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Sundance® Spa Parts and Accessories

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Replacement parts and accessories for Sundance® Spas now owned by Jacuzzi, Inc.

sundance spa 680 peytonSundance Spas, Inc. opened its first manufacturing facility in 1979 in Costa Mesa, California.  A couple of members of the Hot Tub Outpost team were then instrumental in the international expansion of Sundance® spas in the 1990s.

It is currently the world's largest manufacturer and distributor of acrylic hot tubs. Sundance® Spas has dealers all over the U.S. as well as in over 60 countries worldwide.

Sundance® Spas has made many innovations in advancing the spa industry, and won awards from Consumers Digest and Good Housekeeping.   Sundance® Spas sells a wide range of hot tubs; including their newer eco-friendly Select Series.

Hot Tub Outpost carries a full line of parts and accessories for Sundance® Spas and Jacuzzi® hot tubs, including steps, filters, hot tub covers, cover lifters, Sunscents aromatherapy, water test strips, filter cleaners, spa vacs, spa caddy/ drink trays; safety rails and more.

Order online 24/7 with Hot Tub Outpost's secure checkout, and get free shipping on orders over $95. Find handy guides for measuring spa filters or replacement covers; as well as spa troubleshooting, water maintenance and repair guides on Hot Tub Outpost.

See all of our Sundance® Spa parts or find the particular part in a certain section of the site.

sentry800 controlsNot sure what part to order?
Email us a photo and our parts experts will identify it and send you the link to the exact replacement part you need!

We know our Sundance® Spas as our authorized dealer parts books date back to the early 1990s and we still have parts we accumulated from the beginning in our current inventory in case you need certain outdated parts.

Hot Tub Outpost can save you money on Sundance® Spa pumps, heaters, blowers, control boards, spa packs, replacement jets, plumbing parts and more. Save time and money finding all your Sundance® Spa parts and accessories at Hot Tub Outpost!

filter canister SundanceReplacement Cartridge Filters for Sundance® Spas

See our spa filters for a huge selection of replacement filter cartridges for most models.

We carry most replacement filters including:

125 sq.ft. Universal Sundance Filter Cartridge 18 Inches Long.

Need the skimmer weir part? We have most of them like the 6540-880.

Sundance® Spa Packs and Circuit Boards

If you don't see the pack or board you need on our website, contact us for a fast answer (

We also offer Sundance® Spas EPROM circuit board chips such as the 850LCD-R1.27C EPROM and many more.

sundance pillows Chelsea

Temperature sensors include the 600 Series sensors.

Sundance® Spa Cushions

Replacement pillows are available for many spa models.

pillow reverse wrap 2005

sundance spa-hot tub pillow cushionsSee all of our Sundance® Spa pillows or contact us with a picture/measurement of the pillow you need, or the part number from the reverse side of the pillow if it is available.

Another popular Chevron style pillow with single suction cup on back.

Parts for Older Sundance® Spas

We carry parts for Sundance® spas that go back to the 1990s and earlier.

From plumbing parts and 600, 800 Series air controls to circuit boards, blowers, filters, pumps, heater assemblies and replacement jets - get Intellijet and Magna jets and jet parts here at Hot Tub Outpost.

Sundance® Spa Control Panels

sundance spas control panelsControl panels for Maxxus and many other models, ozone assemblies and accessories are all available. Let us assist if you need help finding the right part.

See our Sundance® Spa contol panel section or contact us if you need assistance in sourcing the correct panel for your spa.


Sundance® Spa Pumps - StaRite, PacFab and newer models

sundance pump labels1990s spas used 2.6HP main pump (6500-171) in the 800 series and a 1 speed or 2 speed 2HP second pump(6500-172).

In the 600 series spas were 2HP 2-speed J-LX® main pumps (6500-152) and 1 speed 1 1/2HP J-LX® 2nd pump (6500-199). 

The 400 series had a 2 speed, 1 1/2HP J-LX® pump (old pn 6500-153)

We offer the newer J-LX® pumps including 2010 and later such as WUA400-II

sundance pumps spasWet ends can be rotated on most through-bolt pump models by simply loosening the rear 4 bolts and then turning the wet end to line up with the plumbing connection, then tighten the 4 bolts again.

We offer the bottom discharge style 2 1/2 HP pump as well.

Water Care

maxxus ozonatorWe offer a variety of replacement ozonators including APG, Del and Sundance® like 120v ozonator.

Need a Maxxux ozonator or a particular model? Contact us if you don't see it, because we have most of them.

Audio Components

We offer Sundance® Spas audio components including the iPod receiver interface used in 2007 models.

Ipod Dock or the Sunsound Enclosure Door are also available.

Sundance® Spas

Sundance® Spas offers 4 different hot tub series: the 680 Series, the 780 Series, the 880 Series and the Select Series.  The Select Series is their eco-friendly series. The 680 Series is the economical line. The 780 Series is the mid-range line and the 880 Series is the luxury line.

The Select Series was designed to be more energy efficient and eco-friendly, with a ClearRAY water purification system to help keep your spa water sanitary.   The Constance hot tub has room for up to 6 adults in a 7'4" square non-lounger shell, featuring 38 jets, a high flow circulation pump, LED lighting, illuminated air controls, waterfall, underwater lights, a 5.5kw heater and 2 spa pumps (1 dual and 1 single speed).   The Victoria spa features a lounge seat and room for up to 7 adults in a 7'4" square shell. This spa features the Select Series standard options plus an intuitive control panel, improved hydrotherapy with 39 total jets, 1 single speed and 1 dual speed spa pump, a 5.5kv heater, and optional stereo system.   Currently, there are only the 2 hot tubs in the energy efficient Select Series.

