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Caldera Hot Tub Parts

Wide selection of original Caldera hot tub replacement parts and accessories. Caldera Spas is a brand manufactured under Watkins Manufacturing.

Caldera Spa Parts Categories

caldera spa blowers caldera spa circuit boards caldera control panels caldera filter parts caldera spa filters
caldera spa heaters caldera spa jets caldera spa lights caldera spa ozonators caldera spa pillows
caldera spa plumbing caldera spa pumps caldera spa packs caldera drains and suctions caldera spa valves

See our Caldera Spa Filters for replacement cartridge filters. Manufacturer recommends cleaning them regularly and replacing them annually.

caldera-spa-pillow-cushionsWe offer a variety of replacement Caldera Spa pillows.

These are factory original replacement pillow cushions for most Caldera hot tubs.

Get hot tub jets such as the VSR type that fit Caldera spas in our Caldera spa jets sections.

Need a topside control panel for Caldera Spas? We offer a full range including overlays.


About Caldera Spas

Caldera Spas are built in Vista, which is in the San Diego area in California. Caldera manufacturers 3 series of spas: The Vacanza series, which offers elegance and the broadest range of therapeutic benefits at a value price point. The Paradise series, which offers additional options and features in a mid size - mid price point. Third, is the Utopia Series, which is Caldera Spa's luxury line with more features, upgrades and hydrotherapy.

caldera control panels

caldera pillowsWe offer a wide variety of replacement parts for Caldera Spas including:

caldera hottub parts online

Don't see the part you need? Email us at You can include pictures/part numbers or description of what you are looking for and our parts match tech will send you back info/link to order.

caldera lounger pillowsCaldera Spas have been around for more than 35 years. They have won several awards including a 'Best Buy' rating from Consumer's Digest for the Martinique hot tub; Spasearch Certified award from, plus a 'Quality Buy' award from Pool and Spa Living Magazine.

Search for your Caldera spa part by part number in our handy search box, or just put Caldera in the search box to see all of our Caldera spa parts.  Select the category from the menu on the left to find the particular part type.

Contact us for assistance in finding the right part for your Caldera Spa hot tub.


Finding Caldera Spa Parts at Hot Tub Outpost

wagonwheel-bulletEnter the part number into the search box at the top of any page (including this one) to go right to the part.

wagonwheel-bulletEnter the description of the part you need or brand in the search box above.

wagonwheel-bulletSearch the section of the part type you need such as control panels, spa heaters, pillows,or filters.

wagonwheel-bulletOr see the spa parts store for all parts.

wagonwheel-bulletComplete the Caldera Spa Parts finder form below and we will respond to you quickly - usually within 1-2 business days


Shoot us an email to for a fast response - you can include dimensions, picture(s) or any other information that will help us find the right part(s) for your spa.  Have a question about a particular item? We will answer it fast.

Hot Tub Outpost doesn't keep that email computer in the barn, we have it right in our store so we get your message, usually within minutes.  We also get to them quickly so you can email 24/7 and have the answer along with links to the parts you need for further details while not waiting around on the phone or spending 1/2 hour on chat.  Of course, if you are the chatty type, go ahead and use the chat box below or give us a call.

We are here to help.

Hot Tub Outpost is an independent spa parts dealer and is not owned by or affiliated with Caldera Spas or Watkins.