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Maax Spa Parts

Maax Spas is a large manufacturer of hot tubs based in Chandler, Arizona.

Hot Tub Outpost offers original Maax replacement parts and accessories for your spa.

Find many parts for your Maax spa in the Coleman hot tub parts section.

Control Panels

See Maax Coleman control panels for topside controls and overlays.

MAAX Spa Parts including Maax Elite, Coleman, American Whirlpools and Maax brand spas.

MAAX Spas originated in 1969 and has been manufacturing quality products for over 45 years. In 1997, it acquired Coleman Spas and began manufacturing hot tubs. (It no longer makes the Coleman brand). In 2007, the MAAX Company ranked among the top 5 biggest firms in North America, with 2900 employees and 24 plants/independent distribution centers. MAAX Spas Industries Corp. was acquired by Brookfield in 2008, becoming part of the largest global company involved in spa manufacturing. MAAX builds its hot tubs in Chandler, Arizona. Hot Tub Outpost carries replacement MAAX spa parts.

MAAX manufactures over 12 models of hot tubs in their Collection series. The model 451hot tub offers seating for 3, including a performance lounge seat, Smart Touch topside digital controls, a 3 Hp spa pump, 29 hydrotherapy jets and color optic lighting in a 64" x 81" x 31" spa shell. The model 461 spa is a popular patio spa measuring 78" square. It has room for 4, a lounge seat, 2 dual speed spa pumps and 28 hydrotherapy jets. The MAAX model 470 hot tub has contoured seating for up to 7 in an 88" square shell. This hot tub comes equipped with 2 dual speed pumps, 48 spa jets, smart touch controls and a Zone Therapy seat.

The most popular hot tub in the MAAX collection is model 471, with room for up to 6 adults. This 88" square shell features a lounge seat, a Foot Relief Zone, 49 stainless steel jets, 2 dual speed spa pumps and Wi-Fi connectivity. Model 472 is a dual lounger spa measuring 88" x 88" x 35". It fits up to 5, features 47 spa jets, has 2 dual speed pumps and ChromaTherapy. Model 480 offers barrier free seating in a large, 91.5" square shell. This spa offers 2 dual speed pumps, 51 hydrotherapy jets, digital color lighting and anilluminated water feature. Model 481 is also 91.5" square, with a performance lounger and bucket seating. It has an oversized foot-well, Shiatsu seat, 52 stainless steel jets and 2 x 3 HP dual speed spa pumps. MAAX model 482 seats 5 in a 91.5" shell with dual loungers, 52 spa jets and 2x dual speed pumps.

MAAX model 581 has a patented exhibition edge, a lounge seat, 51 spa jets, 2 dual speed x 3 HP pumps and superior hydrotherapy options. Model 780 is a spacious 7 person spa with 2 zone therapy seats, 2 Shiatsu seats and a side by side conversation area. This 91.5" square hot tub features 2 dual speed and 1 single speed spa pump, 69 stainless steel jets and a Bluetooth music system. MAAX model 781 has hydrotherapy massage seating for 5, with a performance lounge seat, 3 spa pumps, a UV Clean Zone system and 60 spa jets. Model 811 is the largest spa in the MAAX Collection, with room for up to 6. It measures 90" x 114" x 38", has 3 x 3 HP spa pumps, 57 hydrotherapy jets, a Bluetooth system and Chromatherapy.

See our Maax spa parts and accessories.

Need further assistance in finding the right spa part(s) for your Maax / Coleman / Elite / California Cooperage Spa?  Contact us, email us or complete the Maax Spa parts finder below. Please include your Maax spa serial number or at least model name and model year with your request.  Serial numbers are found on the serial number placard in the equipment area of the spa.

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