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Artesian Spa Parts

artesian spa parts

Artesian Spas is based out of Las Vegas, Nevada and was established in 1992. Select the category of spa parts you want below to get a listing of the Artesian Spa replacement parts available. Get your factory original Artesian spa parts here at Hot Tub Outpost or contact us for assistance if you do not see the part you need.

 Artesian Spa Parts Categories

artesian spa audio artesian spa circuit boards artesian spa control panels artesian filter parts artesian spa filters
artesian spa heater artesian jets artesian spa lights artesian ozonators artesian spa pillows
artesian spa PVC plumbing parts artesian spa pumps artesian spa packs artesian spa suctions artesian spa valves

artesian spa brands

Artesian Spa Pillows

pillow pin artesianlounge pillow artesian spasFactory original replacement spa pillows for Island Series and other models in the Allegro, Gold, Elite, Magic, Resort, South Seas or Tidal Fit series.  Find the Artesian spa pillows in the Artesian spa pillow store.

We offer the 2005-2015 8 inch waterfall pillows as well as many others. Don't see the one you need? Contact us with a picture/measurement or explain which one you are looking for.

2013 and newer Island spas use the new-style charcoal gray lounge pillowsneck pillows and waterfall pillows.

Pillow pins on the back of many of the pillows fit into the pillow receptors in the spa shell.  For pillows with logo domes, check if they come included.  Otherwise, you can use your old domes or order new ones.

The manufacturer, May Manufacturing LLC, recommends not filling the spa higher than the pillow line so the pillows are not underwater, as that can cause early wear out of the pillows and require more frequent replacement.  During each water change, it is also recommended to clean the pillows with soapy water and a soft cloth. Be sure to get all the soap off before reinserting them into the spa to avoid a soapy bubblebath!

plt25 filters pleatcoArtesian Spas Filters

Many filter skimmer systems installed in Artesian Spas use 2 cartridge filters.

Before replacing filters, turn off the power to the spa and remove the filter lid first.  Turning the filters counterclockwise removes them from the filter well assembly.  When installing the new filters, be sure not to over-tighten them in the threaded connector.

Get replacement filter cartridges for most Artesian Spas models.  Artesian recommends filling the spa from the filter area by inserting the hose right into where the filter is located to avoid air pockets when refilling your spa.

artesian original replacement filters

Replacement for the old-style purple Filter Qualiflo is here.   50 sqft companion filter in this set is here.

artesian spa filter canisterPopular replacement filter cartridges that fit Artesian Spas include:

Note that most Artesian spa filters have 1 1/2" or 2" bottom threaded connectors.

Artesian Spa Filter Table (find links above)

PAS35-2 is  7 1/8" x  7 9/16" with top handle 2"MPT bottom connector - 35 sq. ft. Artesian Spa Filter replaces models 7CH-322 and  FC-0420.
FC-0419 alternative filter is 7 1/8" x  7 9/16" with top Handle and bottom 2"MPT threaded connector - 35 sq.ft. Artesian Spa Filter replaces  7CH-322 and Pleatco PAS35-2.
PAS40-F2M is 6" x  7 5/8" wiith 2 inch top hole and 2"MPT threaded connector on bottom - New Artesian 6” D Filter
PAS50 is 7 1/8" x  8 3/4" with top Handle and bottom 2 5 /8" Keyed hole -  Newer Artesian Spa Models
PAS50-F2M is 7 1/8" x  8 3/4" with top Handle and bottom 2"MPT connector - Newer Artesian Spa Models
PAS50-F2M-M is Microban version 7 1/8" x  8 3/4" with top Handle and bottom 2"MPT connector - Upgrade to Newer Artesian Spa Models (MICROBAN)
PRB50-IN is 5" x  13 5/16" with  2 1/8" top and bottom holes - Rainbow Dynamic 50 03FIL1600 C-4950 FC-2390

PTL25W-SV-P is  6" x  9 13/16 with top Handle and bottom PAD AD - American Spas; Artesian (Coleman) 6CH-26 FC-0310

We also offer original 06‐0006‐12 Artesian spa filters with top handle that are 7 inches wide and 8 inches tall with 2 inch threads on the bottom.

SEE current model ARTESIAN Spa Filters here.


artesian piper glenn spa

Other models such as the South Seas spas use a single filter canister.

