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Viking Spa Parts

viking spa parts

viklog.pngReplacement hot tub parts for Viking Spas including Supreme, Royal,Heritage and Destiny River are available here at Hot Tub Outpost.

Whether you need plumbing parts, jets or pumps, we offer once of the largest selection of hot tub parts in North America.  Contact us with any questions about finding the right replacement part or accessory for your Viking Spa.

Viking Spas built the first round, portable spa in the early 1970's. The Viking manufacturing plant is located in Wyoming, Michigan. Viking sells its spas in the USA and internationally, including through some big retail brand name stores.  

Viking Spas are manufactured in the USA and have the highest amount of American manufacturing content in their export products.


Viking installs equipment from many top quality US manufacturers in their hot tubs, including Balboa and Waterway.

Hot Tub Outpost carries these and other top brands of spa replacement pumps, controls, spa packs, heaters, circ pumps and most spa equipment. We also carry a full line of Viking Spa parts and accessories including replacement filters, ozone generators, jets, covers, steps, rails, fragrances, chemicals, mineral sticks and more.  

Viking Spa Replacement Filter Cartridges

viking filters spaWe offer the 14 1/2 sqft. 17 inch long filter cartridge that fits Viking Spas

The smaller 8.5sqft filter is also in stock that is also 17 inches long.

The PWW10 is a 10sqft filter used in select Viking spas that is only 4 inches long.

One of the most popular replacement filters for Viking spas is the PRB25-IN 25 sqft. filter.

The PWW50P3 35 sqft. filter is also used in Viking hot tubs that use bottom threads.

Viking Spa replacement jets

viking jets spasSee all of the original Viking Spa jets.

See our Waterway jets for a huge selection of replacement generic jet inserts for your Viking Spa including Viking II models.

When looking for jets there are a few things to know about your own jet: 

Face diameter - measure across the face/front of the jet

Style/type/color - is it a smooth face or textured? (we recommend textured as they are easier to open/replace)

                             -  is it stainless steel or white, black, light gray, dark gray, gray...?

Most of the older style jets used in Viking are snap-in style, but be sure there is no thread on them as threaded (thread-in) style jets are different and screw into the jet back instead of snapping in.

Contact us if you need assistance in determining the correct jet insert for your Viking Spa. Send us a picture(s) of the jet(s) you need along with the diagonal face measurement and the front to back measurement/diffuser length.  With those pictures and measurements we should be able to identify it for you and send you correct link.

53645 controlControl Panels

A variety of control panels and controllers are used in Viking Spas including Balboa control systems.

Have a VL260 type of controller? We have a control panel replacement for your spa.


Get a replacement APG ozonator here.

Viking Spa Parts

viking spa packsContact us at for specific part requests or browse the site categories. Have a part number? Pop it into the search box above.

Also, contact us if you need to replace a circuit board such as the KP50 applied comp. controls pcb boards like SC50-REV-FR. Save money by buying a rebuilt circuit board for as low as $165 (chip VIK100R1A).

Need a topside control panel like VAK50R1A? Those are about 200 bucks and we have some.

You can find the widest selection at Hot Tub Outpost; with fast and secure order processing plus delivery right to your door. Check out our online videos for replacing pumps, measuring filters or perfecting water maintenance. 

Hot Tub Outpost carries everything you need for your backyard, including spas, spa parts, heat lamps, fire pits, umbrellas, hammocks, patio umbrellas, furniture and more.

Orders over $95 ship free within the continental US! Save time and money ordering your Viking Spare parts from Hot Tub Outpost!

Viking Spas

viking destiny river pillow.Viking Spas can also be custom configured, so the equipment in your spa may not exactly match the descriptions below.

They offer 8 models which can be built up to 4 different ways, depending on preferences and budget. There are 4 models in the Destiny River Series and 4 models in the Viking Series. Spas built after 2015 may have the Soft-Touch slip resistant surface exclusive to Viking Spas.   Viking also makes certain models in a Plug and Play hot tubs version.

The Viking Series is comprised of traditional hot tubs with many standard features and lots of optional upgrades. Many of the hot tub models in the Viking Series are available as Plug and Play spas. The Destiny River Series features larger spas with more hydrotherapy and upgraded options included.

The Viking Series features the following 4 hot tubs, all of which are available as Plug and Play models. The round Viking hot tub model is a newer take on the simple design that started the company. This round hot tub is 72" in diameter and 35" deep. This model comes in a simple plug and play version (the Viking 1P with 9 jets and a 1 hp pump), the Viking 2P has 20 spa jets, a 2 hp pump, and is convertible for 120v or 240v. The Viking 3 hot tub is the more upscale model with 20 stainless steel jets, LED lighting and a 4 hp spa pump.

