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Watkins Spa Parts Catalog

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Replacement parts and accessories for Watkins Manufacturing hot tubs

See our replacement Caldera Spa section for many aftermarket replacement parts that fit Watkins spas.

Watkins Manufacturing Corporation, located north of San Diego, California, is under the Masco Corporation - a Fortune 500 company. Watkins is the world's leading producer of hot tubs, including Hot Spring Spas. Watkins also makes Caldera Spas; Fantasy Spas; Freeflow Spas and Endless Pools -Swimming Machines.

Watkins started making spas in 1977 and claim to be the world's number one selling brand, having built over one million hot tubs.   All total, Watkins spa brands are sold through dealers located in every state in the USA and in over 70 countries. For more information on Hot Spring spas click here.

We offer replacement parts like the hi limit sensor used in Watkins no fault heater C3564-1 for IQ2000 Hot Springs control systems.

Hot Tub Outpost sells spa parts that work with all the brands produced by Watkins Manufacturing. Whether you need a replacement spa pump, blower, heater, ozone generator, replacement covers, pillows, jets or other hot tub parts and accessories for this expansive line of spas, browse our site or contact us for assistance. Save on all spa parts and get free shipping on orders over $95. View our handy guides and videos for tips for measuring spa covers; repairing spa pumps; changing filters and more.

The Caldera Spa line by Watkins Manufacturing consists of 3 series: the Utopia Series - which is their luxury line; the Paradise Series - which is the mid-range line, and the Vacanza Series - which is the value priced line.

The high end Utopia Series features the widest range of options, including Eco Tech cabinets; air jet systems; Frog hot tub water care systems and Advent control panels.

The 4 models in the Utopia Series are the 6 person Geneva lounger hot tub with 47 spa jets , measuring 7'5" x 7'5" x 38.5".

The Tahitian, which is 7' square, seats 6 and has 43 spa jets plus a lounge seat.

The 7 person Niagara spa is a non-lounger hot tub, with 47 massage jets, and a spa shell measuring 7'5" x 7'5" x 38.5".

The largest hot tub in this line is the Cantabria, measuring 9' x 7'7" x 38.5", with room for up to 8 adults, a lounge seat and 74 hydrotherapy jets.

The Paradise Series has models for 3-7 adults with versatile seating and some premium options within the four Paradise hot tub models.

The smallest hot tub in this series is the Kauai spa, which has 31 massage jets and fits 3 adults in a 7' x 5'5" x 29.5" spa shell.

The Martinique seats 5, with 34 jets and a lounge seat in a 7'5" x 6'4" x34" shell. The Makena is a 7.5' square shell, with a lounge seat and 46 massage jets.

The Salina spa is also 7.5' square, but fits up to 7 adults (as it doesn't have a lounger), with 40 hydrotherapy jets and 2 spa pumps.

The Vacanza Series includes 5 spas with seating for 2-7 adults.  

The smallest is the Aventine hot tub, with seating for 2 and 14 spa jets in a 5'4" x 5'4" x29" spa shell.

The Tarino spa has 23 massage jets and sits up to 5 adults in a 6'10" square shell. There are 2 spas that fit up to 6 adults: the Palatino spa is 7.5' square, with 45 jets, plus a lounge seat and a deep foot well in a 38.5" spa depth.

The Marino spa also has a lounger plus 35 hydrotherapy jets, but is somewhat smaller, at 7' square and 36" deep.

The largest spa in the Vacanza lineup is the Vanto, with 35 massage jets and room for 7 adults in a non-lounger, 7' square spa.

Fantasy Spas

Watkins Manufacturing also makes Fantasy Spas, a portable line of Plug N Play hot tubs.

The Splendor spa is a round, barrier free hot tub with seating for up to 5 adults with 1 x 2 speed pump and 18 hydrotherapy jets.

The Embrace spa is a corner spa that fits up to 3 persons, with a waterfall, 1 dual speed pump and 17 stainless steel jets.  

The Entice is a 7'2" x 6'5" x 33" spa with a deep, contoured lounge seat, molded-in ice bucket and room for up to 5 persons. It has a 2 speed pump, 27 spa jets and a waterfall.  

The Drift spa is a compact 5'2" x 5'10" x 32" inch hot tub, perfect for decks and patios. It features barrier free seating for up to 4, with 17 massage jets and a dual speed pump.

The Aspire spa fits through a standard door for indoor or outdoor use, measuring 6' x 3'11" x 28". It fits up to 2 persons, with 10 hydrotherapy jets and a 2 speed pump.


Freeflow Spas

Another hot tub line from Watkins Manufacturing is their Freeflow spas line, which are Plug N Play hot tubs that can be plugged into any standard 110V outlet.

There are 7 model options in the Freeflow spa series, starting with the smallest spa - the Mini. This spa has 10 hydrotherapy jets, room for 2 persons and measures 6' x 3'11" x 28", so it can fit through doorways for indoor or outdoor use.  The Cascina spa fits up to 4, with no barrier seating, 17 massage jets and a compact 5'2" x 5'10" x 33" shell size. The Aptos spa is another round hot tub, with 18 hydrotherapy jets (including 1 whirlpool jet). Its barrier free design fits up to 5 adults and measures 6'6" round x 34" high. The Tristar spa is a triangular shaped hot tub which is designed to fit in corners, has room for up to 3 persons with 17 massage jets.   The Azure spa is a deeper spa with room for 4 bathers, plus a total of 18 jets including foot jets, and a rectangular 6'0" x 5'3" x 33" shell. The Excursion spa features a lounge seat and room for 5 in a spacious, rectangular 6'5" x 7'2" x 33" shell, which features a built in ice bucket and 25 hydrotherapy jets. The Monterey is the largest spa in the Freeflow series, with a generous 7'3" x 6'5" x3 4" shell and room for up to 7 adults. It is a non-lounger spa with molded ice bucket and 22 spa jets.

Endless Pools - Swimming machines

Watkins Manufacturing manufactures a line of Endless Pools - a compact pool line with swim currents for exercise and training. Their 6 models have varying degrees of performance and propulsion for aqua therapy and aquatic exercise.   The Water Well model is a chest deep pool for rehabilitation and training using the water, heat and motion. The Original Endless Pool, first made in 1988, has a single propeller in a 7' x 12' to 10' x 16' swimming area with a 5 hp swim current pump; heater, modular construction and a digital control system. Watkins's Performance Endless Pool has the same swimming area and pump as the original, but is smoother and faster. The High-Performance Endless Pool uses a dual propeller system, a 7.5 hp motor and upgraded pump in an 8' x 14' to 10' x 16' swimming area for a more competitive type training experience. The Elite Endless Pool is geared towards competitive swimmers, with a 7.5 hp pump with dual hydraulic motors driving 2 propellers, resulting in the fastest current in training pools. The Dual-Propulsion Endless Pool is wider for side by side swimming in a 13' x 14' to 16' x 16' swimming area, with 2 x 5 hp swim current generators.


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