Artesian Spa Jets - Artesian Island Replacement Jets

artesian corner fallsHot Tub Outpost carries a wide variety of replacement jet inserts and jets.  See our info page on finding and replacing hot tub jets.

Many Artesian spa jets have tabs in the jet insert that should line up with the groove in the jet back when replacing. These tabs may also break off or become worn from improper chemical water balance.

If the water in the spa is allowed to remain too acidic (pH too low), then it can attack the plastics on the jet tabs and cause them to wear out early. Overusing sanitizer without properly shocking the spa water instead (weekly) is also a cause for early jet failure.

spa jet tab artesianArtesian recommends cleaning the jets during the water changes as well by spraying the inserts with 1 part vinegar to 2 parts warm water and letting them soak in that solution for about 10-15 minutes.

Also rotating the spinner nozzles for any rotating type jets can break up built-up residue and allow for better rotation movement.  Rinse jet inserts off with the garden hose.

Have problems with jets popping out? Waterway has made upgrades to the jet inserts so they don't do that anymore.  We offer the Helix style cluster jets and most other types of replacement jet inserts. See our selection of original Artesian spa jets.

Getting at some of the components from the rear can be tricky, such as replacing jet backs in a fully foamed spa.

The outer ring on many of the jets such as the Helix jets, can be rotated to adjust water flow out of the jet. Removing the jet requires turning it left until it reaches the detente position and then continue turning jet insert counterclockwise to unscrew jet. 

smaller jet groovesOn the smaller jets, if there is a groove in the jet housing, then the little pegs on the actual jet insert need to line up with the groove.

We also offer a wide selection of replacement jet inserts by CMP, Waterway, custom Helix jets and others.

Get Helix Cluster, Directional, Massage jets in gray or stainless steel.  Jet sizes include 2 3/4", 3",4",4.5" and 5" diameter jet faces.  There is even the 7 inch Ultra Blaster multi-nozzle stainless steel jet insert as well as the 7"Jumbo Storm Massage jets in gray or with a stainless steel outer ring.

artesian spa jets

We also offer the corresponding jet bodies for the cluster and Helix jets.

A hose bib is installed on many Artesian Spa models for draining the spa with water from the garden hose.

How to remove and replace spa jets on an Artesian Spa:

See more Artesian spa jets here.

Replacement Heaters for Artesian Spas

We offer Gecko heaters and Balboa replacement spa heaters too!  The larger spas use the 5.5kw heater (230v) of the flo thru type or even the 4.1kW Laing heater as found in Saba model that uses the 24 hour circ system.

Artesian Spa Packs, Controllers, Circuit Boards and Topsides - Gecko

Artesian Spas are mainly made with either Balboa or Gecko spa pak electronics and components in their control systems.

piper glen controller artesian spa

We offer circuit boards, control panels and even complete Spa Paks such as model SSPA-1-P122-P212-01-CP1-LS-JJM-MA1 found in older model Island Series spas, or the spa pak found in some Magic, Promotion, Resort and Merlin Series spas that is model SC-CF-P122-O1-NE-LS-JJM-MA2. (Gecko has all these nice, long model numbers that are coded for each of the main specifications that particular pack offers).  Many of the older Gecko packs are discontinued.  We do offer current model replacement spa packs and topsides for most models. See below for possible replacements.  We also offer the newer Balboa packs and components as well as other systems by Balboa Water Group.

Replacing Discontinued Artesian Spa Packs and Controls

Unfortunately, equipment for some of the older Santa Cruz and other model spas has been discontinued by the manufacturer and is no longer available.  Some of these older control systems used Gecko brand equipment with low flow heaters and a dedicated circulation pump.  The current model replacement pack without heater that can be used is:

205209 Gecko Spa Pack no heater

This 205209 spa pack without heater for low flow circ systems uses either K-19 or K-35 control panel.


S-CLASS SC Pack SC-MP-P122-P212-P311-O1-CP1-AU11-LS-U-JJC-NE

This pack cannot use 3rd pump and blower at the same time. Use with control panels K-9 or K-18 for 1 and 2 pump systems.
If using this pack with 3 pumps, use TSC-44 control panel.

Contact us with any questions on ordering the right replacement spa pack for your Artesian/Island spa.

