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Coast Spa Parts

coast spa parts supplies

Coast Spas began in 1996 and is ISO 9001:2008 quality certified. Coast Spas is located in Langley, BC and has won many awards over the year including Best of Class USA as well as the Best Hot Tub Brand by (2013).

Coast Spas sells their hot tubs throughout North America as well as in Europe, Israel, Russia, Australia, Costa Rica, Guadeloupe and Egypt. Hot Tub Outpost carries replacement spa parts for all the models of portable hot tubs made by Coast Spas.

Coast Spa makes 5 series of hot tubs plus swim spas. The series include the Plug and Play Patio Spa Series, the MicroSilk Spas with skin benefits, the Cascade spas with infinity edges, the Curve Spas with curve back edges and their line of traditional spas.

Coast Spa Filters

Keep your spa working in top form by cleaning cartridge filters regularly and replacing them annually.  See our wide range of Coast Spa replacement filters.

If your spa uses the blue dual core filters:

Typically there are 3 sizes of dual core filter used in Coast Spas:

50sqft 274-05000   13 3/8 inches long

100sqft  274-10000 21 ½ inches long

175 sqft 274-17500   30 inches long


Replacement pillows for Coast Spas are available in black, gray and other styles and colors.  A popular color is the GMB brown.

radiance controls

coast spa control panelsCoast Spa Controls

Controls include the Balboa 500SZ series. Compatible control panels include the Balboa VL600S, VL700S, 701S and 702S as used in Elite spas.

Get the 55378 Balboa TSC 3 pump control panel and others.

Factory original control panels and overlays for most Coast Spas. Send us a picture by email so we can confirm the correct part and overlay. Some older Gecko systems are no longer supported by the manufacturer and for those, the recommendation is the Gecko-To-Balboa conversion kit.

We do still offer select Gecko spa parts, circuit boards, controls and parts for some MSPA and TSPA control systems used in select model Coast Spas.  We offer many parts for Coast Spas, Patio Series, Tubilicious, Wellness Swim Spas, Wellness Infinity Swim Spa, NorthWind hot tubs and Silk Spas.

Need a Dolphin remote control? We have the original.

circuit boards coast spasCoast Spa Circuit Board

Sometimes the circuit board can be replaced instead of the whole spa pack.  We carry factory original Coast Spa PCB circuit boards for Balboa and Gecko control systems including MSPA and TSPA.  Send us a picture of your circuit board, spa pack and a closeup of the numbers on the board/chip.

coast spa yellow pumpCoast Spa Pumps

Replacement hot tub pumps and circulation pumps are available for select model Coast Spas.

We offer Ultima 1.5HP pumps, 2HP 56 frame pumps, the 3HP Ultimax pumps. We even have the Varimax pump.

We also have the Waterway 1.5 and 2HP Executive series pumps, 4HP Executive 56 pumps as well as many more.

That Extreme 7.1HP red pump and the Monster Flow pump are also available.

Whether you have a 1, 2 or 3 pump system, we offer replacement pumps and pump parts.  Contact us if you just need a pump part or wet end.

Send us a picture of your pump label and pump for easy identification. Include your spa serial number if you can find it on the serial number plate near the equipment bay.

waterway monster flow coast label


 coast spa water

spa heater coastCoast Spa Heaters

We offer the C2400-0800ET-G 4kw heater used in select Coast spas as well as many more.

We offer the 55826 remote heater for 55984, the 55999 NA 3 and 4 pump pack heater as well as the 58083 heater with sensors and the 58104 heater.  Need the 3kw heater model 58118? We offer that along with many more including Titanium heaters.

C2200-0800TI is the popular 2kw Titanium heater assembly.

C2360-0601TI 3.6kW , C2360-0800TI 3.6kW , C2400-0800TI 4kW , C2500-0800TI 5kW heaters are more SSPA Titanium heaters used in select Gecko control systems found in Coast Spas.

On the Balboa side of things, 58083 heater with sensors is a popular replacement heater found in Coast spas that uses the M7 sensors included.

Need other equipment for your Coast Spa? Send us your serial number and description/picture of what you need for fast identification.