The 680 Series features a total of 6 spas: 2 small, 2 medium and 2 large. The 680 series comes with many standard features and an economical price point. The smallest spa is the Tacoma, with room for up to 2 adults. It is a corner spa measuring 5'8" x 5'8" x 31". It comes with 1 dual speed pump, 12 stainless steel spa jets, LED lighting in the foot well and a heater.   The Denali spa is a round spa offering barrier free seating for up to 4 adults. It is 77" diameter x 36" deep, with 20 massage jets, a 2 speed pump and LED lighting. The Peyton spa fits 5-6 adults in a 7' square shell with a lounger and 2 deep seats, 35 massage jets, 1 single and 1 dual jet pumps.   The Edison is also a 7' square hot tub, but with seating for 6 as there is no lounger. This mid size model has a dual and a single speed spa pump, 35 stainless steel jets and a waterfall. The larger Ramona spa seats up to 6 bathers in a 7.5' square shell. This spa has a lounge seat and 2 deep seats, 45 stainless steel jets, a waterfall, multi-color LED lights and 2 spa pumps. The other large spa in the 680 Series is the McKinley hot tub, with room for 6-7 adults, as there is no lounge seat in the 7.5' square spa shell. Like the other hot tubs in this series, this spa features the ClearRay water purification system, as well as a waterfall, 2 jet pumps, 44 stainless steel jets and multi-color LED lights.

The 780 Series features 2 small, 2 medium and 1 large hot tub in the mid-range price point.   This series comes with Fluidix hydrotherapy jets, multicolor SunRay LED lighting, Clear Ray water purification, stainless steel jets and the Micro Clean filtration system. The smallest spa is the Dover model, with room for 2-3 adults in a 5'9" x 6'10" x 30.5" spa shell. The Montclair hot tub is a best selling spa size and shape. It fits up to 4 adults in a 6'3" x 7'7" x 33" shell, so it has an easy entry-exit and fits on most rectangular patios. It has a lounger, 2 deep seats including an Accu-Ssage therapy seat, 30 spa jets, a waterfall, 4 headrests, 2 TheraFlo spa pumps and a Dynamic Flow circulation system. The Sundance® Certa spa has room for 5-6 bathers in a 6'9" x 7'2" x 36" shell with lounge seat. It provides a mild to bold massage with 35 hydrotherapy jets, 2 high flow pumps and a Dynamic Flow circulation system. The Hamilton hot tub has room for 5-6 in a 7'5" square spa with lounge chair and hydrotherapeutic massage from each seat. It offers 41 stainless steel jets, including neck jets, 1 single and 1 dual speed spa pump, a waterfall and Sundance®’s Dynamic Flow circulation system. The largest spa in the 780 Series is the Sundance® Chelsee, with room for 6-7 adults in a 7.5 square foot spa. This hot tub has 4 corner seats, a Vortex jet, a Reflexology foot dome with 8 jets and a waterfall. There are 40 spa jets in total, a Dynamic Flow circ system and 2 spa pumps.

There are 7 spas in the 880 Series by Sundance®. This is their luxury line of spas which feature water purification, custom spa cabinet, water features, energy efficiency, Silent Air injector jets, illuminated grab bars; SunTouch control panels and an optional Bluewave spa stereo system.   The smallest spa in the luxury 880 line is the Capri Spa, with room for up to 3 adults in a 5'9" x 6'10" x 30.5" spa shell. This spa has 31 jets total, 1 high flow spa pump and 1 circ pump. There are 3 mid size spas in this line. The first is the Marin spa, with room for up to 5 in a 6'4" x 7'7" x 33" shell. This hot tub has an Accu-ssage therapy seat, hydrotherapy lounger, 33 spa jets, 2 x 1 speed pumps and a circ system. The Altamar hot tub has room for up to 6 in a rectangular 6'9" x 7'2" x 37.5" spa shell. This lounger spa has 2 single speed pumps, 41 spa jets, a water circulation system and air blower. The 3rd mid size spa is the Cameo- which has been a Consumer's Digest Best Buy hot tub and a leading seller for Sundance® Spas. This spa features an air blower, 2 single speed spa pumps and 54 stainless steel jets in a 7.5' square shell with lounger and room for up to 6 adults. The 3 large spas in the 880 Series are the Optima, the Aspen and the Maxxus.   The Optima is the smallest of the 3 with a 7.5' square shell seating up to 7 persons. It features an air blower, 47 stainless steel jets, 2 x 1 speed spa pumps and a titanium coil heater.   The Aspen spa has a 7'6" x 9'2" x 41.5" rectangular shell with deep seating for up to 8 adults.   This spa has 3 pumps to power the 66 hydrotherapy jets, with 2 waterfalls, air injector jets with a high speed air pump plus LED lighting in the spa and the waterfalls. The Maxxus spa has the same size shell as the Aspen, but with a lounger, and fits up to 6 adults. This is also a 3 pump system, with 65 stainless steel jets, an air blower pump and 2 waterfalls.


Finding Sundance® Spa Parts at Hot Tub Outpost

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