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Bullfrog Spa Parts

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Bullfrog Spas are manufactured in Bluffdale, Utah, which is in the Salt Lake City metro area. Bullfrog International, the parent company of Bullfrog Spas, was founded in 1996. Bullfrog is one of the fastest growing luxury brands of hot tubs, with distribution throughout the U.S., as well as Canada, Australia, Asia, Europe, South America, the Caribbean and New Zealand.  

Bullfrog Spa Parts Categories

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bullfrog heaters bullfrog spa jets bullfrog spa lights and lighting bullfrog spa ozonators bullfrog pillows
artesian spa PVC plumbing parts bullfrog spa pumps bullfrog spa packs bullfrog drains and suctions bullfrog spa valves


Bullfrog Spas owns several patents, including for their JetPak therapy system. Bullfrog spas are designed with an ultra efficient plumbing system - running more jets per pump with all jets running at maximum jet power.

Bullfrog Spas manufactures their luxury line or A series, the quality R Series mid-range line, and the economical X Series value line, plus the modern STIL portable spa. Hot Tub outpost carries replacement spa parts, like spa pumps, heaters, ozone generators, jets, topside controls and more - for all models of Bullfrog Spas.

bullfrog control panelsSpa Control Panels for Bullfrog Spas

Balboa makes several of the control panels used in Bullfrog Spas.  See the current replacement Bullfrog control panels .

These are some of the finest hot tub control systems on the market that are made by Balboa Water Group (formerly Balboa Instruments).

See our Balboa Control Panels or contact us if you need assistance finding the right control for your Bullfrog spa.  Save with generic topsides such as Balboa 51247-01.

Spa packs for Bullfrog Spas include the Balboa GL Series.

bullfrog spas control panel

We also offer Bullfrog Spa Circuit Boards for just the PCB board based on the chip number.

Bullfrog Spa Pillows

It is not a huge selection, but these are the most popular Bullfrog Spa pillows including the Air Comfort 60-1160 and 60-1165.

Need a replacement pump? See our Aquaflo XP2 and all AquaFlo replacement spa pumps (with Emerson motors) as used in select models in this series.

Jetpacks are a collection of jets in one unit with monikers such as DeepRelief, FibroTherapy, Gyrossage and AcuTherapy.

bull frog seatsJetpacks are also made for Stil Spas such as Wellness, RainShower and SpinalHealth.


Bullfrog Spa seat jetpacks and jets are some of the most unique on the market.  Rather than replacing one jet, an entire seat section can be replaced.

Note that if changing out a JetPak on a 2-pump spa, there is an orange plug (JetZone divider) that may be installed in between 2 of the seats.  This needs to stay in place if changing out the JetPak for 2 pump spas or serious damage to the equipment and pumps can occur.

Individual jets found in Bullfrog Spas include the Waterway Cluster Storm type jets (2 inch) as well as the Duo and Duo-Blaster jets, Micro VSR jets, Storm Roto jets and the 5 inch Power Storm Massage jet.  Also used are the Vertassage jet, Power Storm dual roto jet and a whirlpool jet (also 5 inches in diameter).

Contact us if you need assistance finding individual spa jets for your Bullfrog Spa - you can also send photo of the jet along with the front/face diameter measurement.  Most jets are gray but some are stainless steel in style.

Plumbing Parts

Sprung a leak?  Service valves are located to the left and right of the spa pack and each of the main pumps to facilitate repairs without needing to drain the spa. (Service or slice valves are not available on models 331, 231,
251, 362, 131, 151, or 162.) If the leak is at a jet, manifold or in other areas of the plumbing, it is probably a good idea to drain the spa before doing any of the repairs to avoid a new frog swamp near the spa.

Replacement Filters for Bullfrog Spas

A popular compatible replacement filter that fits select Bullfrog Spa models is the H80503 that replaces 8CH-950 and is 8 inches wide and only 6 inches tall with bottom SAE course threads.

See our full range of spa filters (Pleatco, Filbur, Filters Outpost and other brands) for a compatible replacement cartridge filter for your spa.


The standard light is accessible from the rear/under the cabinet near the equipment bay.  This fixture accommodates standard white light or LED bulb.

audio bullfrog aquaticavAudio

Bullfrog uses many brand name components include Bose and Aquatic AV.  We offer media lockers and also some replacement speakers. We offer the DM-4 and other systems. Contact us for assistance.

Bullfrog Spas started using more music systems in the spas after 2012 model years. 
There is also the BBA Bluetooth stereo kit.


A range of ozone generators can be used with Bullfrog Spas.  A popular model is the APG-U.