We'll send you back the link to the correct part. (

coast spa equipment

Contact us with any questions about finding the right Coast Spa part for your spa. (

Coast Spa Jets and Plumbing

See our extensive jet selection including Cluster Storm jets (2 inch), Mini Storm Jets (3 inch), Poly Storm Jets (3 3/8 inch diameter) and other Waterway Poly jets.  Send us your pictures by email and we will help you identify them. Include diagonal measurement of the face diameter.

We offer the large 5 inch diameter jets too such as the various Storm Jet models with multi-nozzles, rotating nozzles or directional patterns.  We offer that big Whirlpool jet too as well as the 7 1/2 inch diameter Jumbo jets.

Air controls and shutoff valves are available in many colors and styles for your Coast spa. Send us an email with pic and we will identify.

Our Plumbing shop will have every conceivable plumbing part to get your spa plumbing working again.

coast spa pillows hot tub outpost

Coast Spa Pillows

hot tub pillow coast spaWe carry the full range of original Coast spa replacement pillows. Email us your picture and pillow measurement for a quick response.

We have neck pillows, lounger pillows, wrap pillows and more for your new and old Coast Spa.

CS-101 is a popular small pillow.

Coast Spas Models

coast spas hot tubCoast Spas' Patio Series consists of 5 models that are all 110 Volt, Plug and Play Spas. The Diamond model is a triangular corner spa with 20 hydrotherapy jets. The Seabreeze is a round spa with open seating and 20 hydrotherapy jets. The Aruba is a rectangular spa with 20 hydrotherapy jets, the Islander is a square spa with a lounger and 20 hydrotherapy jets, and the Tublicious is an oval spa with 14 hydrotherapy spa jets.

The Micro Silk series is a line of spas that offesr advanced skin repair technology, with tiny micro bubbles that penetrate the skin to help treat skin conditions like Ichthyoids, Psoriasis and others. There are four models in this series: The Silk Spa is an oval spa that is available as MicroSilk only or MicroSilk with 6 jets. The Omega spa is a rectangular spa with 31 jets and the Micro Silk. The Vantage is an 81.5" square spa with a lounger, 31 jets and MicroSilk. The Zenith is a square 81.5" square spa with 4 deep contoured corner seats, 31 jets and Microsilk.

Coast Spas' Cascade Series consists of 4 spas, most of which are available in an Elite or Luxury version. The Edge Spa is only available in an Elite version, with 41 jets, a waterfall, a 5 HP and a 1.5 Hp spa pump, with room for 5-6 adults in a 78" x 90" x 32" shell. The Horizon spa has room for 6-7 adults and measures 83.5" x 92" x 32.5".

The Horizon Elite hot tub has 47 jets and the Horizon Luxury model has 61 spa jets. The Phantom hot tub has a rounded seating concept with room for 7 adults in a 94" square spa. The Phantom Elite spa has 47 hydrotherapy jets and the Phantom Luxury model has 61 jets. The Cascade II is the largest spa in the Cascade series, measuring 92" x 101" x 37" with a lounger and room for 6-7 adults.. The Cascade II Elite version has 47 hydrotherapy jets and the Cascade II Luxury model has 61 jets.

coast spa outdoors

Coast Spas' Curve hot tub series have a modern look with a raised curved back and a continuous 24" waterfall. There are 6 models in this series with several configurations available for each. The Vantage Curve hot tub is an 81.5 inch square spa with a lounger and room for up to 5 adults. The Vantage Curve Elite spa has 50 jets and the Vantage Curve Luxury model has 56 jets. The Zenith Curve hot tub has contoured seating for 5 adults in a square 81.5 inch shell. The Zenith Curve Elite spa has 50 jets and the Zenith Curve Luxury model has 56 jets. The Journey Curve hot tub has a lounger and room for 6 adults in an 84" x 92" x 40" hot tub shell. The Journey Curve Elite spa has 50 hydrotherapy jets and there are 2 Journey Curve Luxury models available - with either 56 or 65 jets. The Radiance Curve spa has contoured seating for 7 adults in a square 92.5 inch shell. The Radiance Curve Elite spa has 50 jets, and there are 2 Radiance Curve Luxury models available - with either 56 or 65 jets. The Radiance Curve Lounge is the same size shell but with a lounger. The Mirage Curve Spa is the largest spa in the Coast Spa Curve series, measuring 132" x 92" x 40" with room for up to 8 persons. The Mirage Curve Elite spa has 50 hydrotherapy jets and the Mirage Curve Luxury version is available with either 56 or 82 hydrotherapy jets.

