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Nordic Hot Tub Parts


nordic spa modelsnordic hot tubsNordic Hot Tubs was founded by Bill Gibson in 1995. Nordic Spas are manufactured in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Nordic Hot Tub was named as one of the 5 best spas in the world by the Robb Report. Nordic makes many different spa lines in their Nordic Series including the Luxury, Modern, Sport Edition and Classic as well as the Plug N Play 110V spas.

Hot Tub Outpost carries Nordic Hot Tub parts and accessories, with convenient online shopping 24/7. Most spa parts ship within 1 business day. Some of the parts we sell are replacement Nordic Spas spare parts like spa pumps, heaters, blowers, ozone generators, covers, jets and plumbing parts.

We also carry a huge selection of hot tub accessories including steps, covers, cover lifters, hand rails, LED lights, drink trays and replacement filters. Get great prices and a huge selection of Nordic hot tub parts, plus free shipping for orders over $95.

Need us to look up a part for you? Send us pictures and if you have it, the spa serial number, and we can look it up for you. (send to  Spa serial number is usually located on a serial number plate on the outside of the spa, screwed to the base.  If you don't have serial number, pictures will help along with any sizes such as jet widths, or numbers from a pump or part.

Nordic Hot Tub Replacement Compatible Filter Cartridges

PRB25-IN is a popular 25 sq.ft. cartridge filter type with open holes top and bottom.

FC-0170 / 4CH-935 is a popular 35 sq.ft. filter that is 8 1/2" long and 5" in diameter with a top handle and 2" female SAE bottom threads.

See Nordic filters for most models.

Nordic Spa Plumbing Parts

Some Nordic hot tubs have shut-off valves on either side of the spa pack/pump to allow for servicing the spa without needing to drain it. Spas can have 1" flex hose, 1 1/2" flex hose and other plumbing components including slice valves, tees, 2" heater tailpieces and even a drain spigot.

On single pump systems, this slice valve is on one side of the spa pack and the other one is located after the pump. On two pump systems, there is another set of slide valves on either side of the second pump.

1" Slimline air controls are used to add air into the jet water flow.

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Replacement hot tub jets include Mini-Storm twin jets, Poly Storm foot jet, Power Storm twin roto, Power Storm rifled, Power Storm, Poly Storm Massage and various cluster jets among others.  There is even a turbo/whirlpool jet in some models that provide high volume water flow out of a single jet nozzle.

A popular turbo jet is the Hydro Air Whrlpool diverter jet.  In addition to 1 inch slimline air controls, some of these spas also used 1/2 inch slimline air controls.  The jetting was different too including: Micro VSR Whirly, Micro VSR directional, Micro Blaster, Large VSR jets and Duo Directional jets among others.

Hydrotherapy jets used in Nordic spas are recessed and located in the wall above the seats. Rotate the jet face counterclockwise to turn the jets on and clockwise to turn the jets off.

We also offer the Slimline air controls if needed. Contact us at with pictures of the parts you need or with details about which Nordic hot tub part(s) you are looking for and we will respond quickly with the correct information or ask you for further details.

Nordic hot tub jets not working?  First be sure the problem is not water flow to the jet.  This could be anything from an air lock in the plumbing to a clogged filter.  If flow is low to a group of jets, then chances are the manifold in the plumbing system that is feeding that particular group of jets is not getting enough flow.  Is the pump working properly?  If there is a service valve in the plumbing line, is it all the way open to allow for unrestricted flow of water?

If the jet is adjustable, then simply turning the ring around the edge of the jet can open and close the flow to that particular jet nozzle.

If you do need to replace the jet(s), contact us and we will help you identify the correct jet model for your hot tub.

Nordic Hot Tub Control System

See our complete selection of Nordic Control Panels.

nordic panel controlThere are several different control panels available for Nordic hot tubs.  The hot tubs that use the Balboa v41 system can use different versions of a 4 button Balboa control panels. The buttons include Warm Cool Light and Jets.  There is also a 6 button oval panel with Jets 1, Jets 2, Light, Warm, Cool and Mode buttons.

