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Cal Spas started off as California Acrylic Industries - a pool builder. In 1979, they started building smaller pools and acrylic hot tubs. A year later, they became Cal Spas and only built hot tubs. In 1997, they also began producing other Home Resort Products.   The company is based in Pomona, California.


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Cal Spas has won many honors including a Consumer's Digest Best Buy, SpaSearch Certified manufacturer, Pool and best of class and several Vesta awards. The company now makes swim spas as well as in-ground spas, patio spas, Escape spas and Platinum spas. Hot Tub Outpost carries replacement spa parts for all models of Cal Spa hot tubs, including heaters, pumps, ozone generators, digital controls, spa packs, jets and more.

Cal Spa Filter Cartridges

A popular Cal Spa filter is  FIL50-5D13H15FCT-3

calspa cartridge filters

Cal Spa Control Panels

cal spa control panels

Cal Spa Circuit Boards

calspa circuit boards

See Cal Spas equipment at the links above.

Other Electrical Parts

Popular sensors include the ELE09900310 hi limit and temperature sensor set.

A popular pressure switch is the ELE09900450 heater pressure switch.

For general spa blowersPVC parts and other items, see the corresponding parts category.

Or see everything Cal Spas here.

cal spa pillows sale

Cal Spa Pillows

cal spa logo pillow cascade for spasCheck back of pillow to see if there are pins or suction cups or neither.

We offer most Cal Spa pillows. Contact us if you need assistance finding the right one for your spa - or email us picture(s) of your current pillows front and back for a parts match.

Pillows available from the Neck Blaster pillow model ACC01400570 to pillows for Bel Air, Cancun, Cadillac, Carmel, Cascade, Del Mar, Pacifica and other models.

See our Cal Spa pillows here.



A popular replacement Cal Spas heater is 230v/5.5kw 15 inches long hea14100001

Cal Spa Jets

See our assortment of original Cal Spa replacement jets.

cal spas jet inserts

Cal Spa Models

Cal Spas makes 6 models of swim spas as their Swim Pro Swim and Fitness Spas that combine aquatic exercise plus sitting/soaking area. The smallest model is the Fitness F-1222 which measures 93” x 141” x 42”. It has 22 jets, a high performance pump, titanium heater, multi-color LED lights and seating for 6. The Swim Pro F-1325 measures 93” x 151” x 51” and fits up to 11 persons. It comes equipped with a pump, titanium heater, LED lights and 25 jets. The Freestyle F-1420 is a 6 person swim spa measuring 93” x 171.5” x 51”. It features 20 jets, a high performance pump, heater and LED colored lights. The Freestyle F-1437 is also a 6 person swim spa measuring 93” x 171.5” x 51”. This is an upgraded model with additional features like 37 jets, plus a Hybrid Sanitizing System CD Ozone and UV Sanitizing System. The Champion F-1640 swim spa seats 6 and measures 93” x 200” x 51”. It has 40 jets and the standard pump, heater and colored lights that come with this series. The Olympian F-1770 is a 3 person hot tub with a large swimming area. It measures 93” x 200” x 51”, has the standard features, plus 28 jets and the hybrid Ozone/UV sanitizing system.

Cal Spas makes a series of Inground Spas that can be built into a backyard landscape. These spas have the shell and equipment but no cabinet. These spas generally come in Sterling Silver Altair Plus Acrylic and can be made with or without jets. There are 12 spas in the In-Ground hot tub series: The Round IG-401 is a 93” diameter x 34” deep spa with open seating for up to 7 adults. The Octagon IG-402 is a 7 person hot tub measuring 93” x 93” x 32” with open seating. The Square IG-403 is a 93” x 93” x 34” spa featuring a lounge seat and room for up to 7. The Triangular IG-404 spa measures 130” x 93” x 36” and fits up to 7 in an open concept design. The Octagon XL IG-405 is a larger spa measuring 130” x 93” x 32” with room for 7 adults. The Kidney IG-406 seats 7 in a 120” x 80” x 35” open seating shell. The Round IGJ-401-16 is a 16 jet, 7 person spa measuring 93” diameter x 34” deep. The Octagon IGJ-402-16 is a 93” wide by 32” spa with 16 jets and seating for 7. The Square IGJ-403-26 hot tub measures 93” x 93” x 34” and features a lounge seat, room for 7 adults and 26 jets. The Triangular IGH-404-16 has room for 7 in a 130” x 93” x 36”shell with 16 jets. The Octagon XL IGJ-405-26 has room for 7 in a 130” x 93” x 36” open seating shell with 26 jets. The Kidney IGH-406-16has 16 jets, room for 7 and measures 120” x 80” x 35”.

Cal Spas’ Patio Spa Seriesconsist of plug and play hot tubs that require a standard 110V outlet. They also have the Patio Plus spas which operates on 240 volt and have additional features. There are 7 Patio spa models and 6 Patio Plus models.The Patio Spas include the following: The Round PZ-511R spa is 78” in diameter by 36” deep, has open seating for 6 and 11 jets. The Balboa PZ-517L hot tub has seating for 3, with a lounger, heater and LED lighting. It measures 54” x 78” x 34”. The Vista PZ-617T is a 2 person corner spa measuring 72” x 72” x 36” with a lounger, heater, 17 jets and LED lights. The Kona PZ-525L is a rectangular spa for 3 persons, with 25 jets, measuring 64” x 84” x 35”. The Hawaiian PZ-621L hot tub has a lounger and room for 5, with 21 jets. The 6 person Pacifica PZ-722L spa is an 84” square hot tub with a lounger, 22 jets, heater and LED lights. The Tropical PZ-722B 6 person spa is 84” x 84” x 37” with 22 jets.