The Aurora hot tub comes in 4 configurations, and offers room for up to 3 adults in a 60" x 84" rectangular shell with lounge seat.  The Aurora P model is 120v/240 v convertible, with 17 jets and a 1 hp spa pump. The Aurora PSL model has 21 jets, a 2 hp spa pump plus a waterfall and is also convertible 120-240v. The Aurora 2 hot tub has 31 massage jets, a waterfall, and a 3 hp spa pump. The Aurora 3 is the most deluxe configuration, with 31 stainless steel spa jets, a 4hp spa pump and a waterfall.  These Aurora hot tubs are also available in Home models that are only 31.5 inches deep (vs. 34 inches for the other models) so they can fit through most doors for indoor as well as outdoor use.  

The Regal spa is 78" square x 34" deep, with no lounger. This Consumer Digest Best Buy spa comes in 4 versions: The Regal P spa is 120v - 240v convertible, with 17 spa jets, a waterfall and a 1 hp spa pump. The Regal PSL hot tub is also a convertible spa, with 21 jets, a waterfall and a 2 hp spa pump. The Regal version has 31 spa jets, a waterfall and a 4 hp spa pump. The Regal ETS has 31 spa jets, a waterfall and 2 spa pumps - for a total of 6 horsepower.  

The Royale spa is also an 8' square shell, with a Zero G lounger and 2 captain seats. This hot tub is available in 4 configurations, 2 of which are convertible: The Royale P (with 17 jets and a 1 hp pump) and the Royal PSL (with 21 spa jets and a 2 hp pump). The Royale spa comes with a waterfall, a 4 hp spa pump and 31 stainless steel jets.   The Royale ETS spa has 31 stainless steel jets, 2 pumps with a total of 6 hp and a waterfall.

The Destiny River Series includes the Legend spa, available in 2 configurations. The Legend spa is a larger hot tub measuring 86" square and 37.75" deep, with 2 captain seats, a 3D seat and a Zero G lounger. The Legend 1 model offers 41 stainless steel jets, an LED lighting system, waterfall and 2 pumps totaling 6 hp.  The Legend 2 model has 2 spa pumps with a total of 10 horsepower, 51 stainless steel jets and the same waterfall and lighting system. The Legacy spa was Viking's first model in the Destiny River Series, featuring barrier free seating and captain’s seats in the corners. It measures 86" square and 37.75" deep with a water capacity of 320 gallons. The Legacy 1 hot tub has an LED lighting system, waterfall, 41 stainless steel jets and 2 spa pumps for 6 hp total. The Legacy 2 model offers extra hydrotherapy with 2 pumps totaling 10 hp and 51 spa jets. 

The Heritage hot tub measures 92" square x 37.75" deep and also comes in 2 variations. Both have a waterfall, LED lighting system, Bluetooth quad speaker option and stainless steel jets. The Heritage 1 version has 61 spa jets with 2 pumps providing a total of 12 hp. The Heritage 2 version has 71 hydrotherapy jets and 2 pumps offering a total of 12 hp.  

The Tradition spa comes in 2 models, also measuring 92" square x 37.75" deep, with LED lighting, a waterfall, a Volcano floor jet for foot massage, king and queen captain seats and a dual 3D seat.   The Tradition 1 version has 61 stainless steel jets and 2 pumps providing 12 hp. The Tradition 2 version has 71 spa jets and 12 hp from 2 spa pumps.


Finding Viking Spa Parts at Hot Tub Outpost

wagonwheel-bulletEnter the part number into the search box at the top of any page (including this one) to go right to the part.

wagonwheel-bulletEnter the description of the part you need or brand in the search box above.

wagonwheel-bulletSearch the specific section of the part type you need, or the general ones such as control panels, spa heaters, pillows,or filters.

wagonwheel-bulletOr see the spa parts store for all parts.


Shoot us an email to for a fast response - you can include spa model, model year, dimensions, picture(s) or any other information that will help us find the right part(s) for your spa.  Have a question about a particular item? We will answer it fast.

Or complete the Viking Spa Parts Finder details below and a parts match tech will review your request and get back to you with an answer.

Hot Tub Outpost doesn't keep that email computer in the barn, we have it right in our store so we get your message, usually within minutes.  We also get to them quickly so you can email 24/7 and have the answer along with links to the parts you need for further details while not waiting around on the phone or spending 1/2 hour on chat.  Of course, if you are the chatty type, go ahead and use the chat box below or give us a call.

We are here to help.

Hot Tub Outpost is an independent business entity and is not an agent or affiliate of Viking Spas.