Newer spas use the Balboa control systems for 120v and 240v controls. There are also some older spas that use Balboa Digital Duplex controls (pre-2000).

Older Nordic spas use the Gecko control system such as UC-CF single pump systems. Some of the plug and play spas can be converted from 120v to 240v by moving Jumper 1 to HC mode so that the heater can stay on when the pump is on high speed when operating the spa at 240 volts. 

Older topside control panel models include rectangular controls with 4 buttons (Jets Light Warm Cool) and also a 5 button panel for older 2 pump systems (rectangular). There were even unique rectangular control panels with a rounded edge on the right side of the panel.
Newer Gecko control panels in the oval style are also used.  We carry all of the 4 button and 5 button, 1 or 2 pump replacement control panels for Nordic hot tubs.

Need a circuit board? We offer both Balboa and Gecko boards. Contact us with the information from your circuit board (Software Revision number on the main chip located on the PCB as well as any PCB part number(s) and we will offer you a replacement board.

nordic control panels

Spa Heaters

Popular heaters include the C2550-0800ET 5.5kw 230v heater used in select Gecko S-Class spa packs in Nordic Hot Tubs.

Need a pressure switch for your Nordic Hot Tub heater? See the original Nordic hot tub pressure switch here.

Spa Packs

Nordic hot tubs used both the Balboa M-7, NOR120 and 300F series spa packs as well as the Gecko Alliance packs.  Contact us for a quote including free shipping on the particular replacement pack you need.  You can also send us pictures to help you identify your particular spa pack. (

Ozone Generator

Select Nordic hot tubs use the DellAPG-U ozonator.

Northern Lights Spa Lighting

Some spas outfitted with the Northern Lights lighting system can include color changing spa lights, waterfall, sconce, cup holder and cabinet lighting.

We also offer replacement LED light bulbs for the main color changing light.  Turn light off and on again to change color.  There is also a setting that rotates through different colors - all possible with this color changing LED light bulb.

Sound System

Sound systems used in Nordic hot tubs include the Jensen Stereo system with iPod connection and 200 watts of power.

Chemicals for Nordic hot tubs

The manufacturer recommends monitoring pH and to use chlorine as the sanitizer along with an ozonator.  It is also recommended to clean the cartridge filter every two weeks to remove particles and lodged objects within the filter pleats.  Use a garden hose with a pressurized nozzle to push water from inside to the outside of the pleats.  Once the cartridge is too dirty, an overnight filter cleaning solution is recommended.

See all of our hot tub chemicals here.


Nordic Hot Tubs

nordic hot tub modelsNordic carries a line of Plug & Play hot tubs that require no special wiring or electrical service. These 13 economical spas can be plugged into a standard 110 outlet (or a 20 amp outlet).

Models include the round, 40" deep 110 Warrior XL spa that is 84" in diameter, with open seating for up to 6 adults, outfitted with 1 dual speed pump, a heater, 13 hydrotherapy jets and 5 air controls. A smaller version is the 78.5" round 110 Sport model, with room for up to 5, complete with 7 jets, 1 dual speed pump and a spa heater. There is also a round 84" 110 Crown model, with the Nordic DTS system, seating for up to 6 and 15 massage jets.

The 110 D'Amour spa is a curved, heart shaped corner spa with room for 2, measuring 84" x 72". It features 14 jets, a heater; a foot well LED light and 1 x 2 speed spa pump.

The D'Amour MS spa is an upgraded version which has Nordic's exclusive dual-therapy system and 26 jets in the same shell.

The Bella MS hot tub also fits 2 persons in a rectangular spa measuring 34" x 83", with 14 massage jets, a dual speed pump and 3 air controls.  

The 3 person Stella MS spa has deep bucket seats plus a lounge seat, 21 spa jets, 4 air controls and a dual speed pump in a 62" x 84" rectangular shell. The 110 Stella model features the same shell with a non-float lounge seat, plus Nordic's DTS and 13 hydrotherapy jets.