The Patio Plus Spas come with a 5.0 HP spa pump and operate on 240 volts. The 3 person Balboa PPZ-525L rectangular spa has a lounge seat, 25 jets and measures 54” x 78” x 34”. The Vista PPZ-628T corner spa measures 72” across by 36” deep, has a heater, LED lights, 28 jets and room for 2. The rectangular Kona PPZ-537L spa has 37 jets, a heater, LED lights and measures 64” x 84” x 35”. The Hawaiian PPZ-631L hot tub has room for 5 in a rectangular 78” x 84” x 36” shell, and comes equipped with a heater, LED lights and 31 jets. The 84” square Pacifica PPZ-732L hot tub has a lounge seat, heater, LED lights and 32 jets. The 84” square Tropical PPZ-732B hot tub has contoured seats, 32 jets and room for 6.

Cal Spas has an Escape Series as well as an Escape Plus Series where certain models have additional upgrades and features. All together, there are 22 models in the Escape series.  All models are equipped with LED lights, a high performance pump and a titanium heater. The Pacifica EC-735L is an 84" square hot tub that has 40.5" deep seating for up to 6. It features a lounge seat, 2 corner chairs, and 35 jets. The Plus model - Pacifica EP-761L has 61 jets plus a Pure Silk Ozonator. The 84" square Tropical EC-735B hot tub has deep (40.5") contoured seating for 6 with 35 jets. The Plus version - Tropical EP-761B has 61 jets and an Ozone generator. The large 93" square Atlantic EC-835L hot tub is 40.5" deep, has a lounge seat, room for 6 adults plus 35 jets. The Plus Version - Atlantic EP-861L - has an ozone water sanitation system and 61 jets. The 6 person Bel Air EC-835B hot tub measures 93" x 93" x 40.5" and has contoured seating with 35 jets. The Plus model, Bel Air EP-861B has 61 jets and an ozone generator. The Malibu EC-754DL spa has a lounge seat, room for 5 adults, 54 jets and measures 87" x 87" x 39.5" The Plus version of the Malibu, # EP-760DL, has 60 jets and an ozonator. The 93" square Windsor EC-852L model has contoured seats with a 39.5" depth, 52 jets and room for 6. The EP-860L Windsor Plus model has 60 jets and an ozone water purification system. The Avalon EC-864L model has room for 6 with a lounge seat, 65 jets and a 93" x 93" x 39.5" shell. The EP-864L Avalon Plus model has 64 jets and an Ozonator. The Cancun EC-864B spa is 93" squared, with contoured seating, a 39.5" depth and 64 jets. The Cancun EP-864B Plus model has a Pure Silk Ozonator and 64 jets.

The following hot tubs are only available as part of the Escape Series and do not have a Plus version: The Pacifica EC-751L spa measures 84" x 84" x 40.5", with a lounge seat, 51 jets and room for 6. The Tropical EC-751B spa has contoured seating for 6, 51 jets and measures 84" x 84" x 40.5". The Atlantic EC-861L measures 93" x 93" x 40.5", with a lounge seat, 51 jets and room for 6 adults. The El Grande EC-947E model is a jumbo 93" x 131.5" x 39.5", and has room for 6 plus 47 jets. The Newporter EC-948L is another plus size spa at 93" x 131.5" x 39.5", with 48 jets and room for 6.

Cal Spas top of the line series is their Platinum Spas and Platinum Plus line. These spas feature more hydrotherapy options and features, including multi color LED lights, a titanium heater, a 24/7 filtration system, digital topside controls, 2 or more spa pumps, a waterfall plus a Hybrid Sanitizing System (CD Ozone and UV Sanitizing System). There are a total of 10 spas in the Platinum Series - all of which are 240 volt.

There are 6 Platinum Spas including the Pacifica PL-760L. This is an 84" square spa with a lounger, room for 6 adults and 60 jets. The 84" square Tropical PL-760B hot tub has contoured seating for 6 with 60 jets. The large 6 person Atlantic PL-860L spa measures 93" x 93" x 39.5", with a lounge seat, 60 jets and room for 6. The Bel Air PL-861B is also 93" x 93" x 39.5", but with contoured seating for 6 and 61 jets. The Atlantic PL-880L is a square 93" x 93" x 39.5" hot tub with room for 6, a lounger and 80 jets. The Bel Air PL-881B features 81 jets and contoured seating for 6 in a 93" x 93" x 39.5" shell.

Cal Spas' Platinum Plus Series are portable hot tubs - custom built to order and consisting of the following 4 models: The Huntington PPL7L is an 84" x 84" x 39.5" hot tub with a lounger, room for up to 6 persons and 60 stainless steel jets. The Laguna PPL7B is a 6 person hot tub that measures 84" x 84" x 39.5". The La Jolla PPL8L hot tub fits 6, has a lounge seat and measures 93" x 93" x 39.5". The Carmel PPL8B spa also measures 93" x 93" x 39.5", and has contoured seating for 6.



Finding Spa Parts for a Cal Spa at Hot Tub Outpost

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Note when providing a Cal Spa serial number,Cal Spas serial number pattern is: YYS-XXXXXX. where “YY” is the year of manufacture, “S” is always after the year, –, “XXXXXX” is a 6 digit sequential number.



Hot Tub Outpost doesn't keep that email computer in the barn, we have it right in our store so we get your message, usually within minutes.  We also get to them quickly so you can email 24/7 and have the answer along with links to the parts you need for further details while not waiting around on the phone or spending 1/2 hour on chat.  Of course, if you are the chatty type, go ahead and use the chat box below or give us a call during normal business hours.  Email:

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