Some error codes found on the various display panels may include OH for overheat, FLO for systems that have a pressure switch that needs adjusting or replacing (or there is an obstruction), HL is a high limit error when the temperature sensor detects temperature over 119 degrees F.

Some Artesian spas use the Gecko S-Class controller series components.  To find a replacement, send us the details/numbers and/or pictures of the existing controller and control panel for a factory original parts match.

south seas panelGet replacement topside control panels for your Artesian spa right here. We won't charge you $500 for a control panel like some other outfits. For Island Spas the 800D (33-0655-08) panel is around $200.

The VL-260 4 button control panels are also affordable and come with cables and connectors.

We offer South Seas control panels and most topsides that fit Artesian spas.

Get great and fair prices on our site or contact us for assistance in finding the right replacement control panel.


spa pump ultimaxArtesian Spa Pumps

Newer Island spas use a WhiperPure circulation pump for 24 hour circulation duty.

Many Artesian spas use the Ultra Jet, or Ultimax spa pumps with switchless motor. Power Wow pumps (56 frame) are also used on Island Series spas.

See our spa pumps section to find the right replacement jet pump or circ pump, or contact us for assistance.

We also offer the Rocker Switch, Air Control and Pump Button Switch replacement parts for the DirectFlow Individual Massage Station System found in Platinum and Platinum Elite series spas.

flow controls artesian


General Artesian Spa Parts

Whether you need fuses, light bulbs, pillows, filters, chemicals, filter lids, jet inserts, valve handles, pump seals or whole replacement pumps, get your replacement Artesian hot tub parts at Hot Tub Outpost.

Plumbing Parts

artesian plumbing clipsGet all your hot tub plumbing parts including manifolds, unions, couplings and even the clear tee fitting flow switch 24-0027-71 (8560-860) right here at Hot Tub Outpost.

Artesian uses flexible clear tubing with clamps as the main plumbing system in many of the spas instead of flex PVC pipe.  The connections are still both glued and clamped to assure there is no water leakage.

We also offer general Drain Parts.

Also offer Waterfalls

See our plumbing shop for all the pipe, couplings, manifolds and connectors you will need to repair or install hot tub plumbing.

Everything for your Artesian Spa

Artesian Spas manufactures 4 lines of hot tubs - from luxurious to budget, plus an exercise pool. Artesian Spas has dealerships in over 67 countries. They have many certifications including CE, ETL, GS, APSP membership, BBB membership and BISHTA.

Artesian Spa lines include Platinum Elite; Island Spas and Island Spas Elite; South Seas; Garden Spas and the Tidal Fit exercise pool. Hot Tub Outpost carries replacement spa parts for all lines of Artesian Spas, with free shipping to your door for orders over $95.

We also carry spa accessories including Artesian Spas filters; replacement pillows; fragrances; chemicals and more.

glued clamp jet back sartesian

Spa Chemicals and Maintenance

The Nature 2 system is used in many Artesian spas, reducing the amount of bromine or chlorine needed in the spa.


Popular ozonators installed in Artesian Spas include the APG-U ozone generator.

Artesian recommends both of these ozonators: 

AOP UV ozone generator

Artesian 25-0009-08 ozonator with AMP cord


Artesian Spas

Artesian's high end line of spas is the Platinum Elite series. This series consists of 4 models, all with Artesian's patented Helix Jet System for a powerful hydro massage with greater adjustability. The Dove Canyon model fits up to 6, with a lounger, 5 pumps, 5 controls and 67 jets. The Piper Glen model has 66 massage jets and 7 seats, along with 5 different spa controls. The Pelican Bay was designed for entertaining or large families as it fits up to 9, with 5 pumps, 5 controls and 71 massage jets. The Quail Ridge is the smallest of the Platinum Elite models, with room for 5 - including a lounge seat, 57 jets, 4 controls and spa pumps.

The Island Spas and Island Spas Elite series feature the same models, but the elite series is outfitted with more jets and patented direct flow technology.

The smallest model is the Santa Cruz, with seating for 3. Those looking for a slightly larger model could choose the 5 person Nevis or Barbados models.

The mid size, 6 person Artesian Spa models with lounge seats include the Antigua and Antigua Elite plus the Grand Bahama and Grand Bahama Elite. The non-lounger, 7 person spas include the Captiva and Captiva Elite plus the Grand Cayman and Grand Cayman Elite.