The 110 Retreat hot tub seats up to 5, with a bench seat and 2 massage seats, plus 13 massage jets, 4 air controls and a 70" x 80" shell. The Retreat MS is Nordic's most popular Plug and Play hot tub, featuring the same Retreat shell but with Nordic's dual therapy system and 28 spa jets.  

The 6 person Escape MS spa provides Nordic's dual therapy system, barrier free seating, 22 hydrotherapy jets, 4 air controls and an 82" x 80" shell.

The 6 person 110 Encore spa has a 2 speed pump, 18 spa jets and measures 84" square. The Encore MS provides seating for 6, with an XL spa pump, lounge seat and 32 massage jets.

Nordic's Modern Series consists of the above 6 spas: Stella MS, Retreat MS, Bella MS, D'Amour MS, Encore MS and Escape MS – which are also available in a 220 volt option. This allows you to run the heater and spa pump at the same time.

The Nordic Classic Series includes the round, 5-6 person Crown spa in 3 different configurations, plus the Warrior XL, the Impulse and Impulse DP spas.

The Crown spa is an economical hot tub, with an 84" diameter, 35" depth, 22 spa jets, 5 air controls and a dual speed (1.5 hp) spa pump. The Crown II fits up to 5 adults in a 78.5" diameter shell with 21 hydrotherapy jets, 2 air controls and a dual speed spa pump. The Crown XL is 84" but has a deeper 40" depth and fits up to 6 bathers. It has 30 spa jets, 5 air controls and a dual 2.5 hp pump. The round Impulse spa has unobstructed seating for up to 6 in a 78.5 x 31 inch spa shell, with 14 massage jets, 2 air controls, foot well lighting and a 2 speed (1 hp) spa pump.

The Impulse DP spa is deeper, at 35", with 14 hydrotherapy jets, a 1 hp pump and the same dual therapy DTS system.

The Warrior XL spa is the deepest of these round hot tubs, measuring 84" x 38.5". It fits up to 6 adults, has spa 21 jets, a 1.5 hp dual speed pump, 5 air controls and barrier free seating.

There are 3 spas in Nordic's Luxury Series: The Encore LS offers deep seating for up to 6 adults, a lounge chair, Nordic's dual therapy system, 53 spa jets, 2 x 2 speed pumps (1.5 hp), a 4kw heater and 4 air controls in an 84" square shell with a 35" depth.   The Nordic Escape LS is an 82" x 80" x 35" spa, with room for up to 6 adults, 44 hydrotherapy jets, 2 x 2 speed spa pumps (1.5hp), 5 air controls and the Northern Lighting package.

The Rendezvous LS hot tub is an 8 person, diamond shaped, 84" x 96" x 36" shell, with 49 jets including 2 turbo and 2 foot jets, 8 air controls, the Northern Lighting package and 2 spa pumps.

Nordic's Sport Edition Series consists of 5 hot tub models:  

The Stella SE features the Stella 3 person shell with a non-float lounger, 2 deep bucket seats, a waterfall, LED Northern Light package, DTS, 23 massage jets, 4 air controls and a 2 speed (2.5 hp) spa pump.  

The Retreat SE features the 5 person Retreat shell, DTS, 28 hydrotherapy jets, 4 air controls, the Northern Lighting package, a 2.5 hp dual speed pump and optional stereo.  

The Escape SE has the DTS and Escape shell, with 30 massage jets, 5 air controls, a waterfall, a dual speed 2.5 hp spa pump and the Northern Lighting package.

The D'Amour SE offers superior hydrotherapy for 2 persons in the D'Amour heart shaped shell, with 26 massage jets, a 2.5 dual speed pump, 2 air controls and the Northern Lighting package.  

The Encore SE sport edition offers 40 stainless steel jets and a super sized 2.5 hp pump, plus a waterfall and the Northern Lights package.

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