Coast Spas' Traditional hot tub series offer classic spa designs and handcrafted quality. There are 8 spa models available in a variety of configurations. The smallest hot tub in the Traditional Series is the Omega - with room for 4 adults in a 66" x 83.5" x 40" shell. The Omega Elite spa has 32 or 50 hydrotherapy jets. The Vantage hot tub has room for 5 adults with a lounge seat and a 5 HP spa pump in an 81.5" square shell. The Vantage Elite spa has 32 or 50 spa jets, and the Vantage Luxury model has 56 jets. The Zenith hot tub is a square 81.5" hot tub with contoured seating for 6 adults. The Zenith Elite spa comes in either a 32 or 50 spa jet configuration or the Zenith Luxury model has 56 jets. The Alpha hot tub has room for 5-6 adults in a rectangular shell with contoured seating measuring 75" x 90.5" x 40". The Alpha Elite spa comes with either 32 or 50 hydrotherapy jets. The Unity hot tub is a 92" square spa with 2 x 5 HP spa pumps and room for 5 adults. The Unity Elite spa has 50 jets, and the Unity Luxury spa comes with either 56 or 65 spa jets. The Freedom hot tub has contoured seating for 7 adults in a 92" square shell. The Freedom Elite spa has 50 jets and the Freedom Luxury spa comes with either 56 or 65 jets. The Helios hot tub is a 92" square spa with a lounge seat and room for up to 6 bathers. The Helios Elite spa has 50 jets and the Helios Luxury model comes with either 56 or 65 jets. The Mirage hot tub is the largest in Coast Spas' traditional series. It measures 132" x 92" x 40" with room for 8. It only comes in a Luxury Mirage version, with either 56 or 82 jets.

Coast Spas also makes Swim Spas, available in 7 different models and several configurations. The Wellness 1 Swim Spa is a superior hot tub designed to relieve arthritis pain. It has 50 spa jets, 2 x 5 HP high flow spa pumps, with room for 6 adults in a 94" square shell. The Wellness II Swim Spa has 6 jets, a 4 HP Hyper-flow pump and a 3 HP smart flow pump in a 151" x 90" x 53" shell. It is also available in a Wellness II Performance model with 22 jets or a Wellness II Performance Plus model with 27 jets. The Wellness II L is a full size swim spa with a lounger measuring 151" x 90" x 53" equipped with 19 jets. It is also available as a Wellness II L Performance model with 28 jets or a Performance Plus model with 31 jets.

The Wellness III is an Add-On model measuring 83" inches with 20 total jets. The Wellness IV Swim Spa is a dual zoned unit with a separated hot tub and swimming area measuring 228" x 90" x 52", equipped with 5 x 4 HP pumps, 6 seats, a swim area and a total of 57 jets. The Wellness V Swim Spa offers an extra large swimming section with a cool down area. It measures 207" x 88.5" x 51" and features 4 x 4 HP pumps and 41 jets. Coast Spas' Wellness Infinity Swim Spa is the only infinity edge swim spa in the world. It measures 161" x 90" x 53", has a 5 HP super-flow pump, 2 x 4 HP Hyper flow pumps plus 33 jets.


Finding Spa Parts for a Coast Spa at Hot Tub Outpost

wagonwheel-bulletEnter the part number into the search box at the top of any page (including this one) to go right to the part.

wagonwheel-bulletEnter the description of the part you need or brand in the search box above.

wagonwheel-bulletSearch the section of the part type you need such as control panels, spa heaters, pillows,or filters.

wagonwheel-bulletOr see the spa parts store for all parts.


Shoot us an email to for a fast response - you can include dimensions, picture(s) or any other information that will help us find the right part(s) for your spa.  Have a question about a particular item? We will answer it fast.

For easier identification of the part(s) you need, please provide the Coast Spa serial number from the bottom of the serial number plate.

coast spa model plate.

Hot Tub Outpost doesn't keep that email computer in the barn, we have it right in our store so we get your message, usually within minutes.  We also get to them quickly so you can email 24/7 and have the answer along with links to the parts you need for further details while not waiting around on the phone or spending 1/2 hour on chat.  Of course, if you are the chatty type, go ahead and use the chat box below or give us a call during normal business hours.  Email:

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Hot Tub Outpost is an independent business entity and is not an agent or affiliate of Coast Spas.