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Garden Leisure Spa Parts

Garden Leisure Spas is a hot tub manufacturer based in Tennessee next to Dynasty Spas plant. They sell their spas in the USA, as well as several European countries like Germany, France, Spain and England. Garden Leisure Spas are CE and ETL approved. Hot Tub Outpost carries replacement parts and accessories for all makes and models of Garden Leisure Spas. They have since gone through ownership changes including Tatum Manufacturing and South Central Pool Supply.

Garden Leisure manufactures both portable hot tubs and swim spas. They have features including digital topside controls, air and water diverters, efficient filtration systems, stainless steel jets and water features.Garden Leisure's portable spas fit from 2 adults up to 7 adults.

garden leisure hot tub

Need replacement jets?  See our selection of Waterway Poly Storm and Mini Storm and Cluster Storm jets.

garden leisure pillows for spasGarden Leisure Spa Pillows

See the headrests available in gray or black - Garden Leisure Pillows

Get pillows, parts and supplies for newer models like GL863, GL753, GL635, GL625 or GL525 and older models too.

Garden Leisure Filter Cartridges

Popular replacement filters include the H60401 that is 8 inches tall x 6 inches wide, or the 13 1/2 inch tall H40508.

Both of these filter types have bottom SAE threads and a top handle.

We carry a full range of Hydro Air parts including the 2 inch diverter valves.

Get a replacement filter FC-0172 filter used in Garden Leisure hot tubs.

Spas use a few different filter cartridges including a 100 sqft filter.

Control Systems, Panels and Heaters

garden leisure fallsWe carry a complete line of Gecko controls, SSPA pack systems and parts including the 5.5kW inline heater as used in select Garden Leisure hot tubs.  Need a replacement pressure switch? We have them too!

Replacement control panels include the 6 key TSC-35 which goes with the SSPA-MP spa pack and the 4 button TSC-18, K-19 or TSC-19 and TSC-9 which go with the SSPA-1 spa pack.

Newer systems may have the Gecko in.touch system installed such as the in.K1000. 

We also carry parts for GL863L, GL863B, GL753L or GL753B systems and other GL=Garden Leisure packs. A popular current model Gecko spa pack is the YE Class pack.

Need an in.k500, in.k300, in.k450 or K-19 control panel? We have those too! 

Spa pumps used include a 3HP continuous duty, 2-speed main pump and a single speed 3HP secondary pump.

Some spas are outfitted with the Gecko in.touch sound system or the Gecko in.clear bromine salt system.

spa modelsGarden Leisure Spa Models

Garden Leisure Spa Model 525L is a rectangular spa measuring 60" x 83" x 33.5" with room for 3 adults. It has a lounge seat, 25 stainless steel jets, a 4 kW heater and 1 spa pump. Model 625L is a 2 person corner lounger measuring 72" x 72" x 33.5". It has 25 massage jets, digital controls and a waterfall. Model 635L is a 6 person lounger spa measuring 78" x 83" x 36" with 35 jets, one spa pump, a 4 kW heater and LED lighting.

The larger Garden Leisure spa models include the 82" square spa 753B with contoured seating for up to 7. It has 53 stainless steel jets, digital controls, 2 spa pumps and a 4 kW heater.   Garden Leisure model 753L is also an 82" square shell, but with a lounge seat and room for 6. Model 863B has contoured seating for 7 in a 91" square shell. It features 63 massage jets, digital controls, a 4 kW heater, 2 spa pumps and ozone water treatment system. Model 863L is the same size but with a lounger.

Garden Leisure also makes 3 models of swim spas. These Aquatic Fitness models allow bathers to swim, row or relax. The swim spas come in a 13 or 17 foot version, or a 19 foot dual swim spa option.






question answer hottubContact us at if you need assistance in finding the right spa part or accessory for your Garden Leisure hot tub - send details/part number/even a picture along with your request if you like. We know you'll want to get back to enjoying your Garden Leisure hot tub, so we'll get back to you quickly.








Hot Tub Outpost is an independent spa parts dealer and is not affiliated with Garden Leisure Spas or related companies.