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Jacuzzi® Spa Parts

Jacuzzi spa parts

Jacuzzi, Inc. is the "world's most recognized brand of hot tubs and spas." In 1915, the Jacuzzi family moved to the United States from Europe. The 7 Jacuzzi brothers were pioneers in design and engineering, making their mark in aviation before turning their attention to water systems and pumps. Jacuzzi® has more than 250 worldwide patents for advancements in jet technology, air controls, pump systems and product design. Jacuzzi Spas is headquartered in Chino, California.

Jacuzzi® sells its hot tubs worldwide with over 1,000 locations in 60 countries. Jacuzzi® makes 5 different series of hot tubs: The J-500 Luxury Collection, the J-400 Designer Collection, the J-300 Signature Collection, the J-200 Classic Collection and the J-LX Energy Efficient Collection. Hot Tub Outpost carries replacement spa parts for the Jacuzzi® hot tub brand.

Jacuzzi® Spa Pillows

jacuzzi pillows Need original replacement Jacuzzi® pillows?

Find Jacuzzi® Pillows Here.

See our hot tub pillow section for a variety of Jacuzzi® and Sundance® spa pillows to fit your particular spa.

Don't see the one you need? Send us pictures by email and we will help you identify them.



Need a topside control panel ? See our selection of  Jacuzzi® control panels.

Jacuzzi® Spa Models

Jacuzzi's energy efficient J-LX® collection consists of 2 hot tub models: The J-LX® spa is an 84" square spa with contoured seating for 6-7 adults. It has 36 hydrotherapy jets, 1 circulation pump, LED lights, a waterfall, a 2 speed and a 1 speed spa pump plus digital topside controls. The J-LXL® is the same size, with the same equipment and 38 spa jets, but has a lounger and room for 6-7 adults.

Jacuzzi®'s economical line of hot tubs is their J-200 Collection. The smallest spa in this line is portable and can be used indoors or outdoors with a 120 Volt electric outlet. The J-210 classic round spa has open seating for 4-5 adults with a 78" diameter. The spa has 19 hydrotherapy jets, requires 120 Volt electrical and has a 2 speed 1.5 HP pump. The J-235 hot tub fits 6 adults in an 84" square shell. It comes equipped with 35 jets, a waterfall, LED lighting, 2 spa pumps and requires 240 V electrical. The J-245 spa is an 84" square spa with contoured seating for up to 7, LED lights, 35 jets and 2 spa pumps. Jacuzzi's J-275 hot tub has a lounge seat, room for 6 adults, 45 jets and measures 90" x 90" x 37". The J-280 spa is a larger spa with open seating for 6-7. This spa is 90" squared, requires a 240 volt installation, has 2 pumps and 44 jets.

The Jacuzzi® J-300 Collection is their mid-range line consisting of 8 models. The smallest is the J-315, fitting 2-3 adults with 21 jets and measuring 76" x 66" x 32". The J-325 fits 4-5 adults in a spa measuring 76" x 84" x 34". It comes with 21 jets, contoured seating, a waterfall, a 1.5 HP pump and a circulation pump. The J-335 hot tub is 84" square and seats 5-6 adults. It has an FX-10 Therapy seat, lounge seating and 16 Power Pro FX jets. The J-345 spa is also 84" squared, with contoured seating for 6-7 adults, 39 jets, LED lights and a waterfall. Jacuzzi's J-355 spa measures 84" x 91" x 38" with a lounge seat, cool down seat, room for 5-6 adults and 42 hydrotherapy jets. Model J-365 seats up to 7 adults in an 84" x 91" x 38" hot tub with 44 jets and contoured seating. The J-375 hot tub has comfort open seating and a large lounge seat for 6 adults in an 91" x 91" x 38" spa with 50 jets. The J-385 is also 91" squared, but with contoured open seating for 6-7 adults and 49 jets.

The Jacuzzi® J-400 Collection is their set of 6 hot tubs with elegant styling, superior hydro-massage, more rotational Power Pro jets and a high-back design. The smallest spa in this line is the J-415 Designer Empty Nester Patio Spa with room for 2-3 adults. It has 21 hydro-therapy jets, digital topside controls, a circulation pump, a 2.5 HP pump and a 76" x 66" x 32" shell with lounge seat. The J-425 spa has open seating for up to 4 or 5 adults, 27 hydrotherapy jets and measures 76" x 87" x 34". The J-465 hot tub is 88" squared with a lounge seat, 39 spa jets and room for up to 6 adults. The Jacuzzi ® J-470 spa is 91" squared, with open contoured seating for 6-7 adults, 43 Power Pro jets and dual lit waterfalls. The J-480 spa has a lounge seat, many LED accent lights, dual waterfall, 52 Power Pro jets and room for up to 6 adults in a 94" square shell. Model J-495 is a spacious entertainer spa measuring 90" x 110" x 41" with room for up to 9 adults in open, contoured seating with 62 Power Pro jets.

The new J-500 Luxury line has revolutionary curved design and innovative technology - including outer architectural lighting. The J-575 model seats 5-6 in a 91" square spa with a therapeutic lounge seat, 53 Power Pro jets, dual Pro Edge waterfalls, interior illumination, a circulation pump and 2 single speed 2.5 HP spa pumps. The J-585 has 52 jets with the same equipment and size of shell, but with open seating and no lounger.


Finding Spa Parts for a Jacuzzi® spa at Hot Tub Outpost

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