Bullfrog Spa Models

bullfrog spa coveredThe STIL Spa is a 7'4" x 7' x 34" portable spa that sits up to 6 adults. This spa has a reinforced shell with 3 jet paks, 2 lounge seats and an open concept design.   It comes equipped with a premium touch screen control system, a WellSpring water care system, an LED light system, a Stil water feature, a dual speed 4.9 HP pump, a circulation pump and up to a maximum of 176 jets.

There are 8 spas in the premium A Series from Bullfrog Spas. This luxury series has hot tubs with upgraded features that come standard, including: a rigid cover, an EternaWood cabinet, 2 dual speed pumps, a circulation pump, interior and exterior LED lights and stainless steel jets. The smallest spa in the series is the Model A5L, which can sit up to 3 adults. It measures 5'8" x 7' x 31" with a lounge seat, 2 contoured seats and 3 jetpaks.  

Model A6L fits up to 5 adults with 2 corner seats, a lounge seat and 4 jetpaks. It measures 6'8" x 7'4" x 34". Model A6 has the same measurements, but no lounge seat so it fits up to 7 adults. Model A7 fits up to 8 adults in a 7'4" x 7'4" x 36" shell. It has 5 jetpaks and contoured seating for up to 8 adults. Model A7L has the same square shell, but with a lounge seat and room for 5. Model A8 is a square shell measuring 7'10" x 7'10" x 38". It has 6 jetpacks and room for up to 8 adults in contoured seats. Model A8L has a lounge seat and room for up to 7 adults. Model A8D has 2 loungers, 5 jetpacks and room for up to 6 adults.

Bullfrog Spas' R Series offers luxury spas at an affordable price. All of the R Series hot tubs come with the WellSpring water purification system, anEternaWood cabinet, a circulation pump, an LED light system and high performance spa pumps. There are 7 models available fitting 3-8 persons. The smallest is model R5L, which has room for up to 3 adults and is equipped with 2 jetpaks.   It measures 5'8" x 7' x 31". Model R6 measures 7'4" x 6'8" x 34", with 3 jetpaks and room for up to 7 adults in contoured seating. Model R6L has the same dimensions and jetpacks as R6, but also has a lounge seat. Model R7 is a square spa measuring 7'4" x 7'4" x 36". It has contoured seats for 6 and 4 jetpaks.   Model R7L is the same size but with a full body lounge seat.   The largest model in this series is Model R8, with room for up to 8 adults in a 7'10" x 7'10" x 38" spa with 4 deep corner seats and 4 jetpaks. Model R8L has a lounger and room for up to 7 persons.

Bullfrog's X Series of hot tubs is their value line consisting of more conventional spas - without their patented jetpaks. Features vary from spa to spa, but most have stainless steel jets, a continuous duty pump, a high performance spa pump, backlit waterfall, LED mood lighting and a hard cover. There are 7 spas in this series fitting 3-8 adults.

The smallest spa in the series is the rectangular Model X5L, which fits 3 in a hot tub with a lounger plus 2 seats. It measures 5'8" x 7" x 31" and comes equipped with 24 spa jets and a 2.5 HP spa pump. Model X6R is a 6'7" round spa that sits up to 5 adults in open bench seating. The X6L hot tub is a rectangular spa with a lounge seat measuring 6'8" x 7'4" x 34" and fitting up to 6 adults. Model X7L measures 7'4" square by 36" deep, with room for bup to 6 with a lounger and 2 corner seats. Model X7 is the same size, but with no lounger. Model X8 is a 7'10" square spa with a depth of 38". It offers deep seating for up to 8 adults. Model X8L is the same size spa but with a lounger and room for up to 7.


Finding Spa Parts for a Bullfrog Spa at Hot Tub Outpost

wagonwheel-bulletEnter the part number into the search box at the top of any page (including this one) to go right to the part.

wagonwheel-bulletEnter the description of the part you need or brand in the search box above.

wagonwheel-bulletSearch the section of the part type you need such as control panels, spa heaters, pillows,or filters.

wagonwheel-bulletOr see the spa parts store for all parts.

You can also complete the Bullfrog Parts Finder form below and include your spa serial number/model year.  We will try to respond within 1-2 business days with a result,  or...


Shoot us an email to for a fast response - you can include dimensions, picture(s) or any other information that will help us find the right part(s) for your spa.  Have a question about a particular item? We will answer it fast. We currently don't have all of the proprietary parts in stock, but have many of the OEM parts that will fit your Bullfrog spa hot tub including replacement spa filters and covers.

Hot Tub Outpost doesn't keep that email computer in the barn, we have it right in our store so we get your message, usually within minutes.  We also get to them quickly so you can email 24/7 and have the answer along with links to the parts you need for further details while not waiting around on the phone or spending 1/2 hour on chat.  Of course, if you are the chatty type, go ahead and use the chat box below or give us a call during normal business hours.  Email:

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