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Hot Springs Spa Parts Filters Covers Heaters

hot springs spa parts

Replacement parts and accessories for Hot Springs Spas

Hot Springs Spas are manufactured by Watkins Manufacturing Corporation under the Masco Corporation. They are located in Vista, California. Hot Springs is the leading hot tub manufacturer, with over 1 million spas sold. All total, there are over 1,000 Hot Spring spa dealers located in 50 states and over 70 countries. Hot Spring Spas are sold in North, Central and South America; Europe; Russia; Australia; New Zealand; the Middle East; and Kenya, Africa.

Hot Springs also offers an Ace Salt Water System for easy maintenance and better quality water with fewer chemicals.

Hot Tub Outpost carries spa parts for many of the Hot Springs spa series including the Highlife Collection and Highlife Collection NXT; the Limelight Collection and Hot Spot spas. We have replacement Hot Springs spa parts including heaters, pumps, blowers, control panels, spa packs, massage jets and plumbing parts. We also carry accessories including spa covers, cover lifters, filters, fragrances, steps, spa pillows, drink trays and more. Get your Hot Springs spa parts shipped right to your door and save using Hot Tub Outpost's easy and secure online ordering system.

Hot Springs Spa Filters

Get replacement spa filter cartridges compatible with many Hot Springs models in our spa filter section.

Spa Covers for Hot Springs Spas

Replacement spa covers are made to order.  We check your measurements against a huge cover database to confirm them prior to making your custom replacement spa cover.  See our custom spa cover order page.

Spa Pumps

Watkins Manufacturing uses/used several different types of spa pumps in new and older spas including Wavemaster 7000/motor model 36675 which is also found in Tiger River and Caldera spas (Magnatek motor).

Circulation pumps are used on many Hot Springs spa models including those by Laing such as SM-909, a 1/20HP 24-hour circ pump.

Spa Controls

Watkins has updated/upgraded control systems many times over the years. For example the old 1998-2000 IQ2000 control box (71485) used in both Hot Spring and Tiger River spas has been upgraded to the IQ2020.

Hot Spring's economy series of spas is called Hot Spot and there are 5 models: The smallest is the TX 2 person hot tub with 10 jets, a dual speed pump, spa heater and circulation pump. The SX 3 is a 3 person hot tub that is 6' squared, with 17 spa jets, a 2 speed heater, circulation pump and dimmable blue LED light.

The other 3 spas all fit up to 6 persons and have a 65 sq. ft. filter; heater and optional sound system. The Relay is a 7' squared hot tub, with a lounge seat, 35 spa jets, a 1 x 1 speed pump and a 1 x 2 speed pump. The Rhythm spa is the same size, with the same number of jets and pumps, but no lounge seat. The Tempo Spa is the largest of the Hot Spot series, at 7.5' squared, with 45 jets, 10 LED lights, a one speed and a dual speed spa pump.

The Limelight Collection is Hot Spring's midrange series, which also has 5 models: The smallest is the Bolt 4 person hot tub. The shell is 6'8" squared, with 17 jets, a 1 speed Wavemaster spa pump, circulation pump and heater. The other 4 person hot tub, the Glow model, is a rectangular 6'4" x 7" x 33" spa with 30 jets, a waterfall, one single and one dual speed spa pump, plus a circulation pump and heater. The Flair spa is a 7' square lounger spa with room for 6, with 41 jets, a 30 light Raio lighting system, waterfall, heater, 1 circulation pump, 1x single speed pump and a dual speed pump.

The non-lounge seat, the Pulse spa, has room for up to 7 in a 7.5' square shell. It features 50 jets, a 32 light system, backlit waterfall, 2 Wavemaster spa pumps, plus a heater and circ pump. The largest model is the rectangular Gleam spa, with 73 spa jets and a lounge seat in a 7'7" x 9'2" x 38" shell.  It has 39 lights, a circ pump, waterfall, 2 x 1 speed spa pumps,1 dual speed pump and an LCD control panel.

Hot Springs' higher end series is called the Highlife Collection, and it is their most popular collection. There are 7 models in this series, all with multiple massage jet options; the Ace salt water sanitizing system; a circulation pump; a heater, an LCD control system and ozone system. Hot Tub Outpost sells ozone testing kits - as ozonators usually have to be replaced every few years. The smallest Highlife hot tub is the Jettsetter, at 7' x 5'5" x 29", with a lounge seat and room for up to 3 adults. This hot tub has 14 jets, a multi color light system and a one speed spa pump.  

There are 3 models that fit up to 5 adults: The smallest is the Prodigy spa, at 6'6"' x 7' x33", with 22 massage jets, a 1 speed spa pump and multi color lighting system. The Aria spa features a lounge seat in a 7.3' x 7'3" x 36" shell, with 35 hyrdro-therapy jets, a 1 speed and a dual speed spa pump. The Envoy spa measures 7.9' x 7'7" x 38", with 43 spa jets, a waterfall, plus 1 x 1 speed and 1 x 2 speed jet pumps. There are 2 models of 6 person hot tubs, including the Sovereign, which has a lounge seat, 28 jets and a 2 speed pump in a 6'8" x 7'9" x 33" shell. The other model is the Vanguard, with no lounge seat, 38 jets, a 1 speed and a 2 speed spa pump plus a Bella Fontana water feature. The largest model is the Grandee 7 person hot tub measuring 8'4" x 7'7" x 38". This non-lounger spa has 43 jets, a water fountain and 2 spa pumps.

The Highlife Collection NXT features Hot Springs' low maintenance salt water system, wireless remote control, Bella Fontana water fountain and Moto-Massage DX jet technology with more jet options per spa. The distinct NXT design has a molded shell which flows over the edge of the spa. There are 3 models in this series - which are variations on the ones in the Highlife collection: the Jetsetter NXT 3 person hot tub, the Envoy NXT 5 person spa and the Grandee NXT 7 person hot tub.

Finding Hot Springs Spa Parts at Hot Tub Outpost

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