style speakers.

PVC Plumbing Parts

Arctic Spas use a lot of generic Waterway and Rising Dragon Parts including manifolds with 2,4,6 and 8 ports. 
Typically the water connections are 3/4" barb. Suction parts are by Rising Dragon. See our plumbing shoppe for PVC parts.

Arctic Spa Hot Tubs

Arctic Spas are sold worldwide and have many safety and quality certifications including CE; TUV; ETL; Star manufacturer and PEFC. They are the official hot tub of the Canadian Hockey League and one of Canada's fastest growing companies.

Arctic spas is known for making quality spas for cold climates. They manufacture both the Arctic spa brands and the lower priced Bear Essentials and Coyote Spas that have less options.

They also make a lineup of swim spas (also called year round pools). Hot Tub Outpost carries select replacement spa parts for many of the series, as well as replacement spa covers, steps, rails, filters, chemicals, cover lifters, fragrances and accessories.

Hot Tub Outpost offers a wide variety of spa parts that fit select Arctic Spa models including filters and covers.

Arctic Spa Models

The Arctic Fox is their smallest hot tub with room for 3, equipped with up to 38 jets and 2 pumps.

The Arctic Cub hot tub has room for up to 5 with a lounger and can be configured with 1, 2 or 3 spa pumps and up to 54 jets. The Yukon Spa seats up to 6, with 1, 2 or 3 pumps and up to 54 jets.

The Arctic Spas Glacier model has room for up to 5, and can be equipped with up to 3 pumps and 54 jets.

The Arctic Glacier XL spa is a larger version of the Glacier, with 4 deep seats, up to 3 pumps and 65 jets. The Arctic Frontier seats up to 6, with up to 3 pumps and 65 jets, and features his and her shuttle seats and loungers.

The Arctic Klondiker spa was designed for people under 5'6" with no-float loungers, comfortable seating for up to 6 persons, 1, 2, 3 or 5 pumps and up to 61 jets.  

The Arctic Summit has room for up to 6 persons with 4 jetted massage seats, 1, 2, 3 or 5 spa pumps, and up to 61 jets in a deluxe hot tub setting. The Arctic Summit XL takes the very popular Summit spa and stretches it out so there is room for up to 9 adults. The Arctic Kodiak hot tub has the same seating, jets and pumps as the Summit, but with a lounger and 4 jetted out seats. The Kodiak has been a favorite Arctic spa for a long time, but has recently been retooled and outfitted with more features and options. The Arctic Tundra spa fits up to 7 persons in a big 7'9" x 7'9" spa shell. The Tundra can also be configured with up to 5 pumps and 61 jets. The Arctic Norwegian is their newest, open concept designed spa, with room for up to 6, up to 5 pumps and 61 jets.

Swim Spas

Arctic spas also manufactures a line of swim spas, which they refer to as 'all weather pools'. These swim spas are good to work out in as you swim against the jets. They are also perfect for large groups and relaxing.  The swim spas vary in size and equipment - with anywhere from 1-45 jets and up to 8 therapy seats. Their 1559 gallon water capacity models include the following swim spa models:

The Arctic Beauport model has therapy seating for 2, a tether resistance swim system and year round usability.

The Arctic Hudson also has 2 therapy seats and a Monsoon Counter Current Swim System for intermediate swimmers.  

The Arctic Kingfisher offers more swimming room in their longest and widest swim zone, since there are only stairs on one side for access. The Juneau swim spa offers a higher swim current for advanced swimmers, but still provides 2 lounger seats for hydrotherapy.

The Wolverine is Arctic Spas premium hybrid model for advanced swimmers, yet also provides maximum hydrotherapy. This model has a full length swim zone and a Niagara Counter Current Swim System. For those looking for more hydro therapy and only basic swimming, the all weather Arctic Ocean swim spa contains up to 61 jets and 5 pumps, so is most like a jumbo hot tub.

The Athabascan is on the other side of the spectrum as an all weather pool with large open water areas but no hydrotherapy. 

Arctic Spas has recently added an eighth swim spa to its lineup: the Okanagan. This new all-weather pool has a swim up bar with LED lights, two stools and an ice bucket. Seating for up to a dozen is optional, as are your choice of jets.

Arctic Spas also has the Alaskan and Midnight Sun spas in their Bear Essentials Series.

Their Coyote Spa line includes the Arroyo Series with the Coyote Havasu or Coyote Vegas 3 person models as well as the Coyote Tempe, Coyote Outlaw and Coyote Amarillo 6 person spas.

Their Otero Series includes the 6 person Coyote Maricopa; the 7 person Coyote Laredo or Coyote Escondido; and the 8 person Coyote Pomona.

Their Terrace Series has the 2 person Coyote Mesa, the 6 person Coyote Tucson, and the 7 person Coyote Durango or Santa Fe spa models.


See all of our hot tub parts here.  Contact us with any questions.


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