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DreamMaker Spas Aquarest Parts

dreammaker spa parts aquarest

Dream Maker Spas is a hot tub manufacturer based in Lake Mary, Florida. Dream Maker spas come in 2, 4 or 5 person sizes, and round, square or rectangular configurations. These are unique looking spas with unibody construction that is virtually indestructible, with no wood frame.  We also carry a full line of AquaRest parts.

Dream Maker Aquarest Spa Parts Categories

dreammaker spa audio and speakers dreammaker spa circuit boards dreammaker spa control panels dreammaker filter parts lids and filter assemblies dreammaker spa filters
dreammaker spa heaters dreammaker spa jets dreammaker spa lighting dreammaker spa ozonators dreammaker spa pillows
artesian spa PVC plumbing parts dreammaker spa pumps dreammaker spa packs dreammaker drains and suctions dreammaker spa valves

DreamMaker and Aquarest Spa Filters

See the most popular DreamMaker spa filters including:

PDM28  7 1/4" x 5 1/2" with 3 inch diameter center hole top and bottom. Get the original PDM28 filter here.

PDM30 9 1/4" tall and is oval in style with 3 inch diameter center hole top and bottom. Get PDM30 filter here.

PDM25 for older spas aka part 403575 is also available right here at Hot Tub Outpost.

The clear replacement waterfall grate is 408708.

dreammaker spa pumps partsPump for DreamMaker Spas

Get a new style replacement DreamMaker Aquarest 1 1/2 HP 1-Speed pump (blue). We also offer the pre-2014 replacement pump (red).
That funny red union above the discharge side of the 1 1/2 inch union pump is called a Hot Stick Union. There is also a red union for 2 inch pumps 2013-2015 called the Firetube union.

We also offer the 3 HPR 2 speed pump for Crossover PU1 models.

The 2HP Deluxe Pump (green) is 2-speed.

2HP Stonehenge Dream Maker 2013-2015 pump

Spa Packs

We offer the complete Mach7 Controller with GFCI cord - RS81 spa pack.

See the complete spa pack with heater for Crossover Collection spas.

Control Panels

See the Dreammaker and Aquarest Control Panels and Overlays.

Cottage Collection and Aquarest control panel with 4 buttons by Balboa with overlay.

Dream Maker control panel ships in a variety of sizes.


Some DreamMaker spas use the friction heating system so they may not have a dedicated heater. These type use the heat generated from the pump to warm the spa water.  Other models may have a dedicated flow-through electric heater - usually 1kw at 120v.

Spa not heating?  Is the heat indicator light on, on the control panel? If so, then seems the circuit board thinks the spa is heating and the issue could very well be with the heater if it has one.

Replacement Crossover Spa heater.

Balboa Sensor set 30278 replacement for the LB70 and Mach 7 control systems.

Circuit Boards

Need to replace the circuit board?  Send us the 5 numbers on the board and also the numbers on the chip located on the PCB board by email to and we will point you to the right replacement board.  We also offer sensors for these spas.

53946 Balboa circuit board for Dream Maker-RS100

RS101 Balboa board

LB70 Balboa circuit board

Contact us if you can't find the right Dreammaker spa part.

Dream Maker Spa Accessories

We carry a wide range of DreamMaker Spas accessories including the 2 planters that go in the sterling white steps.

DreamMaker Spas

Dream Maker manufactures hot tubs that include the Cottage Collection - a line of portable lightweight spas; the Stonehenge collection and the luxury Crossover Collection. They also manufacture the AquaRest spa line.

Hot Tub Outpost carries replacement spa parts for both Dream Maker and Aqua Rest hot tubs.

The Dream Maker Cottage Collection consists of 4 spa that come in 3 color choices. They are all lightweight, 120V - 15 amp hot tubs with optional ozone.  The Brookside is a 76" round 4 person spa with open bench seating, 14 stainless steel jets, a 1.5 HP single speed pump, a waterfall with LED light and a thermal rod friction heater. The Riverside is a 4 person spa with bucket seats, a 1.5 HP pump, 14 stainless steel jets and a 75" x 66" x 31" lightweight shell. The Verandah model measures 79" square and fits up to 5 persons. It has a 1.5 HP single speed pump, 19 stainless steel jets, backlit waterfall and bucket seating with one lounger. The Lakeshore hot tub seats 6 persons in a 79" non-lounger shell. It comes equipped with 19 stainless steel jets, thermal rod friction heater, a 1.5 HP single speed pump and a backlit waterfall.

The Stonehenge Collection consists of 5 spas that fit from 2 -6 persons. All of the Dream Maker Stonehenge spas included an LED MoonGlo waterfall, cover, proprietary digital controls and the same lightweight uni-body construction. The 2 person Fantasy spa is a unique, rounded triangular shape measuring 78" x 69" x 32". It features a 2 HP spa pump, 14 stainless steel jets and a heater. The EZL Spa is a 3-4 person hot tub with lounger. It measures 79" x 69" x 32" and is outfitted with a heater, 16 stainless jets and a 2 HP spa pump. The EZ spa has room for 4-5 adults in a 78" x 68" x 32" rectangular shape. It features 16 stainless steel jets, a heater and a 2 HP pump. The Big EZ spa fits 5-6 persons in an 82" square shell with bucket seating, a heater, 2 HP spa pump, and 23 hydro-massage jets. The Odyssey hot tub is also 82" square, but with a lounger, and 21 stainless steel jets.

The Crossover Collection consists of the Crossover 730L hot tub - which comes in a pearl glaze finish in either metallic grey or sterling white. This spa measures 80" x 80" x 36" and features a lounge chair, contoured seats, 30 adjustable stainless steel jets, a 3 HP - 2 speed pump, 8 exterior cabinet lights and a heater. This spa fits 5-6 persons and is convertible 120V 15 amp or 230V 30 amp/ 50 amp.

We carry parts for the DreamMaker Hybrid models as well.  See our Leisure Bay page for additional parts.

dreammaker spa parts aquarest

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