The Isla Margarita and Isla Margarita Elite spas feature a circular bench and seating for 9. The largest Island Spa is the Bimini, with room for up to 10 persons in a big 91" x 132" rectangular shell with 6 massage seats and 2 lounge seats.

Artesian Spas sells a budget line of spas called South Seas Spas, available in standard or deluxe models.  

variflow control

Replacement Spa Covers for Artesian Spas

Our huge database of replacement spa covers is sure to contain the Artesian Spa model of your choice including Piper Glen.  Enter your cover dimensions and details on our custom cover order page and we will confirm it with you by checking your measurements against our huge database of Artesian Spa cover dimensions and specifications. 

Order your Artesian Spa Cover here, by email or contact us for assistance. We'll confirm the details with you before processing any cover order to be sure you get one that fits correctly.

Popular replacement Artesian spa covers in our database include:

  • Alladin 79 inch round spa coverwith 5 inch skirt
  • Antigua or Aruba 81 1/2" rounded square spa cover with 5 inch corner radius and 5 inch skirt
  • Aspen 93" square cover with 4 inch skirt
  • Bahama 92 inch square cover with 5 inch corner radius and 5 inch skirt
  • Bear Creek 81 1/4" rounded square spa cover with 6 1/2" radius and 5 inch long skirt
  • Dove Canyon and Piper Glen 92" rounded square spa cover with 6" radius and 4 inch skirt length
  • Shadow Mountain 90x76" rectangular cover with 6.5" corner radius rounded corners and a 5 inch skirt

Contact us with questions about your particular cover, or to confirm your dimensions. Maintain the original spa cover by wiping with a gentle, non-foaming cleaner and wiping clean.  Rinse with water from the hose.


There are 8 spas in the standard class, ranging from a 3 person corner spa to a 7 person spa. The Artesian Standard Class series includes models: 518 P, 521 L, 617 C, 726 D, 729 L, 729 B, 834 L and 834 B. These are the 12 models available in the Artesian Spas Deluxe Class: 532 L, 627 C, 627 M, 743 D, 748 B, 748 L, 850 B, 850 L, 853 DL, 860 B, 860 L, 965 L. The Deluxe series starts with a 3 person corner (627C) or rectangular unit (532L), a 5 person round unit (627M) then increases up to the 8 person (965L) unit.

Artesian Spas also offers a line of spas that fit in smaller spaces for indoor or outdoor use, which were designed for smaller homes, townhomes and condos. These spas plug into a 115 volt outlet and come in 6 configurations: the 1 person Gardenia, the rectangular 2 person Azalea or Hibiscus; the corner 2 person unit named Camellia; and the 4 person Hydrangea unit.

Contact us with questions about the Artesian spa part or filter for your hot tub.

See all of our spa parts or refer to the specific section for the part you need.  If you have a part number, enter it into the search box above or send an email to for a quick response with identifying your part(s).


Finding Artesian Spa Parts at Hot Tub Outpost

wagonwheel-bulletEnter the part number into the search box at the top of any page (including this page) to go right to the part.

wagonwheel-bulletEnter the description of the part you need or brand in the search box above.

wagonwheel-bulletSearch the section of the part type you need such as control panels, spa heaters, pillows,or filters.

wagonwheel-bulletOr see the spa parts store for all parts.


Shoot us an email to for a fast response - you can include dimensions, picture(s) or any other information that will help us find the right part(s) for your spa.  Have a question about a particular item? We will answer it fast.

Hot Tub Outpost doesn't keep that email computer in the barn, we have it right in our store so we get your message, usually within minutes.  We also get to them quickly so you can email 24/7 and have the answer along with links to the parts you need for further details while not waiting around on the phone or spending 1/2 hour on chat.  Of course, if you are the chatty type, go ahead and use the chat box below or give us a call.

We are here to help.


Where's My Spa Serial Number?

Each carefully crafted Artesian spa is fitted with a serial/model number tag/placard similar to this one:

artesian spa serial number tag
Make note of your Spa Serial Number and Model.

artesian spa serial number
Providing your spa serial number along with your parts request helps us identify the parts for your particular spa accurately.

Hot Tub Outpost is an independent spa parts dealer and distributor, and is not owned by or affiliated with Artesian Spas.