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LA Spa Parts

The LA Spas brand of hot tubs has been around for over 40 years. LA Spas was a pioneer in vacuum forming acrylic spa shells; in using resin to strengthen the shell and by introducing Aqua Klean filters. In 2014, LA Spas became part of the MAAX spas manufacturing corporation family. Both portable hot tubs and in-fit exercise pools (swim spas) are manufactured under the L.A. Spas brand. Hot Tub Outpost carries replacement spa parts and accessories for most LA Spas models; old and new.

See our complete range of LA Spa parts.

LA Spa Filters

5CH-203 20sqft filter with 3 inch threaded connection

LA Spa Pillows

We offer original LA Spa pillows for your hot tub.

5FD-51010GP are large oval silver pillows while 5FD-51011GP is a fancy, wrap corner pillow.
There are a couple dozen options including a triangular shaped 5FD-51020GP pillow.

See the LA Spa pillow section or Contact us if you need assistance finding the right pillows for your LA Spa.

LA Spa Controls

We offer LA Spas control panels with overlays and also complete replacement control systems.

LA Spas Models

LA Spas makes 3 series of hot tubs: the Classic Spas series, the Adventure Hot Tub series and the Premium Collection. The Classic Spas series consists of 4 hot tubs for the more budget minded. There are 8 spas in the mid-range Adventure hot tub series. The Luxury Premium Collection also consists of 8 hot tubs.  We do offer the Adventure control panels and overlays.

The economical Classic Spas line has digital topside controls, spa lights, several acrylic color options and Thermoplus wood- look cabinets.   The Cascade model is 71" square, with open seating for up to 4 persons and 13 therapy jets. The Tortola model is a round, open-seating spa with room for up to 4 adults. It measures 76" in diameter and is outfitted with 17 therapy jets and 1 spa pump. The rectangular Kona spa seats 2-3, with a lounger, 20 jets and 1 pump in an 83" x 64" x 30" shell. The Belmar hot tub is the largest in LA Spas' Classic Series, with seating for up to 6 bathers. It features 40 hydrotherapy jets and 2 spa pumps in an83" square shell.

The mid-range Adventure Series offers additional water features, hydrotherapy and options. Adventure Hot Tubs parts are available on our website. The Lanai hot tub is a corner spa that fits 2-3 persons. It measures 72" x 72" x 33", has 33 stainless steel jets and a 6 HP spa pump. The Ibiza spa seats 4 in a rectangular 64" x 83" x 33" shell. It has 33 spa jets, 4 corner seats and a 6 HP spa pump. The St. Croix spa is an 83" square shell with dual loungers and room for 5. This hot tub has 57 hydrotherapy jets, 2 x 6 HP spa pumps and topside digital controls. LA Spas' Islander model is 92" square and fits up to 5 persons. It has dual loungers, 63 therapy jets and 2 x 6 HP spa pumps. The Maui hot tub has contoured seating for up to 7 in an 83" square shell, with 58 jets and 2 spa pumps. The San Juan hot tub is also 83" square, but with a lounge seat. The Palomar hot tub fits up to 8 hot tub enthusiasts in a 92" square shell, with contoured seating, 2 spa pumps and 64 stainless steel jets. The La Costa spa has the same size and number of jets, but features a lounge seat.  We also offer parts for those spas sold on Amazon, Home Depot or Overstock.

LA Spas Premium Collection consists of 8hot tubs that come with upgraded features and options. The Premium Collection of hot tubs include a 24 hour circ pump, smart heater, Aqua Klean filtration, upgraded hard cover, water fountains, LED lighting and water control valves.

The Allure III hot tub is a 2-3 person rectangular spa measuring 63" x 83" x 33". It has 38 hydrotherapy jets and 2 x 5 HP spa pumps. The Fiji spa model seats 4-5 in an 83" square shell. It has 71 jets, 3 x 5 HP spa pumps plus 3 Captain chairs. The Oasis spa is also 83" squared, but with a lounge seat and 60 stainless steel jets. The Concord hot tub fits up to 8 in a large, 92" square shell. It has contoured seats, a generous 38" depth, 67 therapy jets and 3 spa pumps. The H.E.E.T spa model is also 92" square, but with a lounger and 63 spa jets. LA Spas' Avalon model is another 92" square spa, but with a 40" depth, 3 x 6 HP spa pumps and 90 hydrotherapy jets. The Madeira spa is a large 100" x 92" x 40" spa that seats up to 6 in comfort, with 95 stainless steel jets and 3 x 6 HP spa pumps. The Paradise H2 spa is the largest model LA Spas makes, measuring 92" x 133" x 40". It sits up to 8 bathers, has 3 x 6 HP spa pumps and 99 hydrotherapy jets.

LA Spas makes 4 models of In-Fit exercise pool swim spas: The In-Fit 13 SL is a 13 foot long swim spa with 14 jets and 3 pumps. The 13 foot In-Fit 13 Pro model has 14 jets and 3 x 6 HP pumps. LA Spas also makes the 16 foot version of the In-Fit 16 SL, with 26 therapy jets and 2 spa pumps. The In-Fit 16 Pro swim spa has 3 x 6 HP pumps and 26 jets.

Some LA Spas may have a serial number placard with A.H. Equipment Corp on it for models Bali and other spa models.

LA Spa manuals are also available online.

Need further assistance? Contact us or complete the LA Spa parts finder below. The more information you can provide (such as model name and model year of spa), the better we can assist.